MGCH Chapter 962

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The Little Princess’s Married-in Princess (54)

 Before, she had been continuously fighting him, allowing the scum abuse index to go up.

But it was because Xu Menggui couldn’t figure out his own emotions. While he couldn’t figure them out, torturing him was more effective.

Now he’d figured it out. Top that with his guilt over betraying her.

No matter what she said or did.

He could bear it all.

The system thought about it before slowly reciting a verse.

“Far away, in the great plains. You, are running. Ah, before you stand a hundred strong, mighty dogs ah, waiting for you, waiting for you to bite their butts1.”

Bai Weiwei: “…”

The system said profoundly, “It’s alright. Don’t want to abuse then don’t abuse. Isn’t it just biting a few dogs. People won’t be forced to death by dogs.”

Bai Weiwei: “…”

She thought silently, as expected, she still had to abuse Xu Menggui to death.

Wasn’t it just abusing people? Even if there weren’t a thousand ways, there were definitely a hundred and eighty.

No matter how hard it was to abuse people, it couldn’t be as hard as biting the butts of a hundred dogs.

Bai Weiwei recovered, only to discover that she was in the Bai home.

The furnishings were all the same as she’d had them before.

Her room also hadn’t changed, but everything was new.

Perhaps because Xu Menggui was recovering from his injuries, he didn’t show up often in front of her.

From time to time, small things would appear next to her.

For example, while eating, a small bouquet of beautiful, exquisite roses would be sent and placed to the side.

Or, when boredly drinking afternoon tea.

A strawberry cake would be sent, along with a confession card.

They weren’t expensive, but they were very thoughtful.

A trick that women liked very much.

Bai Weiwei was expressionless as she threw them in the trash.

She didn’t see Xu Mengui for a few days, but she found out that Xu Menggui would return in the middle of the night.

But each day, he would have sleeping pills placed in the water she drank before going to bed.

So she wouldn’t wake up. She found out after watching the system’s recording the next day.

This two-faced2 fellow hugged her and gave her a kiss, and it wasn’t just a kiss on the lips.

She was kissed everywhere.

But he was careful, not leaving any traces.

If not for the system, she would never have discovered it.

Bai Weiwei could only treat it as having never found out.

Finally, while she was eating one day, she heard the familiar sound of a car parking.

She knew it was Xu Menggui returning to take some things, and he would be going back very soon.

Xu Menggui had shut her in here, but didn’t meet her.

Bai Weiwei’s heart was clear: he was simmering her.

Over time, her fury, no matter how great, would fade away.

People could not remain in a state of hatred and anger for a long time. He intended on locking her up until her mood calmed down.

Only then would he appear.

But Bai Weiwei didn’t have time to waste.

Both the scum abuse index and the favorability were stagnant.

If she didn’t work hard, don’t even mention the side task. Even the main mission might fail.

After all, there wasn’t much time on this plane.

Xu Menggui had just gotten in the car to leave when he saw a figure dressed in a blue skirt run out of the house.

Under the dazzling light, she looked like a rose under the sun. Her skin was fair and crystal-clear, and her cheeks were flushed, making her look particularly spirited.

During this time, he had slipped in to see her at night.

He hadn’t yet met her with her eyes open.

This thought stopped him, making him reluctant to get in the car. He only wanted to look at her.

Bai Weiwei rushed over to Xu Menggui. Panting, she said sharply, “Xu Menggui, until when do you want to keep me locked up? This is illegal detainment.”

Xu Menggui’s gaze as he looked at her was soft, but the words leaving his mouth were indifferent. “Call the police, I don’t mind.”

1: I don’t know if this is a reference to a song/famous saying.

2: 人面兽心: human face, beast’s heart.


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