MGCH Chapter 935

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The Little Princess’s Married-in Boyfriend (27)

But the next second, Bai Weiwei fiercely swung her hand and smashed the pile of documents on Shen Anming’s hand.

Shen Anming made a sound of exclamation. Bai Weiwei fetched another glass of wine and poured it on his head.

Shen Anming hurriedly covered his face, crying out several times.

Bai Weiwei lifted her chin and looked at him coldly. Dazzling anger burst from her eyes.

“Surnamed Chen, don’t think I don’t know your devious mind. Xu Menggui is my man, and I trust him. What are you?”

Saying this, she smashed the wine glass and picked up a shard, her expression extremely prideful.

“Next time, if you dare to frame him, I will slice your neck.”

Finished speaking, Bai Weiwei tossed away the glass shard and picked up her bag. Just as she was about to leave.

She saw Xu Menggui standing at the door, staring at her blankly.

Bai Weiwei thought of her fierce appearance just now and immediately became guilty. “Why are you here? Actually, I’m not usually this fierce. Today was an accident.”

This little wifely1 appearance when she was defending him just now.

Didn’t seem like the same person.

Xu Menggui squeezed the cigarette in his hand. He said hoarsely, “What if what he said was true?”

Bai Weiwei stepped forward, took his hand, and walked out. “Alright, don’t joke. I know you’re angry that I came to privately meet a man, but I swear, I have nothing going on with him.”

Xu Menggui’s voice trembled slightly. “You really believe in me.”

The definite proof in her hands was thrown away without the least bit of hesitation.

Bai Weiwei walked out and welcomed the sunshine. Her smile was just like the sunlight, warm and innocent.

“You are the person I like most. In this world, if I don’t believe you, then who would I believe.”

Xu Menggui looked in her clear and smiling eyes and saw only warm trust and… love.

It was an emotion he had never felt before.

Coming into his life so suddenly.

To have such pure trust. There was also such a person who liked to give everything.

He had never experienced it.

Xu Menggui felt his heartbeat grow out of control.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability: 40.】

Xu Menggui took Bai Weiwei back home. His gaze was complex as he followed her.

She called the hospital and listened carefully to Bai Qingshui’s condition.

She went to the safe again and took out some documents to hand it to him, saying it was an important and hidden property of the Bai Clan company that needed to be managed.

For the first time, Xu Menggui couldn’t say that she was foolish.

Nor did he feel that these things came too easily. The documents in his hands felt particularly heavy, for the first time making him want to throw them away.

Xu Menggui received another call from Luo Langyue.

“Tomorrow is the end. Then you can reap the fruits of victory.”

Tomorrow, the Bai’s company would be embroiled in a bankruptcy, surrounded on all sides2.

With no way to recover.

Xu Menggui was silent for a moment. “There’s no way to stop it?”

Once he said this, he immediately gritted his teeth. What a stupid thing to say.

He had come this far. There was no way he could retreat or regret.

When Luo Langyue heard this, he replied, “No way, this isn’t something you’d just say. How could it stop?? It can’t stop even if you wanted it to.”

This entire situation had been planned by Xu Menggui.

If it weren’t for him controlling all of the authority of the Bai family, how could they so easily break the Bai family?

Xu Menggui said coldly, “Then proceed as planned.”

Then, he hung up the phone.

Then he turned around and saw Bai Weiwei standing behind him, holding a wine bottle and looking at him.

Xu Menggui’s pupils constricted. How much did she hear?

1: 小媳妇: the term used is specifically for a young married woman. It could also mean mistress, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what it’s supposed to mean in his context LOL.

2: 四面楚歌: surrounded by enemies, isolated from help.


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