MGCH Chapter 947

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The Little Princess’s Married-in Boyfriend (39)

Xu Menggui gave a glance at Luo Langyue and his pretentious1 appearance. Even his tie was red.

He knew Luo Langyue had a habit of hooking up with women for one-night stands.

Thinking about how, tonight, Bai Weiwei would go to this banquet and seduce men, his gaze towards Luo Langyue grew terrifying.

Perhaps Luo Langyue would become one of her targets.

Luo Langyue was an keen person. Perceiving the murderous aura of his partner, he immediately said, “If you want to participate, then I won’t. I still have other appointments.”

Xu Menggui’s cold expression finally lost its killing intent.

He slammed the door.

Then he paced back and forth. He glanced at the time, worried that Bai Weiwei would be there at the banquet.

He immediately went out, rushing to the location of the banquet.

The banquet had just started. Representatives arrived one after the other.

When Xu Menggui arrived, many people came over to greet him.

Defeating the Bai family in this battle threw him directly into fame.

Xu Menggui also moved from behind the curtains to stand in the center stage.

Everyone knew that Xu Menggui appeared from the ruins of the Xu family.

The M Group was many people’s target of flattery.

Xu Menggui absentmindedly exchanged courtesies.

From time to time, someone would come up to congratulate him, saying things like swallowing up the Bai family was very amazing.

When Xu Menggui heard these kinds of congratulations, he became unhappy, even irritable.

Because of his impatient heart, all sorts of methods that had been easy to handle in the past now became unbearable.

He held a glass of wine as he secluded himself in a hidden spot, staring dead-set at the door.

After staying for an hour, nearly everyone had arrived.

Xu Menggui didn’t know what he was feeling, but Bai Weiwei didn’t show up. Perhaps she’d abandoned the idea of hooking up other men.

It made him feel a sense of relief.

She still couldn’t let him go.

Xu Menggui had relaxed and taken a sip of wine when he heard the people around him suck in a breath.

He frowned and unconsciously looked towards the entrance.

He saw a lithe and graceful figure appear.

She wore a tight-fitting, sleeveless blue dress 2.The skirt was embroidered with beautiful, light blue flowers.

Her beautiful legs were exposed as she walked in high heels. Her ankles were as delicate as handicrafts.

Her round and flawless shoulders were completely shown, and the slope of her collarbones was just right.

Charming yet not bewitching, revealing but still holding a pure and clean feeling.

Her beauty eclipsed that of everyone in the room.

It was Bai Weiwei.

Like everyone else in the room, Xu Menggui couldn’t help staring at her, reluctant to look away.

He suddenly saw her show a light smile.

She held out a hand as white as snow frost and spoke to the man next to her, her eyes fluidly glistening, “I don’t have a partner. Could you accompany me for a dance?”

The man looked pleasantly surprised. “Of course, it’s my pleasure.”

Xu Menggui nearly crushed the glass in his hand.

Just where was she still that unrestrained and adorable little princess of the Bai family?

This was simply an enchantress. Dressed like this, what man was not tempted?

Bai Weiwei led the man to the area for dancing, her mien tender and graceful. Her gaze swept lightly over to Xu Menggui.

She froze, as though she hadn’t known he would be there.

Xu Menggui’s chest tightened. He watched her intently.

But Bai Weiwei suddenly smiled at him disdainfully, without the slightest trace of affection, and nestled closer to the unfamiliar man.

And began to dance.

Xu Menggui swallowed down the wine in his hand. The wine tumbling down his throat felt as piercing as knives.

She really, truly didn’t care for him anymore.

【Scum abuse index: 40.】

1: 人模狗样: lit. looks like a human, acts like a dog. Dunno what that has to do with the red tie though.

2: What I would imagine the dress to kinda look like:

Off-shoulder Light Blue Lace & Satin Cocktail Dress - Promfy


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