MGCH Chapter 987

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The Little Princess’s Married-in Boyfriend (79)

But he was still restrained. After a kiss, he picked her up to take her into another clean room.

Likely due to her tiredness, Bai Weiwei immediately fell asleep.

Xu Menggui covered her with a quilt, looking at her long black hair scattered across the pillow, her face turned to the side, her eyes closed. Like a quiet child.

She looked very obedient.

How great it would be if she could be like this forever.

Forever this well-behaved.

Xu Menggui’s expression held both deep affection and paranoia.

He went next door and began to clean up the room.

To him, household chores or cooking were necessary skills.

She hadn’t eaten for almost a day.

Xu Menggui knew that when a person was dealt a huge blow, they may develop anorexia.

He stood expressionlessly on the balcony, staring at the beach in the distance.

He finally turned on his phone.

There were countless messages from Luo Langyue.

He called back, and Luo Langyue’s voice roared through the phone.

“Where did you go?! The company’s about to shut down and you’re still messing around outside!”

Xu Menggui had no expression. “If it shuts down then it shuts down ba. Find me a doctor and two nurses.”

Luo Langyue: “You’re hurt?”

Xu Menggui was silent for a moment. “It’s Weiwei. She won’t eat.”

Luo Langyue: “Won’t eat? Isn’t she just being picky ba? Just have the chef cook a few more dishes. The company data was leaked ah, though thankfully only a part of it was leaked. I’m in dire straits right now. Hurry and come back to the company to help.”

Although bankruptcy was a strong way of putting it.

The data leak really was a big headache.

If Xu Menggui came back, this matter would be perfectly resolved.

After all, they’d encountered more serious crises before.

Xu Menggui was completely indifferent. “The company’s not important. She hasn’t eaten all day, and she throws up what she has earned. I won’t let her go, so ask the doctor to give her an infusion to supplement her nutrition.”

Luo Langyue then understood the gravity of the situation. “What the hell? Why is it serious enough to need an infusion?”

With Bai Weiwei’s simple-minded appearance, what blow could make her unable to eat?

Why did he feel like even if the world was ending tomorrow, this woman could happily eat a pot of braised pig trotters?

Xu Mengui was expressionless. He hesitated for a moment before saying, “She hates me. She wants to leave me…”

Luo Langyue: “Did she recover her memories ba? If she did she definitely hates you ah, but women just need to be coaxed ba.”

Xu Menggui: “Huh?”

Luo Langyue said patiently, “Even if she remembers, chase her gently and shamelessly. Don’t force her, and don’t hold her captive. There are all sorts of romantic CEO and Cinderella tricks. After wearing her down for a year or two, it’ll be alright ah.”

Xu Menggui: “…”

Luo Langyue: “First of all, don’t confine the other person. What’s the use of holding someone down? First cry bitterly and kneel down in front of her, saying your heart was blinded by lard, then beg for forgiveness.

Xu Meggui: Feels like an arrow through the body.

Luo Langyue: “Even if she doesn’t forgive you, just let her go and chase her again. Absolutely do not do something like forcing yourself on her. Anyone who uses force to bring about feelings is a fool. Who would be brain-dead enough to love a rapist ba.”

Xu Menggui: I feel like I’ve been cut by a 40-meter broadsword.

Luo Langyue: “Alright, can you hurry up and come back to work? I’ll teach you my twenty years of tricks for chasing girls.”

Xu Menggui finally spoke, his voice hoarse. “Then what if, I forced her?”

Luo Langyue went silent for a moment. “Then you don’t need to come to work, and I’ll handle the company alone. Your problem seems more troublesome than the company’s, haha.”

Cheese: idk if there’s scientific basis behind what xmg said about anorexia after emotional damage. this is a good chance to reiterate that you should take this fictional content with a grain of salt yall


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