MGCH Chapter 926

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The Little Princess’s Married-in Boyfriend (18)

Xu Menggui didn’t have as good of a mentality as Bai Weiwei.

All his plans had already been put in motion.

Bai Qingshui was the first obstacle. He walked into the hotel in a natural manner and headed upstairs.

He arrived at a room booked in advance.

Then swiped the card to open the room.

A sensual and beautiful woman saw him and immediately delightedly and enchantingly greeted him.

She said, “Menggui, the thing you asked me to do is done.”

Xu Menggui nodded indifferently. “Was the drug taken?”

The woman smiled triumphantly. “Bai Qingshui comes to me once a month. The powder you gave me is colorless and tasteless. I sprinkled it in the glass of red wine, and he drank it without even thinking about it.”

This woman was Bai Qingshui’s mistress.

Bai Qingshui was afraid that a stepmother would affect Bai Weiwei’s inheritance, so he never gave any woman the opportunity to enter the Bai family.

No to mention not having any children with other women.

But men had deep-rooted vices.

So Bai Qingshui had several mistresses.

This woman was one of them.

It was just that Bai Weiwei didn’t know.

Xu Menggui handed her a card. “This money is enough for you to go overseas and live a lifetime of glory and splendor.”

The woman stretched out her fingers coated in red nail polish, incidentally brushing against his fingers as she accepted the card.

She stuck to him suggestively. “Menggui, you said, if I did this, you would be with me.”

Xu Menggui used to be disgusted, but at least he was able to deal with her with ease.

But today, when he smelled the dense cloud of perfume on her body.

He felt nauseous.

It may be because this whole time he was with Bai Weiwei, and she never used perfume.

It was just the scent of her body, and the scent of her body wash she used for bathing.

Not cloying, smelling very fresh.

After smelling it for a long time, he’d actually gotten used to it.

Xu Menggui calmly took a step back. “It’s best if we pretend not to know each other. I’m leaving.”

He turned to leave.

But the woman behind him rushed over.

Xu Menggui immediately dodged.

The woman cried, “Menggui, you clearly know I like you, and I just risked my life to help you. I thought you’d at least have some different feelings for me.”

Xu Menggui gave her a disdaining glance. “Don’t think too much.”

Finished, he opened the door, preparing to leave.

The woman suddenly spoke. “Do you like Bai Weiwei?”

Xu Menggui immediately whipped his head around. “Don’t talk nonsense.”

But the woman sneered. “A man’s false emotions and hypocrisy are easy to see, and sincerity cannot be hidden. Have you never seen the way you look at Bai Weiwei?”

Xu Menggui’s eyes were gloomy and cold. He didn’t respond.

The woman heedlessly rushed over and hugged Xu Menggui tightly. She said, smiling bitterly, “You don’t hate her, you don’t hate her at all.”

Xu Menggui felt goosebumps rise.

This woman’s scent was all over his body, making him disgusted.

He unceremoniously pried open her hands and pushed her to the floor. Then he said in a voice full of murderous intent, “Know your place, just take the money and get out. If you let me see you again, you know what your ending will be.”

He was truly incensed.

The smell of the woman’s perfume lingered on his clothes.

He frowned in discomfort and unceremoniously slammed the door.

He was originally going to change his clothes in the bathroom, but he took a look at the time.

He found that the time for his appointment with Bai Weiwei had already come.

He hurried out to the lobby of the hotel and saw a figure already rushing towards the door.

It was Bai Weiwei. She wore a beautiful, light blue dress, and her hair was tied with a golden headband. She smiled happily and dove into his arms.

“Menggui, let’s go ba. Dad is waiting for us.”

Xu Menggui corrected her greeting “Xiao Meng” many times.

She finally showed great compassion and no longer called him Xiao Meng.

Xu Menggui smoothly hugged her, and the sticky and unbearable perfume from before disappeared.

He let out a sigh of relief upon smelling her fresh scent.

As though addicted, he couldn’t help but hug her tightly. But suddenly, he remembered what that woman had said just earlier.

He didn’t hate her?

There was a decorative glass screen next to the hotel that was as transparent as a mirror.

He looked over and saw his expression was gentle, his gaze no longer feeling gloomy and cold.

Instead there was joyful doting within helplessness as he happily looked at Bai Weiwei.

This wasn’t what he pretended to show, but his true emotions at that moment.

Xu Menggui was shocked, and his face instantly turned ugly.

He clearly should hate her.


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