MSTP Chapter 81

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“You spend so much time talking to her every day, is it still not enough?”

Wu Siyu’s dilations came quickly, to the point that even the doctor was surprised. Fortunately, before she was pushed into the delivery room, Wu Siyu’s husband arrived. Wu Siyu, who had originally been very restrained during her labor pains, immediately began to cry, and she pulled her husband’s hand to bite it several times before settling down.

At about seven or eight o’clock, Wu Siyu gave birth to a beautiful daughter.

Seeing the couple’s joyful appearance, Song Yuan considerately picked up her bag and left. She heard Wu Siyu say that she would be discharged and sent to the postpartum ward this afternoon, so now there was nothing more for her to help with. Having stayed up the entire night, she felt rather tired at this moment.

Song Yuan thought, it was just in time for visitation hours; she could go and see her grandpa.

She brought the fruit Wu Siyu’s husband had bought for her as well as a pack of yogurt. Grandpa Song had just gotten out of bed and was getting ready to have congee.

Grandpa Song saw Song Yuan’s exhausted look and asked, “Your neighbor had a little girl?”

Song Yuan had come to see Grandpa Song yesterday, so he knew that Wu Siyu was in labor.

“Yeah, a chubby little girl. She’s so beautiful oh, born with double eyelids. But her skin’s still very red.”

Grandpa Song had a look of envy. “I don’t know if I’ll have the blessing of having four generations in one home.”

The madly-hinted-at Song Yuan fell silent.

Her cousins were all busy with their work and careers. Although her cousin was already married, she and Cousin-in-law were firm DINKs1

“I hope that I am still here to keep watch outside while my family’s Yuanyuan gives birth.” Grandpa Song sighed. “You’re so soft-tempered, I think you can find a good person. I’m afraid that you’ll be bullied by difficult in-laws.”

“…It’s still early.”

“Forget it,” Grandpa Song waved a hand, “You go back and rest ba, your no-good cousin is coming over today. You’ve been awake the whole night; go home earlier and go to bed.”

Song Yuan was indeed very tired. She couldn’t stop yawning, so she didn’t force herself, and before her grandpa brought up introducing someone to her again, she hurriedly slipped out of the ward. She didn’t dare to drive after staying awake a whole night–it’d be considered sleep-deprived driving. So she came to the hospital entrance and hailed a taxi to go back.

She sat in the car. Considering Rong Ting’s usual daily schedule, she knew he’d already be awake. She thought for a moment, then took the initiative to call Rong Heng.

Rong Heng hadn’t slept for nearly the entire night and was now taking Rong Ting downstairs to the hotel’s self-serve breakfast. He had initially still been a bit drowsy, but when he saw the caller ID on the phone, his fatigue was swept away, and he immediately became energetic.


Song Yuan couldn’t help but yawn again, and her voice was a bit lethargic. “It’s me. You should be up now ba?”

En, we’re eating breakfast.” Rong Heng thought for a moment. In order to demonstrate his compassion and humanity2, he added, “Did your neighbor give birth?”

“She did, a very beautiful daughter.” Song Yuan cheered up. She had no intention of chatting with Rong Heng and got straight to the point. “I’m heading back now. Help Rong Ting pack, and I’ll pick him up.”

Rong Heng could make out the exhaustion in her tone. “You must have kept watch all night. It’s still early; you should go back and have a good rest ba. I can take him to swim in the spa, and in the afternoon, we can eat together if it’s convenient for you. You talked yesterday about eating seafood.”

Song Yuan was a bit groggy. She wasn’t as young as she used to be. After taking the university exam, she had stayed up all night and was fine the next day. Now, after staying awake a whole night, don’t even mention discomfort–she only wanted to head back and sleep forever.

If she took Rong Ting back, she’d mostly be sleeping. It was better to let Rong Ting swim in the hotel swimming pool.

“Okay.” She did tell him yesterday that she wanted to treat him to a meal. She couldn’t keep running away from it.

After Rong Heng hung up, he saw his son watching him with wide eyes and defended himself. “You spend so much time talking to her every day, is it still not enough?”

And what’s with the way he was looking at him?

Rong Ting: “…”

Why did he feel like Emperor Father’s tone was a bit resentful.

Rong Ting had a crown prince’s mental burden over swimming and bathing in the hot springs but lacked a certain financial strength. Rong Heng was not the same. He was still unable to soak in a pool with strangers. Sun Qiming had a discerning eye, and early in the morning he went to greet the hotel manager and booked the swimming pool and spa. The Xie family was rich and overbearing–booking a swimming pool and spa wasn’t much. When Rong Ting followed Rong Heng to the swimming pool and saw that there was nobody around, he was surprised. Finally, he concluded, “It seems that this swimming pool is not good.”

“Why do you say that?”

“There is no one here. Before, when Grandfather took me to the resort, there were many people in the hot springs.”

The youngster already had his own opinions. He knew that the more people there were in line at the milk tea shop, the more popular it was. By that same logic, it was the same with this swimming pool. At this moment, there wasn’t a single person in the swimming pool area. Just how bad must this swimming pool be ah? But he didn’t say much. After all, it was his Emperor Father who brought him here.

Rong Heng: “…”

The father and son bathed in the spring. With nobody else here, Rong Ting also relaxed a lot. In the small pool, the two people were not too close together.

Rong Heng had Sun Qiming prepare sparkling water for him.

He sat in the spa, twisted off the bottle cap, and drank.

Xie Heng loved to drink sparkling water–there was this brand of sparkling water in the refrigerator of his residence. Rong Heng hadn’t been too accustomed to drinking it at first, but after some time, he actually grew to enjoy it.

Rong Ting watched his Emperor Father drinking as he soaked in the water, looking quite comfortable, and his heart itched again.

The sparkling water was in a green glass bottle, with English printed on the label. At a glance, it indeed looked like sake.

Naturally, Rong Ting misunderstood and thought that Emperor Father was drinking the alcohol that Grandfather had been drinking last time.

In front of Grandfather, he usually spoke what he thought and what he wanted. In front of Emperor Father, he still didn’t really dare to make requests and speak his true thoughts.

It was just that his gaze was too strong. Rong Heng turned his head and saw that he was looking at him with a longing gaze.

Was he thirsty, too?

“Want to drink it?”

Rong Ting heard his tone and knew that things were promising. He quickly nodded, but afterwards, he felt that it wasn’t appropriate, and he whispered, “I was just curious about what it tastes like.”

So that’s what it was ah

Rong Heng was originally going to have Sun Qiming bring another bottle of water. When he heard what his son said, he pondered for a moment, then handed over the bottle in his hand. “Drink ba.”

Rong Ting couldn’t believe his ears. He thought he’d heard wrong. It was that simple? Emperor Father gave him alcohol so easily?

It seemed that ancient era people and modern people really were different.

His always indulgent3 grandfather was very concerned about this matter and refused to let him touch the wine, not even willing to give him a taste.

Emperor Father, on the other hand, could give him the entire wine bottle, letting him drink whatever he wanted.

Thinking this way, it was clear that modern era people were more inflexible; ancient people were more free and at ease on the matter of drinking wine.

Rong Ting was afraid that Emperor Father would regret it and hurriedly accepted the bottle. He took a deep breath, unusually devout. His heart wouldn’t stop pounding as he brought the mouth of the bottle to his lips. He asked uncertainly, “Emperor Father, can I really drink this?”

“Of course. Weren’t you curious about what it tastes like?” Rong Heng inwardly gave a sigh. Sure enough, he’d been too strict with him in the palace. Now, Rong Ting was carefully seeking his opinion for a sip of water.

Having received a definite answer, Rong Ting hurriedly took a tentative sip. His brows furrowed, then smoothed out, and he took another sip.

The taste couldn’t be said to be good, but it wasn’t too awful.

The more he tasted, the more he wanted to take a sip. After all, there weren’t too many opportunities to drink wine like this. In a few gulps, he had nearly finished drinking the entire bottle.

Rong Heng was amused by his solemn appearance. “Is the taste a bit strange?”

En!” Rong Ting nodded. The taste was indeed rather strange.

“It’ll be fine once you get used to it.”

Rong Ting was extremely excited. He was too amazing! He’d actually drunk wine! He often read poems, and those poets would always praise what a good thing wine was, a good thing that could resolve a thousand sorrows ah. He was only six years old this year, and he had already tasted it. Really, he was amazing.

But at the same time, he had a bit of doubt in his heart. He had heard some interesting stories from the minsters before, such as what a poor drinker the top scorer was, getting drunk after drinking only a few cups of wine at the Qionglin banquet.

He felt… alright ah. He had taken many sips just now. Calculating it, this amount was equivalent to four or five cups of wine in ancient times. Not to mention drunk, he didn’t even feel dizzy, and he was even very energetic. Could it be that he was a good drinker? Was he a hero who could drink a thousand cups without getting drunk?

Heavens ah, he was this amazing?

Rong Ting felt extremely proud. He straightened his back and downed the bit of wine left in the bottle with heroic spirit. His eyes were bright after drinking, and in his heart he boasted, drinking was nothing more than that. He drank this much and didn’t feel anything at all.

Today was worthy of commemoration. He drank wine!

And he was particularly good at drinking!

[1] Double Income, No Kids

[2] 有人情味: humane flavor, sort of? The opposite of being cold, aloof, and above others

[3] 有求必应: to grant whatever is asked for

Cheese: what a precious child

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