MGCH Chapter 971

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The Little Princess’s Married-in Boyfriend (63)

The system was also a Buddhist.

In any case, it was watching two drama queens adding to their own drama.

It had nothing else to do but eat popcorn.

The system silently watched them and thought, it was already the most dog-blood amnesia trope. There couldn’t possibly be a more cliche, more dog-blood trope.

… There shouldn’t be ba?

Xu Menggui now only worked half days, and oftentimes he wouldn’t even go to work.

The previous workaholic was gone, never to return.

After he had an important meeting, he tossed all the documents at Luo Langyue with an “I’m off work.”

Then he ignored the pitiful gaze of his partner.

And simply left.

He drove back to the Bai home. He didn’t close the garage door.

Because right when he got out of the car, he spotted an eyesore.

Shen Anming stood nearby his car. He spotted Xu Menggui and rushed up. Just as he was about to speak.

Xu Menggui didn’t give him a chance and swung with a left hook, sending him straight to the ground.

Then he turned around, about to call for someone to dispose of Shen Anming.

But Shen Anming suddenly pounced, hugging his thigh. “Where did you hide Weiwei! Xu Menggui, I went to the hospital, and the doctors said Weiwei had amnesia. Is it true?”

Xu Menggui’s expression remained unchanged. “Get off.”

But Shen Anming resisted. “You’re a lunatic, bastard! You must have deceived Weiwei into being together with you. She lost her memory, and you lied to her.”

Finally Xu Menggui’s expression shifted. He gritted his teeth. “Get off of me.”

Shen Anming was completely unafraid of death. “Weiwei doesn’t like you anymore. She started to like me. She promised to be my girlfriend.”

Xu Menggui breathed out slowly, finally unable to bear it.

He reached up to pull off his tie, rolled up his sleeves, and lifted Shen Anming to give him a thrashing.

Shen Anming didn’t fight, but he was very durable.

Even beaten into a pig head he still yelled, “Xu Menggui, you bastard, you lied to her! Don’t you have a guilty conscience?”

As soon as Shen Anming heard that Bai Weiwei married Xu Menggui, he had rushed over.

With his investigation into Bai Weiwei’s memory loss.

What about this connection wasn’t clear?

“You’re despicable, disgraceful, shameless.”

Xu Menggui kicked him until he couldn’t get up, then crouched down, revealing a sinister, icy smile.

“I’m despicable, so I obtained her. And what thing are you.”

Saying this, he stood up and rolled down his cuffs and straightened out his clothes.

He ensured that his clothes were neat and tidy before he left.

As Xu Menggui left, he instructed the bodyguards to drag Shen Anming out.

The Shen family had paid a huge price to ensure Shen Anming’s life.

Therefore, Xu Menggui wouldn’t completely destroy Shen Anming.

Plus, he’d been in a good mood recently.

So Xu Menggui would spare his dog life.

Shen Anming was still howling as he was being dragged away. “Xu Menggui, when she recovers her memory, she’ll definitely hate you! A lie is a lie. Do you think you’ll be able to keep it from her for a lifetime?!”

Xu Menggui’s footsteps paused. His body was tense.

After a while, he breathed deeply and relaxed his body. Donning a warm smile, he entered the house.

Amnesia was a condition that was difficult to treat.

As long as one didn’t come in contact with a familiar scene, one generally wouldn’t recover one’s memory.

He’d stored away all of the Bai family’s furnishings, so long as they were of particular significance.

He only provided her an unstimulating familiarity.

Everything else had completely vanished.

So Bai Weiwei wouldn’t remember anything that easily.

She wouldn’t remember.

When he got home, he was just in time for lunch.

Bai Weiwei was sitting at the dining table, her hand propping up her chin, eagerly waiting for the food to be served.


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