MGCH Chapter 950

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The Little Princess’s Married-in Boyfriend (42)

Xu Menggui leaned against the door, looking at her with reddened eyes.

He had a struggling expression on his face as though he were suppressing something.

Bai Weiwei took a few steps back in retreat when the heel of her shoe suddenly snapped, and she flopped onto the carpet.

The beautiful, tight-fitting skirt also split open with a ripping sound, all the way to the top of the thigh, revealing a swathe of white skin.

Xu Menggui straightened his body, the struggle in his eyes becoming shrouded by more terrifying darkness.

Bai Weiwei promptly reached out and grabbed the tear with an ugly look on her face.

She gave Xu Menggui a ferocious look. “You can’t look.”

Her beautiful, black eyes held a hint of timidity and fear, but they still carried a clarity that ignited one’s desire to destroy.

The struggles in Xu Menggui’s heart vanished.

He released a sigh and finally admitted to himself. He couldn’t let her go.

The pain of the trapped and cornered beast he’d been feeling the past few days turned out to be because he was trying to resist his yearning for her.

Xu Menggui unbuttoned his cuffs and took off his clothes. He placed each article of clothing on the clothes stand beside the door.

Bai Weiwei watched him, baffled.

Until he finished taking off the clothes on his upper body and began to take off his pants.

Bai Weiwei finally reacted. “What do you want to do?”

Xu Menggui took off his trousers, revealing firm and beautiful long legs. He lifted his head, the fire in his eyes growing more intense.

He said slowly, “Fuck you.”

Bai Weiwei: “…”

The answer was too stunning. The atmosphere went silent.

Xu Menggui was left with a pair of briefs. He had broad shoulders and narrow hips, long legs, and a strong waist. The thin layer of muscle all over his body was just right and looked incredibly explosive in power.

Paired with the face of a gentleman.

His action of taking off his clothes was more frightening than that of a beast.

For the first time, Bai Weiwei saw a person who perfectly depicted the phrase “animal in human clothes.”

She had no time to escape.

His breaths were short and rapid, but his expression was still calm. “If you want to go out and sell yourself, it’s better to sell yourself to me. Let alone 10 million, I can afford ten or a hundred times more than that.”

His fingers softly stroked the delicate skin of her cheeks. His action was dangerous and ambiguous.

Bai Weiwei gave him a slap. The palm of her hand went numb.

Xu Menggui didn’t even dodge and took her slap.

His cheek turned red, but his eyes grew dangerous. “You can keep hitting. Hit until you cool down. I don’t mind.”

Bai Weiwei: “Mother***, this target seems to have gone berserk. So terrifying.”

System: “Don’t worry about him being terrifying or not. Take a few more shots and see if the scum abuse index will go up. Don’t just increase the favorability.”

Bai Weiwei thought it made sense. She immediately changed her expression.

“In your dreams, Xu Menggui. I’ll sell to anyone but you.”

Saying this, she didn’t hesitate to slap him again.

Xu Menggui was unmoved. Even his action of trapping her under his body didn’t budge one bit.

Bai Weiwei bit her lips, her fingers beginning to shake. “Let me go.”

Xu Menggui’s voice was hoarse. “I won’t.”

Bai Weiwei slapped him again, hard.

But Xu Menggui looked unaffected. His cheek had been slapped until it flushed red, yet he didn’t move a fraction of an inch.

He turned his face to the side. “Hit a few more times.”

Both Bai Weiwei and the system trembled. This capture target really was a bit scary.

Seeing the fear on her face, Xu Menggui stuck out his tongue and licked the corner of her lips. He chuckled softly. “Have you calmed down? Then it’s my turn.”

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