MGCH Chapter 954

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The Little Princess’s Married-in Boyfriend (46)

When Bai Weiwei went downstairs, the first thing she did was swipe her card.

Xu Menggui wasn’t right in the head. If he said that he would make her reach her wit’s end, then he would definitely make her reach her wit’s end.

The result was shhwp, BEEP. The card was frozen.

What terrifying speed.

Bai Weiwei could only return to the Bai home and change her clothes.

Just after she finished changing, she was politely kicked out of her house.

Because the house had been confiscated.

There was no reason. The house would be given if told to be given, taken if told to be taken.

Having long known she would be driven out, she opened the fridge and took a few more pieces of bread before leaving.

Bai Weiwei stood on the street, saying to the system, “Xu Menggui is still too naive. Does he really think that he’s an overbearing president who can rule the world?”

She ruffled her hair. “In society nowadays, I won’t starve to death even if I sweep the streets. What do I have to be afraid of?”

Saying this, a rumbling sound came from her stomach.

Bai Weiwei decided to make use of her innate advantage to swipe a meal before continuing the discussion.

When she brushed shoulders with a man passing by, she looked back and smiled.

The man immediately blushed.

Bai Weiwei said, natural and relaxed, “Could you treat me to a meal?”

The man immediately nodded furiously. “Yes, of course.”

Just as those words came out.

Several big, brawny men in black suits appeared. One covered his mouth and applied a chokehold, and one grabbed his feet.

Like that, the passerby man was carried away.

Bai Weiwei: “…”

The system comforted her. “Maybe you can try KFC.”

Bai Weiwei: “Am I going to be reduced to working as a cleaner?”

System: “You need to work to eat ba.”

Bai Weiwei glanced through the recruitment notices of the fast food restaurants nearby.

With her looks, she thought it’d be easy to get a job.

After all, all she had to do was muddle along for two days, and she could apply for a good job again.

The original host’s educational background was quite high.

When Bai Weiwei entered the restaurant. Just as she explained her intentions, and the store owner was about to agree.

One phone call later, and the boss immediately changed face.

Then Bai Weiwei was driven away.

The rest of the time, no matter where Bai Weiwei went, every part-time job refused her.

She picked up a one-yuan coin. Just as she was about to buy a vegetable bun, the coin was actually snatched away.

This year, even one-yuan coins were being snatched?

Bai Weiwei had no choice but to call Shen Anming.

The result: Shen Anming’s phone was shut off.

Bai Weiwei discovered that Xu Menggui well and truly could starve her to death.

Late at night, Bai Weiwei wanted to go to the mall to freeload off the light. Less than half an hour later.

The mall, which was open 24 hours a day, shut down early due to a malfunction somewhere.

Bai Weiwei could only walk along to the promenade by the river, where there were stools and pavilions.

There were also street lights.

Fortunately, the weather wasn’t hot, and there weren’t any mosquitoes harassing her.

Bai Weiwei lay on a bench and looked at the stars in the sky. “Say, what’re Xu Menggui’s intentions?”

When liking a person, he had to starve her and force her to be homeless.

This wasn’t something normal people would do.

System: “The male lead’s mind is hard to guess.”

Bai Weiwei nodded in agreement. “So can you make some food?”

System: The topic shifted too quickly, like a tornado.

It thought for a moment. “I can buy a systems’ instant noodles for you?”

Bai Weiwei: “Are there any side effects?”

System: “Humans who eat a large amount will suffer some minor illnesses like epilepsy and rabies.”

Bai Weiwei: What kind of minor illness could scare people to death ba.

She rejected the food produced by the system.

Her phone suddenly rang.

When Bai Weiwei answered, there was a long silence.

“Want to come back?”

Bai Weiwei spat out a single word. “Scram.”

Cheese: messed up courting methods, but i think it’s so funny that they literally hauled that man’s ass off the streets like that


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