MGCH Chapter 932

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The Little Princess’s Married-in Boyfriend (24)

Saying this, Bai Weiwei suddenly thought of something.

She abruptly turned her head and looked at Xu Menggui. Her expression was serious and solemn.

“Menggui, you wouldn’t…”

Xu Menggui’s heart tightened, but he showed a smile. “Wouldn’t what?”

Did she finally discover something wrong with him?

Bai Weiwei quickly reached out and pinched his cheek. “You wouldn’t be nervous right? The senior executive meeting is pretty serious. I get nervous every time I go.”

Xu Menggui was speechless. It was his own fault for thinking she had complicated thoughts.

He shook his head. “I’m not nervous.”

Bai Weiwei said teasingly, “Don’t be afraid ah. I won’t laugh even if you’re nervous. You will inherit the Bai family in the future and will have to face many grand scenes.

Xu Menggui’s eyes darkened as he looked at her innocent and carefree smile.

How could she trust him so?

Too simple, too simple. It was simply… impossible to evaluate.

As he desperately climbed up, he had seen too many selfish and self-motivated people.

Even family members would mutually guard against each other, use each other, and abandon each other.

There was no one who would trust another person so wholeheartedly.

Even with his partner Luo Langyue. The two of them guarded against the other.

Even them, friends who knew each other the best.

Xu Menggui glanced at the paper in his hand. “Do you trust just anyone this much?”

Bai Weiwei immediately became angry. She pounced and flung him to the ground.

Xu Menggui, worried she’d be injured, reflexively hugged her waist, letting her sit on top of him.

Bai Weiwei recklessly grabbed him by the collar and lowered her head to kiss him.

Xu Menggui choked, his eyes widening.

But this clumsy and sweet kiss robbed him of reason.

Her kiss was messy, throwing his mind into confusion.

Bai Weiwei nibbled for a long while before finally raising her head fiercely. She stared at him with clear and furious eyes.

“I’m not a fool. Of course I only believe you, stupid.”

Xu Menggui panted, his heart pounding and his lips trembling. Suddenly, he flipped her over onto the carpet.

Then he went from passive to active, lowering his head to return the kiss.

He took her lips and broke through, wantonly plundering the sweetness he desired.

Her weak protest was pressed down, her exclamation swallowed up by him.

Xu Menggui felt that he was about to lose his facade of an honest man.

He itched to reveal his wolf-like side.

Bai Weiwei’s face was flushed as he kissed her. Her entire body trembled, and she looked like a quivering little sheep.

Xu Menggui realized he was going too far, but he didn’t want to stop.

Later, his kiss softened.

But his body still locked tightly onto her body, as though afraid she would run away.

Bai Weiwei continued to be kissed by him when sleepiness struck, and she fell asleep.

Xu Menggui stopped and saw her sleeping so carefreely beneath him. Was he or was he not a man in her eyes?

How could she so casually fall asleep?

Not at all vigilant.

Xu Menggui helplessly got up and hugged her.

His feet stepped on the document pages declaring a proxy. He stopped, the expression in his eyes growing gloomy and complicated.

He said softly, “You’re a fool.”

He wondered what expression she would show after being betrayed by the person she trusted.

Every time Xu Menggui would think of that scene, he would be very happy.

But today alone, his chest tightened.

With unspeakable agitation.

He stepped on those papers as he returned to the room, holding Bai Weiwei.

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