MGCH Chapter 946

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The Little Princess’s Married-in Boyfriend (38)

Bai Weiwei stood up, her hand tucking a strand of long hair behind her ear. Her body gave off a womanly flirtatious feeling.

She lowered her head and gently placed a kiss on his cheek.

“I don’t want to implicate you. Thank you.”

Shen Anming felt a feather-like touch brush across his cheek.

He blankly watched Bai Weiwei turn and leave.

His heartbeat was like thunder. The goddess kissed him.

He felt it wouldn’t even matter if he died this instant.

As Bai Weiwei exited the coffee shop, she inadvertently glanced at the table to the side.

It was the person who was following her.

She pretended she didn’t know and went out.

System: “Why are you teasing the cannon fodder?”

There were no capturing tasks for passersby.

Bai Weiwei: “Haven’t I received a huge blow? I went from a little princess to an old enchantress1. Because of my psychological trauma, I started to toy with men, hooking in each one I see, and selling my body to save my company.”

Bai Weiwei sighed. “I really am such a beautiful girl with a rough life.”

System: “… Allow me to vomit, thanks.”

– – – – – – – – – –

Xu Menggui was expressionless at work.

The atmosphere at the company was terrible.

It felt as though they were living in hell.

Luo Langyue trembled.

Recently, Xu Menggui’s mood had been as cold as the Arctic, freezing enough to render others unable to live.

Suddenly, a message alert rang on Xu Menggui’s phone.

He abruptly stopped writing and glanced at the number of the sender of the message.

It was the person following Bai Weiwei.

His mouth said he wanted to let her go, but Xu Menggui couldn’t help but have people tail her.

Xu Menggui clicked on the message. The first picture was of her looking back in a pink suspender skirt2.

Everyone acted as her backdrop.

She was indescribably beautiful.

The edges of Xu Menggui’s lips lifted slightly, but upon the second photo, his smile completely froze.

She actually met a man.

Wasn’t this Shen Anming, the man who wanted to expose him last time?

The Shen family was considered one of the supporters who helped take down the Bai family.

So Xu Menggui never targeted the Shen family, only giving a warning.

The next photo made him grip the phone tightly, wishing he could instantly smash it.

In the photo.

Bai Weiwei bent over for a kiss, the expression in her eyes gentle.

His already tense mood snapped at his picture.

Didn’t she like him?

Even if she hated him now, she should be thinking about only him.

In just a few days, she already had a new target.

Xu Menggui called the person tailing her. “What did they talk about?”

Was it a conversation, or a mutual confession?

All sorts of thoughts made Xu Menggui’s entire person gloomy and irascible.

The person thoroughly, without any modification, relayed the conversation between Bai Weiwei and Shen Anming.

Just like a recorder.

Xu Menggui laughed coldly upon hanging up the phone. “Good, very good, Bai Weiwei!”

Seducing Shen Anming to obtain an invitation.

Then infiltrate the banquet of the great powers of the business circle and hook up a man to destroy him.

Who gave her the idea.

To stake everything and go all out.

It wasn’t like he had never met a woman who used her body in exchange for wealth and power.

It was very common. In fact, it was nothing new.

That Bai Weiwei would think of using her body in exchange for this, he didn’t feel one bit surprised…

He didn’t feel…

Xu Menggui abruptly stood up and yanked open the office door. To Luo Langyue, who was getting ready to go out, he said, “I’m going to the banquet tonight.”

This sort of banquet was attended by senior executives of almost every company.

Luo Langyue was in charge of the external affairs of M Group, and he was the one attending these banquets.

Luo Langyue, who was sorting out his tie, said in surprise, “I thought you didn’t attend these kinds of social banquets?”

1: 妖精: evil spirit or alluring woman.

2: 粉色吊带小裙子: something like this?? I’m not a fashion person but most image results showed a short-hemmed dress with thin spaghetti straps:



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