MGCH Chapter 934

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The Little Princess’s Married-in Boyfriend (26)

Bai Weiwei glanced at the dating location. It was a private high-end bar.

“You asked me to come, what do you want to tell me.”

Shen Anming flinched, pierced by her cold gaze.

He had always liked Bai Weiwei, but she had never liked him.

When she chose Xu Menggui to be her fiance, he was so furious he smashed the things in his house.

But when he recalled the things he was going to say later, he finally felt a bit better.

Shen Anming reached out to touch Bai Weiwei’s white and slender fingers. “Weiwei, listen to me. There’s something wrong with your fiance.”

Bai Weiwei indifferently moved her fingers away, letting him clutch at air.

Then she lifted her gaze, her eyes full of icy disgust. “If you’re here to slander my fiance, I’m leaving.”

Shen Anming saw that she wanted to leave. Anxious, he immediately took out a pile of documents. “It’s true! I took this out from my father’s safe. This is a document that Xu Menggui cooperated with him on, saying that they were going to take down the Bai family together.”

Bai Weiwei’s body stiffened, and her expression went blank.

Shen Anming thought it was promising.

He immediately turned over those documents. “Look, the big case that your company wants to acquire was leaked and lost before it even started. Moreover, many companies belonging to the Bai family are having problems.”

Bai Weiwei clenched her fingers. “Impossible, I gave the company to Menggui to manage. The company wouldn’t have any issues.”

Shen Anming immediately said, “This is the evidence. Look, there are a bunch of plots on how to take down the Bai family, such as tax evasion and leaking scandals and whatnot. They’re all typical framing methods.”

Bai Weiwei frowned, her face growing pale.

She looked at the file in his hand, her lips quivering.

“Is what you’re saying true?”

Xu Menggui just arrived to hear this sentence.

He had placed a bug on Bai Weiwei’s clothes so that he could hear everything she said when she went out.

When he heard that she went out for a meeting, his heart felt strangely anxious.

He followed her from the company.

In fact, even if Bai Weiwei knew, there was no chance of recovery.

All of his arrangements had succeeded.

Without Bai Qingshui to turn the tides1, the Bai family was doomed.

He could leisurely watch her break apart.

But hearing that she went to meet a man, he couldn’t help but come in desperation.

Then he saw her, her face pale, and he saw the documents in Shen Anming’s hand. He even saw that man covertly reach out and touch her fingertips while she wasn’t paying attention.

Shen Anming itched to drive Xu Menggui out. He hurriedly said, “Weiwei, I risked being beaten by my dad to steal the document and give it to you. You’ll know once you look.”

Bai Weiwei’s face went even whiter. She pursed her lips. “I don’t believe it.”

Shen Anming: “It’s Xu Menggui. He has bad intentions–you can see for yourself.”

For some reason, Xu Menggui didn’t step up to stop it.

It was fine to know in advance, to be psychologically prepared.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t know until the day the Bai family collapsed. Wouldn’t that be even more unbearably painful?

Xu Menggui leaned against the railing by the bar door, looking at Bai Weiwei with a gloomy gaze.

He took out a cigarette. He never smoked unless he was extremely agitated.

But right now he really wanted to smoke, even if it was for no reason.

Just as he lit the cigarette and took a breath, he saw Bai Weiwei abruptly stand up.

She snatched the documents in Shen Anming’s hands.

Xu Menggui sneered, finally revealing his true colors as the big bad wolf.

Poor little princess.

1: 力挽狂澜: to pull strongly against a crazy tide; to try hard to save a desperate crisis.


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