MSTP Chapter 82

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Education on this aspect must be put on the agenda!

Song Yuan returned home, took a hurried shower, and slept from 8:30 to 12:30. If she hadn’t set an alarm in advance, she could have slept for eternity.

Her car was still parked in the hospital parking lot, so she called Rong Heng and arranged to meet up at the entrance to the community at 1 o’clock.

After sleeping for four hours, Song Yuan also put on a face mask and applied some light makeup, which made her look more energetic. The three people met at the entrance. Rong Ting and Song Yuan hadn’t seen each other for a whole night and day, so as soon as the mother and son were face-to-face, Song Yuan pulled Rong Ting into a hug and inspected him all over. “Did you miss me?”

Rong Ting was a bit embarrassed to be so intimate with Empress Mother in front of Emperor Father. The roots of his ears burned red, but he still answered quietly, “Yes.”

Ever since he reunited with Empress Mother, they hadn’t been separated for such a long time.

Rong Heng didn’t allow the driver to follow them, and Song Yuan called for a ride to the plaza near the center of town. Rong Heng conscientiously sat in the passenger seat in front, while Song Yuan brought Rong Ting to sit in the back.

“Are you hungry?” Song Yuan asked softly. “You usually eat at twelve, but it’s one now.”

Rong Ting shook his head. “Not hungry.” He patted his tummy. “I had enough food for breakfast, so I wasn’t hungry at twelve. Now, I’m only a little bit hungry.”

He wanted to boast to Empress Mother that he had drunk liquor today, and that his tolerance was very good, but he swallowed the words before they left his lips. He almost forgot–Empress Mother was a modern era person, and Grandfather once told him, if he had dared to give Rong Ting alcohol at that time, Empress Mother and Grandmother would have flown into a rage. This made it evident that Empress Mother was opposed to this matter.

Song Yuan perceived that Rong Ting had stopped himself from saying something and asked, “What is it? Just say what you want to say.”

“Nothing,” Rong Ting denied quickly. “Really, I’m just a bit hungry.”

He suddenly remembered that he had told Empress Mother he would never lie to her. Then did this behavior count as a lie?

No matter, saying it a while later was also saying it~

Moreover, the wine wasn’t very good. He didn’t want to drink it in the future.

The driver was very enthusiastic and spoke in the local accent. “Your family of three is quite good.”

Rong Heng inclined his head with a slight smile. “Thank you.”

Sitting in the back, Song Yuan and Rong Ting didn’t speak.

Song Yuan was too lazy to explain and wasn’t willing to tear down the stage beneath Rong Heng’s feet when outside. This person’s heart was not the normal level of small, and his self-esteem also was not the normal level of strong.

Rong Ting didn’t dare to do it.

Even if the driver was enthusiastic, it didn’t mean that Rong Heng would warm up. He was still lukewarm, and after a few tentative attempts at conversation, the driver silently shut up. That was how it was when driving. If he came across someone who was willing to chat, then naturally the journey was more pleasant. If he came across someone who didn’t want to chat, then he also couldn’t drag the person into the conversation. What if someone gave him a bad review after getting out of his car? Where would he go to argue?

They didn’t go too far; from the community to the seafood restaurant, it was only about three kilometers.

It also wasn’t the peak time for traffic jams, and so they quickly arrived at the lower floor of the seafood restaurant. Song Yuan led Rong Ting upstairs, while Rong Heng followed behind.

Business at the seafood restaurant was excellent; even if it was almost past the time for lunch, the hall was almost full. Song Yuan had reserved a private room beforehand, and the three of them were led there by the waiter.

Song Yuan wasn’t short on money, and she handed menus to the father and son, adding briskly, “Order whatever you want. Don’t be reserved about it.”

The latter sentence was directed at Rong Heng.

Although the city wasn’t a coastal city, the seafood at this restaurant was very fresh. It was said that their fish was sent over by air. Song Yuan loved to eat here and was basically a regular customer.

Rong Ting had been eating his fill since he transmigrated over. Whether it flew in the sky, walked on land, or swam in the sea, if he could eat it, he ate it. The cooking here was more plentiful, and in just a few months, Rong Ting had gained quite a few pounds.

Sure enough, the father and son were not polite with Song Yuan; all the things they ordered were expensive and delicious.

It was hard to eat seafood without using hands. The three of them lowered their heads and ate, none of them lifting their heads to speak.

It was just that he wanted to increase his sense of existence in front of Song Yuan, so Rong Heng peeled shrimp for her.

Song Yuan looked at the plate of peeled shrimp in front of her, then looked up at him.

“You eat it yourself ah.”

Rong Heng gave a slight smile. “I feel full watching the two of you eat.”

Song Yuan: “…”

Although she knew him well, there was, after all, a gap of five years where they were separated. The him now was more reserved than before and concealed more of his emotions. In the past, when he was in front of her, angry was angry, happy was happy. And now, he seemed to have such a gentle expression from start to finish that she was unable to see through.


The fighting strength of three people was formidable. She originally believed they wouldn’t be able to finish the table of seafood, but she never expected that they would almost finish it.

After eating one’s fill, drowsiness would follow. Rong Ting felt sleepy, and Song Yuan did, as well. She turned to look at Rong Heng, but as expected of the emperor, he was extremely energetic and not the least bit tired.

After paying the bill, Rong Ting went to the bathroom, leaving just Song Yuan and Rong Heng in the room.

In his heart, Rong Heng hoped his son could be a bit more attentive. It’d be best if he extended his time in the bathroom for a bit longer.

Song Yuan remembered that she still had some matters to settle. She took out the jewelry box with the diamond-studded earrings and pushed it over to him. In a low voice, she said, “I’m giving this back to you. I can see that the studs add up to more than one carat1. It’s too expensive; I can’t accept it.”

This was the first time Rong Heng had been returned a gift he’d given. The smile on his face receded, and he asked solemnly, “You don’t like it?”

“It’s not about whether I like it or not. If I like it, I can buy it myself. There’s also the mug you gave me last time. I’ll give it back once I return to B City. Don’t think that I’m pretending to reject it; I really don’t want to accept it.” Song Yuan wasn’t willing to get entangled with him. The many years of friendly sentiments were still there, and they also had a child, so she indeed couldn’t harden her heart to him. But that didn’t mean she would compromise like she did in the past. “Rong Heng, in fact, you must know what I think in my heart. You know how determined I am. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have lied to me or pretended to have amnesia.”

“The things given to you, I don’t want back.” Rong Heng, naturally, revealed his persistence.

No matter how much he concealed it, what he revealed at this moment was undeniable and indisputable, and it was enough to make Song Yuan helpless once again.

In truth, he hadn’t changed. He was just better at pretending than before.

The things he wanted, he must have. The things he gave, whether it was the empress position or his favor, she must accept. On the surface, he was gentle and polite, but in actuality he had a domineering character.

“But you never asked me if I wanted it.” Song Yuan let out a sigh.

Rong Heng’s gaze on her was steady.

Song Yuan felt it was soon time for Rong Ting to come back. She still didn’t want him to see the deadlock between her and Rong Heng, so she could only say, “I don’t want it.”

If it was according to Rong Heng’s past temperament, he would definitely have her throw it away.

But after losing her for five years and meeting her again, he was indeed unwilling to do any more things that would upset her.

Finally, Rong Heng yielded for the first time, and he silently took back the box.

The three of them called a taxi, and the destination was the hotel where Rong Heng was staying.

Halfway through the journey, the car stopped at the entrance of Song Yuan’s apartment community. Rong Ting got off first. When Song Yuan followed behind, she faintly heard Rong Heng’s low voice from the passenger seat. “Then what do you want?”

Song Yuan brought Rong Ting back home. When Song Yuan had come back in the morning, she hadn’t had the mind to take note of the situation at home. Now that she had time, she took another look and found that it was really messy. Song Yuan wasn’t someone who would treat herself badly. She was dead tired and naturally wouldn’t clean up herself, so she called an hourly worker. The worker would be free after four or five o’clock.

She went to the bathroom to remove her makeup and change her clothes. When she came back out, she saw Rong Ting playing with a box.

Rong Ting tore open the pink box and found that there were several plastic packets inside. He gave them a squeeze. They didn’t seem like candy.

Song Yuan’s eyesight was pretty good. With a quick glance, she saw that Rong Ting was holding condoms, and her heart leaped to her throat. Instantly no longer interested in drinking water, she put down the cup and rushed over. “You, what are you holding??”

Rong Ting still found it strange. He carefully took a closer look, wanting to know what was in the plastic packets. “Empress Mother, is this not candy?”

Song Yuan rushed over and placed her hand behind his, unaware of how grave her expression was at this moment. It made Rong Ting nervous. “Empress Mother, what is it?”

“Where did you get this?” She definitely couldn’t have had this kind of thing at home. Except for the period of time in the ancient era with Rong Heng, she had been a solo-from-birth for many years. This kind of thing could appear in anyone’s house, but it was impossible to appear in hers!

Rong Ting was taken aback and obediently answered, “I bought it at the supermarket with Emperor Father yesterday.”

“Your Emperor Father bought it??” Song Yuan was even more confused.

Even if Rong Ting had been bolder, seeing how serious Empress Mother’s expression was at this moment, he wouldn’t have dared to casually throw blame. “I saw them at the counter while checking out. I bought several candies. Empress Mother, is this not candy?”

“Of course not.” Song Yuan finally let out a sigh of relief.

Rong Ting really wanted to know. He was very curious about things he didn’t understand, and he had to learn about things he didn’t know.

“Then what is this?”

Rong Ting really wanted to know. Just what kind of thing was this, to make Empress Mother’s expression change so drastically?

What was this?

Song Yuan didn’t know whether Gugu had received education on this aspect in ancient times. He shouldn’t have. With the circumstances in ancient times, they would wait until Gugu was older. For example, shoving women to him when he was a teenager…

Education on this aspect must be put on the agenda!

She heard many mothers say that when children start growing conscious of gender, she should start paying attention.

“Before I answer your question about what this is, answer my question first. Do you know how you got here?” 

“I overheard the State Preceptor’s method and missed Empress Mother very much, and then I came here.”

“That’s not what I mean. What I mean is, do you know how you were born?”

Rong Ting gave her a strange look. “Didn’t I come out of your belly?”

“Yes.” Song Yuan had a bit of a headache. “What I mean is, do you know how I got pregnant? How I got pregnant with you?”

Rong Ting had an expression of bafflement. “Empress Mother, if you don’t know how you got pregnant, how would I know?”

“I do know!”

Rong Ting nodded and continued, “Then since I do not know how you got pregnant, you can tell me.”

Song Yuan: “…”

[1] 1 carat = 200 mg. A single 1 carat diamond can cost anywhere from $1,800 to $12,000, depending on the cut and quality. So yeah, very pricey for a small gift

Cheese: oh dear, i had a feeling the box rong ting picked up had to do with something that was distinctly NOT candy but i thought it was a lighter or something l m a o

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