MGCH Chapter 963

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The Little Princess’s Married-in Boyfriend (55)

Bai Weiwei glared at him fiercely, but her voice softened. “Xu Menggui, how is my dad?”

Xu Menggui replied gently, “He’s fine. He’s still sleeping. I have the doctor on watch.

Bai Weiwei: “I don’t believe you. I want to go see him.”

Xu Menggui froze for a moment before smiling. “What good is there in letting you see him?”

Bai Weiwei clenched her fists, hating that she couldn’t give him a few punches.

Finally, she gave up. “Whatever you want is fine.”

Xu Menggui couldn’t bear to see her so sad. He turned and opened the car door. “We’ll go to the hospital to see him ba.”

A sliver of pleasant surprise flickered in Bai Weiwei’s eyes.

She immediately climbed into the car and went with him to the hospital.

In the hospital, Bai Qingshui’s condition wasn’t very good. It seemed his internal organs were beginning to fail.

Xu Menggui knew it was due to the drug. When he first administered it, he hadn’t even considered whether Bai Qingshui would die or not.

But ever since he fell in love with Bai Weiwei, he had sent people out to look for the antidote to the poison.

Those over in the United States had sent news, so even if Bai Qingshui had deteriorated to this point.

He was still in no hurry.

When the antidote arrived, Bai Qingshui would be able to recover.

Then Bai Weiwei would not hate him too much.

Bai Weiwei and Xu Menggui left the hospital.

Her expression was downcast. “Organ failure, how is it suddenly like this? His health has always been excellent.”

Xu Menggui pursed his lips. His expression was calm, without the slightest guilty conscience. “It’s okay. I’ll heal him.”

Bai Weiwei looked up at him, icy disgust no longer in her gaze.

Moreover, there was a hint of wavering emotions.

Xu Menggui saw, and he couldn’t help but break into a smile. She didn’t hate him that much.

So long as time passed, he could definitely have her place down her hatred and fall in love with him again.

Suddenly, a woman rushed over from elsewhere. “Menggui, Menggui, it’s me ah.”

When Xu Menggui saw this woman, his expression changed, and he immediately grabbed Bai Weiwei’s hand. “Let’s go back ba.”

How long had the woman waited for him? How could she let him go?

She rushed over and hugged Xu Menggui’s thigh.

She wept and shouted, “You said, if I poison Bai Qingshui for you, you would let me become your mistress. How could you go back on your words?”

Xu Menggui’s expression abruptly changed.

He looked at Bai Weiwei.

Bai Weiwei was looking at him in disbelief.

Xu Menggui kicked the woman away. His calm expression finally shattered, revealing an agitated and anxious side.

He promptly went over to tug Bai Weiwei. “Weiwei, don’t listen to her.”

Unwilling to listen to his excuses, the woman screamed, “For you, I betrayed Bai Qingshui! How could you treat me like this, Xu Menggui?”

Bai Weiwei looked at him, her face pale.

As though she were looking at a stranger.

She asked, “You really poisoned my dad?”

Xu Menggui’s lips trembled. Just as he was about to say no.

Bai Weiwei’s gaze turned sharp. She spoke, word by word, “Don’t lie to me. Did you or not?”

Xu Menggui went silent.

With this attitude, what wasn’t clearly understood?

Bai Weiwei laughed. Her smile was incomparably derisive.

“I never thought you could be this vicious. Xu Menggui, I’ll never forgive you for the rest of my life.”

Saying this, she opened the door and sat in the driver’s seat.

Then she drove away.

Xu Menggui desperately chased after. He shouted out, “Weiwei, come back!”

But the car quickly vanished.

The phone rang, and Xu Menggui picked up the phone with trembling fingers. It turned out to be Bai Weiwei calling.

The call connected, and his tone turned low and humble. “Weiwei, it’s all my fault. It’s fine if you hate me or want to kill me, but don’t drive so fast.”

Bai Weiwei suddenly asked, “You like me?”

Xu Menggui immediately nodded. “Like.”

Bai Weiwei: “I do too.”

On the other end of the phone, her driving speed seemed to be very fast. The noise was heavy.

But her voice had never been so clear.

Xu Menggui froze. He asked, “You what too?”

“Like you. I always have.”

Bai Weiwei’s calm voice broke down, and she finally sobbed.

“Why did I fall in love with you? Because I loved you, I harmed my father, causing my father’s life’s work to go to waste.”

Xu Menggui’s mouth went dry, and his heart twinged. “Weiwei…”

Suddenly, there came the sound of a violent impact through the phone.

Bai Weiwei’s voice weakened. “Xu Menggui, I don’t like you anymore. If I die, my dad won’t blame me. In the next life, I don’t want…”

Xu Menggui felt as though he were falling into an abyss.

The sound of the violent collision was a car accident.


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