MGCH Chapter 920

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The Little Princess’s Married-in Boyfriend (12)

This sentence was reassuring. Bai Weiwei felt her nose sour.

She said aggrievedly, “They bullied me.”

A trace of distress flashed across Xu Menggui’s eyes. But his finger still signaled for the gangster to continue.

Upon receiving the command, the gangster immediately smashed down the pipe again.

Xu Menggui promptly leaped up, ignoring the pain, and protected her. He lifted a leg and kicked the thug away.

The angle of this smooth and natural movement was thoroughly calculated.

It looked exceedingly handsome.

The thug cooperatively shrieked. He rolled about a few times on the ground before fainting.

Ferocious anger appeared on Xu Menggui’s gentle face. “You dare to hurt the person I like.”

After speaking he was startled. It seemed he’d blurted out the words that were in his heart.

He immediately turned to look at Bai Weiwei.

He found she was looking at him blankly. Her big, beautiful, tear-filled eyes were extremely bright.

Xu Menggui promptly lowered his head in embarrassment, then bent over to pick her up. “Let’s leave quickly. I’ve already called the police.”

Bai Weiwei was held in his arms.

She looked at him with a complicated expression. There was some fear over nearly losing her life, but more than that, there was a heart-pounding sentiment.

Sometimes it was easy to obtain a girl’s heart.

It was just to let her know that he was her prince.

And Xu Menggui’s performance tonight demonstrated that without a doubt, he was her best knight and prince.

Xu Menggui found their car and placed her inside.

Then he also got in the car. His brows were still furrowed in anger, and the usual good-guy1 smile was nowhere to be seen.

He suddenly slammed down on the steering wheel. “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have left you.”

Saying this, he continued to hit the wheel, as though he were punishing himself.

Bai Weiwei reached out and gently grasped his curled fist. “Xiao Meng.”

Xu Menggui jerked. Again, that god-like Xiao Meng.

But when he turned his head to look at her, he saw that that willful and delicate appearance had disappeared, leaving her full of gentle tenderness.

On her fragile and beautiful face bloomed a smile of sincere gratitude. “Thank you.”

Xu Menggui said, upset, “Don’t thank me. You should hate me. You got hurt because I left.”

Bai Weiwei lightly shook her head, her voice softening. “I’m thanking you, for being willing to like me.”

Xu Menggui was stunned.

Bai Weiwei reached up to cup his face. She held a look of cherishment on her face, as though she were looking at a rare treasure.

“I didn’t think there’d be someone who was willing to like me, willing to protect me regardless of the danger.”

Xu Menggui paled, then flushed red. “L…like. Don’t many people like you? You’re so beautiful…”

Bai Weiwei wearily shook her head. “They all like my dad’s money, that’s all. Every person that came to marry-in was only interested in the inheritance of the Bai family company, but there was never someone who truly liked me.”

Xu Menggui angrily blurted out, “How could that be. You’re so cute, so beautiful. Anyone who saw you would like you.”

Saying this, Xu Menggui blushed deeply once again. “No, I meant, you’re so nice…”

The more he explained, the more he exposed his thoughts.

Xu Menggui finally became aware of his foolishness and promptly shut up.

But Bai Weiwei gave him a knowing look, her gaze growing softer and happier.

She suddenly shifted, raising her head, and softly kissed his cheek.

A light kiss, unimaginably pure.

Xu Menggui was stunned. His nose was filled with her fresh fragrance.

1: 老好人: one who tries never to offend anybody.


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