MGCH Chapter 1000

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Reality (10)

And her lips softly pouted.

Father Bai and Dog Qin: “…”

What kind of third wheels were they? Even the plate of shrimp had more presence than them.

Ye Yuxuan raised a finger, his fingertips brushing feather-like across her lips.

Then he said: “There was a piece of rice.”

He didn’t wait for Bai Weiwei to open her eyes before giving her a kiss.

And Father Bai and Dog Qin simultaneously thought: I really don’t get this flirting.

Then they watched Ye Yuxuan look indifferently at the rice grains on his fingers and, seemingly without thinking much of it, part his thin lips and swallow up the grains.

He said softly, “Don’t waste.”

His tone was calm.

His attitude natural.

Completely a “Su has no friends1” appearance.

Bai Weiwei’s heartbeat fluttered. Only after preserving her expression did she say to the system: “Tongza, I just got teased.”

System: “What, isn’t this slapping your face? You’re responsible for teasing people; this is the biggest insult to your professional abilities. Do him.”

Tease back and prove your strength, girl.

A sharp gleam flickered through Bai Weiwei’s eyes. She suddenly turned around and immediately changed her appearance.

Her pupils were deep and soft, her cheeks flushed a glowing red, and her smile gentle.

She pursed her lips, then somewhat hesitantly stretched out a finger and lightly tapped the back of his hand.

Ye Yuxuan turned his head.

Bai Weiwei’s voice was soft, the sweet lilt at the end of her words as pleasant as clear spring.

“A date?”

Ye Yuxuan’s expression finally changed.

His eyebrows rose, and he felt that the back of his hand that had come into contact with her fingers faintly tapped into his heart, making his heartbeat grow out of control.

He stiffly and patiently said, “Date.”

Bai Changyan slapped a hand on the table and stood up. “What date? If you dare to date my girl and go to some messy place, I’ll be the first to disagree.”

Qin Qiu promptly grabbed Father Bai’s clothes. “Weiwei’s dad, I think the youths still need to cultivate their feelings.”

Ye Yuxuan’s expression also changed. He looked indifferently at Bai Changyan.

Then he spoke in a calm and oppressive voice.

“My wife to me, wherever I am, she must be. Wherever she asks to go for our date, I will also go. Legally, she is already an adult. You have no right to control or question her choices.”

These words truly broke Bai Changyan’s heart.

He pointed at Ye Yuxuan’s face. “You little beast, don’t think that I’ve agreed to your engagement or to marry Weiwei to you. If I don’t agree, Weiwei won’t agree. Right, Weiwei?”

Bai Weiwei: “I agree.”

Bai Changyan, heartbroken: “…”

Qin Qiu patted his shoulder. “The girl’s all grown, all grown up. Stop worrying about it.”

Bai Changyan burst into tears. “You want this stinky brat, but you don’t want me? Have you forgotten that when you were little, I used to change your diapers, and feed you milk in the middle of the night…”

Bai Weiwei immediately stood up and wrapped both hands around Bai Changyan’s trembling hand.

She emotionally shed tears and said, “Dad, how could I forget? Every time you went out, you would always bring me gifts. When I was sick, you stayed by me the whole time. On my first day of school, you were afraid I wouldn’t be used to it and skipped work to take me to school.”

Bai Changyan was instantly brought to tears at the mention of those warm years.

Bai Weiwei gave a grateful smile. “Your love for me, I remember it all. Thank you, Dad.”

Bai Changyan’s heart softened into water, rendered unable to move.

He said, “Of course Dad loves you. I’ll give you everything you want.”

Bai Weiwei: “I want Ye Yuxuan.”

Bai Changyan quickly said, “Give, give, give, I’ll give you anyone you want.”

Qin Qiu: “…”

Bai Weiwei smiled. “Then I’m going out to play, Dad.”

Bai Changyan: “Alright, alright, alright, remember to take your medicine and phone, and take care of your body.”

Bai Weiwei pulled Ye Yuxuan up. “I know. I’ll see you later.”

Father Bai was instantly dealt with, easy and stress-free.

1: I did some minor digging around, and I think this is in reference to Ma Su?? She’s an actress who appeared on a talk show called 吐槽大会 (English title Roast), and it looks like there was some incident regarding a former friend and her boyfriend?? From what I can tell, there was a cheating incident, and Ma Su’s career was implicated, and she was criticized as being a fake friend.

Piper: We did it boys! Honestly never thought I’d get this far, much less this fast. So a Special thank you to all of the team members who’ve helped get me through thick an thin to make this, and stable updates, a reality. They deserve all of your thanks and love because chapter 1000 wouldn’t have happened here without them.

Since the last milestone (chapter 900), quite a lot has happened, I flopped that one AP test I took and passed the virtual one. To be fair I tried to pass without taking the AP class and just self studying… That ended well. Extreme kudos to the people who actually get 5s while attempting that, cuz dam, you deserve the top colleges! It’s been a long and hard year on many levels, but it does look like some things are going back to normalcy, my college at least is attempting to allow students in dorms, and I’ve already put a down payment for mine, ngl, if we need to spend another year online, I’m gunna pull my hair out. Also how come no one tells you there are so many things needed to do to sign up for college? I keep getting emails saying, “you need to complete this or your enrollment will be put on hold” “Our records show you haven’t done X yet, please complete ASAP”, like I’ve never heard of these things and thank god I check my inbox, jeez! I just wanna enjoy my summer :’) Speaking of enjoying it, I’ve gotten myself addicted to Stardew Valley. Don’t play unless you have nothing planned for the week, because I don’t remember my week… It does make time zoom by though…

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