MGCH Chapter 923

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The Little Princess’s Married-in Boyfriend (15)

After all this tumult and chaos, the Bai home was finally peaceful.

At Bai Weiwei’s vehement request, Xu Menggui stayed for the night.

Bai Weiwei: “Sleep in my room.”

Xu Menggui and Bai Qingshui looked at her in shock.

Bai Weiwei pointed a finger at her father’s nose. “What if he goes out and he’s pulled over by you and has his leg broken? If he sleeps in another room, what if he falls asleep and is pulled out to be buried alive by your people?”

Bai Qingshui’s hair stood up in anger. “Wanting a man but not your father, you really…”

Furious but unable to curse her, he begrudgingly left.

It was only after she let him in her room that he [Xu Menggui] understood what she meant.

Bai Weiwei held his hand and led him into her room.

Then she went to take a shower. After the shower, the maid came.

She hurriedly rushed out in a bath towel, her slender and beautiful feet peeking out.

The eyes of Xu Menggui, who was sitting to the side, darkened.

The maid took out a bag of condoms. “The master said, you must protect yourself. You can enjoy yourself, but you cannot casually conceive.”

Bai Weiwei blankly accepted it, as though she didn’t react to what it was.

When she reacted, she looked back and saw Xu Menggui’s extremely complicated expression.

Her face went red.

She immediately hid the condoms behind her back, forcing back her blush as she said, “I didn’t mean it like that.”

Xu Menggui held down the corners of his twitching lips. Normally, he would have already laughed.

But now, he acted like a gentle good guy. He promptly nodded and said, somewhat bashfully, “I know you didn’t mean it like that.”

Bai Weiwei became anxious. “Are you a man or not? Is this not interesting?”

Xu Menggui was dumbfounded. He stammered, “Then, that’s interesting.”

Bai Weiwei found him amusing and stopped bullying him.

She returned to the bathroom to change into her pajamas.

After she changed her clothes, Xu Menggui also went to take a bath.

The bathroom was full of feminine items, and the air still had the fresh scent of a bath.

Xu Menggui no longer had a shy and bashful look. He was expressionless for a while before he sneered.

Then he ran his fingers across the edge of the bathtub. He immediately thought of her running out, her shoulders and ankles bared.

Very slender and beautiful, like a cute little butterfly.

So fragile that it would break with a pinch.

For an instant, Xu Menggui’s grew heated, with a hint of dark greed.

The hungry gleam in his eyes was like that of a wolf’s.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability: 0.】

System: “Bathing can increase the favorability?”

Bai Weiwei: “Whatever the pervert’s doing in the bathroom, when he’s yy-ing1 happily his favorability will naturally rise. With just a glance, he’s a fellow who was miserable while young and grew up to take revenge on society. The more miserable others are, the happier he is.”

After living with Xu Menggui, as well as the system’s information.

Bai Weiwei was able to get a rough estimate of Xu Menggui’s perverted character.

Xu Menggui was a man with a twisted heart and a childhood trauma.

So after taking revenge on the Xu family who caused him pain, he discovered that he was still suffering.

So he then retaliated against the hapless Bai family.

In any case, he never even considered the possibility that he had a problem.

He felt that revenge would calm him down.

Bai Weiwei: “So the best strategy for this kind of person is to be slow but steady 2 and use my kind and beautiful heart to influence him, love him, and unswervingly protect him, thus letting him know that there is true love on earth and true emotions in this world. Then his favorability will rise.”

The system was doubtful. “You have a kind and beautiful heart?”

Bai Weiwei: “…My heart is, should be, probably, maybe…”

The system and the host stopped talking.

Ha ha.

1: yy means to fantasize, usually in a sexual context.

2: 细水长流: thin streams flow forever; to work steadily at something little by little.


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