MGCH Chapter 925

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The Little Princess’s Married-in Boyfriend (17)

Finally, he reached her fragrant, pink lips. His fingertips came in contact with the moist temperature between her lips.

His gaze grew deeper and brighter.

“Truly a child.”

Not knowing the cruelty of the adult world, completely unsuspecting of his approach.

Just like this, liking him so softly and easily?

Xu Menggui revealed a malicious smile. Sure enough, this world was too good to her.

It really made people envious ah.

While he was abused, she was the little princess loved by all.

Everyone used the excuse of “offended Bai Qingshui” to bully him and trample him.

He lived in hell, every day a nightmare.

And his little princess, from then to now, lived a life free of worry or care, never realizing there were bad people in this world.

Xu Menggui parted his lips and said silently, “Did you know? When I see you, I feel sick.”

He’d seen her once when he was young.

At the time, he was like a wild dog. He hid by the garbage dump, afraid he’d be caught and brought back to be beaten, fearful and resentful.

Some distance away, a luxury car arrived. Bai Weiwei was wearing a clean and beautiful princess dress and holding a doll. She looked like someone from another world, completely different from him.

She seemed to feel his gaze and gave him a faint glance.

With eyes like she was looking at a wild dog.

Then she threw herself in Bai Qingshui’s arms. “Daddy, it’s dirty here, let’s go.”

Bai Qingshui looked at her dotingly. “Okay, my little princess.”

Xu Menggui recalled that scene for many nights, itching to trample her into muddy water.

On what grounds could she live happily, while he lived in hell.

Xu Menggui grabbed Bai Weiwei’s quilt and slowly covered her up.

His actions were tender and gentle.

But his soundless words made people tremble in fear.

“Good night, your time for good dreams is running out.”

Bai Weiwei frowned, seeming to feel the chill. Suddenly, she reached out and grabbed hiis hand.

Xu Menggui’s cold smile froze. He moved to withdraw his hand.

But she held on tightly, then touched his hand to the side of her face. Her soft face pressed against the warm palm of his hand.

Like a cute little animal, she rubbed and revealed a contented smile.

He didn’t know if she was asleep. He thought she was pretending.

Xu Menggui could have pulled back his hand, but for some reason, he just sat there dazedly.

Then he maintained this position, his hand against her face, and watched her like that all night.

【Ding, male lead’s favorability: 10.】

System: The first second a smile of killing intent, the next second the favorability went up. It was a bit confusing.

– – – – – – – – –

After a night of sleeping together, Bai Weiwei became even more attached to Xu Menggui.

Xu Menggui was still honest and gentle.

Bai Weiwei put on finicky airs but liked him.

So the two got along well.

Xu Menggui knew it was almost time. He began to plan to enter the Bai family’s company step by step.

Bai Qingshui tacitly approved. Due to Xu Menggui’s good performance, Bai Qingshui resoved to make Xu Menggui his successor.

The days were busy and full, and in the blink of an eye, half a month passed.

The favorability wasn’t much, only 15.

Bai Weiwei was in no rush, but the system couldn’t sit still1. The favorability is so hard to increase.”

Bai Weiwei: “There’s nothing to increase the favorability. With no life-or-death situation, tragedy, or unreasonable conflict2, how could the favorability go up.”

If the favorability was too easy to increase, the side task would be like hell mode.

So when Bai Weiwei saw that the favorability didn’t rise easily, she was contrastingly relieved.

1: 抓耳挠腮: to tweak one’s ears and scratch one’s cheeks; an expression of delight, anxiety, frustration, etc.)

2: 没有要死要活,撕心裂肺,再来个无理取闹: not a literal translation, but this should be the general intent of what Bai Weiwei’s saying.


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