MGCH Chapter 927

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The Little Princess’s Married-in Boyfriend (19)

Today was Bai Qingshui’s birthday.

Bai Qingshui had specially ordered not to do anything grand and just booked a restaurant in Yufeng Hotel.

All the company’s elderly people, as well as important figures, were present at the banquet.

Once they arrived, Bai Qingshui placed a two-ring box on the table.

Before Bai Weiwei took out the gift, she stared curiously at the ring box and said, “Dad, what’s this?”

Bai Qingshui said, “It’s for you and Menggui.”

Saying this, he pushed the ring box towards the two people. “Menggui passed my test during this period of time, and you also genuinely like him, so let’s just get you engaged first.”

This was directly acknowledging Xu Menggui’s status as Bai Qingshui’s married-in son-in-law at his banquet.

Innocent joy flashed across Bai Weiwei’s face. “Thanks, Dad.”

She picked up the ring box and smiled sweetly to Xu Menggui. “Menggui, hold out your hand.”

Xu Menggui saw his shadow in her eyes that didn’t hold a trace of haziness, as though he were her sunshine.

It was the first time he saw her feelings so squarely.

She truly liked this kind of him, this false personality that was carefully designed by him to be clean and honest.

Xu Menggui showed a fake smile and stretched out his hand.

Bai Weiwei’s expression changed to become more solemn and ceremonial. She said slowly, “From now on, our life and death are one, glory and splendor shared.”

This sentence was heavier than “I like you,” “I love you.”

There was a sense of responsibility.

It was more moving.

Xu Menggui’s fake smile slowly faded. He looked at her blankly, for a moment not knowing how to react.

Xu Menggui carefully placed the ring on his ring finger.

“Okay. Today is the day we got engaged, and also the day I caught you1.”

Finished speaking, her serious expression was swept away, and she showed a sweet smile.

Xu Menggui managed to return to his senses.

He knew that today was his greatest opportunity. Once Bai Qingshui acknowledged him as his son-in-law.

Then it would be an easy thing to enter the Bai company’s ranks.

After all, the Bai company was still a family company.

Blood relation and kinship were extremely important.

He immediately stabilized himself, picked up the female ring, and got down on one knee. He held Bai Weiwei’s hand and raised his hand to look at her seriously.

“Weiwei, from today onwards, you are the only woman in my life. I will never leave or abandon you, our life and death inextricable.”

This sentence was so sincere, as though it were pulled out from the depths of his heart.

Saying this, he placed the ring on her finger.

Bai Weiwei was so moved her eyes were moist.

She said to the system, “This act is more sophisticated than mine. I never thought of bending down on one knee.”

The system observed for a while before saying profoundly, “Don’t put yourself down. You two are similar.”

A drama queen and drama king. This entrapment had 9 bends and 18 turns2.

Bai Weiwei felt relieved.

He was down on one knee, and she decided to bend her head to give him a kiss.

Bai Weiwei didn’t hesitate. She stretched out her hands to cup his face.

Her lashes hung at half-mast, and her beautiful pupils that held the shadow and light of only one person swirled with amazing brilliance.

Xu Menggui stared at her, only seeing pure emotions and joy in her eyes.

To be liked by a person.

Was it this sort of feeling?

Xu Menggui was slow to react, but he remembered his own response, and he let out an excited expression.

Everyone immediately applauded, blessing the new couple.

1: 套牢: to tie up; to immobilize with a lasso.

2: 九曲十八弯: 9 bends and 18 turns. Usually it’s meant to be literal, but here it’s referring to the plot twists and convolutedness of the trap.


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