MGCH Chapter 1002

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Reality (12)

Beauty could be used as currency.

This was a truth Bai Weiwei had known since she was young.

Ye Yuxuan, expressionless, suddenly took out a few large bills from his wallet and threw them on the counter. He said coldly to the ticket seller, “Keep the change.”

The corners of the ticket seller’s mouth twitched. What kind of play1 was this.

He persisted. “Sir, you’ve paid…”

Using banknotes to slap faces in this day and age, were you not embarrassed?

 Ye·Embarrassed·Overbearing CEO·Xuanxuan said coldly, “When I buy this movie theater, you’re fired.”

Ticket seller: “…”

Bai Weiwei, speechless: “…”

Then Ye Yuxuan pulled Bai Weiwei away.

He said to her, “You don’t need to smile at him. Although your smile can get you a discounted ticket, your smile is more valuable than the amount discounted. It’s not worth it.”

Bai Weiwei: It was the first time someone said that her smile was valuable.

She then remembered to ask, “You must have been joking about buying the movie theater ba?”

She thought Ye Yuxuan was just talking without thinking.

Ye Yuan appraised her with a faint glance. “I didn’t joke. I want to buy the movie theater, then fire the ticket seller.”

Weiwei hesitated for a moment before sizing him up with a strange look. “Are you, jealous right now?”

Ye Yuxuan looked at her calmly. After a moment of silence, he immediately took out his cell phone.

Then he searched up the physical and psychological changes of jealousy.

He compared it with himself and found a 90% similarity.

Then, before Bai Weiwei’s agape expression, he nodded calmly.

“Yes, I’m jealous.”

After speaking, he frowned again.

“If I’m jealous, will you coax me?”

In the reference for jealousy, the other half would come to coax the one who was jealous.

Bai Weiwei suffered a defeat at his hands. She stuffed a few pieces of popcorn into his hands, her face stiff and her voice without any emotion. “Be good, don’t get angry. Getting angry will hurt your body, and I’ll be so distressed.”

Ye Yuxuan nodded, content. “Mn, I understand.”

The system watched the two facially paralyzed people exchange words of love and couldn’t help but rub its own face.

It was afraid its own face would be paralyzed.

The movie was a romance, a must-see on dates.

It was a beautiful and tragic love story.

Within the darkness of the movie theater, there would be sounds of weeping from time to time.

Bai Weiwei and Ye Yuxuan·woodenly·cold-bloodedly watched.

From time to time, Ye Yuxuan would point to somewhere behind the female protagonist’s figure. “There’s a modern car there.”

The movie was set in the ancient times.

Bai Weiwei also had sharp eyes. “En, in the alley where they ran into just now, there were advertisements for infertility treatments and circumcision.”

Ye Yuxuan: “There’s also a lost poster for a husky.”

Bai Weiwei: “The female lead is wearing makeup. The skin on her neck is a few shades darker.”

Ye Yuxuan: “I saw the director’s feet in the shot.”

The audience members sitting next to them were originally moved to tears.

But in the end, they all cursed mmp. They came for a love story and got a poisonous exposure instead.

They had no way to live.

Finally, the female lead died in the arms of the male lead. “Forget me, find a better woman. Don’t grieve because of me for more than three days.”

The theater suddenly exploded with the sound of sobs.

Bai Weiwei and Ye Yuxuan woodenly, callously and indifferently watched.

Then Ye Yuxuan said, “It’s over?”

Bai Weiwei: “It’s over.”

Ye Yuxuan thought for a moment. “I’ll head out first. Wait for me.”

Bai Weiwei nodded.

As soon as Ye Yuxuan left, the system spoke. “The external life value limit of 500 is full.”

Although from time to time Ye Yuxuan’s emotions weren’t intense enough, and the feedback would reverse, when his mood did fluctuate, the life value rose by an astonishing amount.

Bai Weiwei gazed at the female lead who lay dead in the arms of the male lead, her gaze a bit complex.

She sighed, leaning her head on the back of the chair. “Let’s go ba, Tongzi.”

She’d stayed for two days this time. It was the first time she’d spent two consecutive days in reality.

System: “You can stay a few more days to rest.”

Bai Weiwei fell silent before finally saying, “No, go now ba.”

There was no emotional shield in reality. She couldn’t remain indifferent to Ye Yuxuan.

So… she could only escape.

When Ye Yuxuan arrived with a rose, he saw Bai Weiwei with her eyes closed. The surroundings were noisy.

But only she was peaceful and soft.

Ye Yuxuan gazed at her quietly for several seconds before placing the rose in her hands. Then he leaned his head against her shoulder and nestled against her neck, feeling the pulsing of her arteries.

She was alive.

Tears suddenly fell from his tranquil eyes.

He was not afraid of her falling asleep. He was most afraid of her suddenly dying.

1: 这什么操作: originally 还有这种操作 (kinda like “so there was this kind of play/operation”), which is a meme that came from gaming slang? It’s a reaction to when the other party makes a (gaming) play or strategy that was totally unexpected or incomprehensible.

Piper: There was no follow-up part this time for some reason, so I put a song here instead, this one was recommended by the lovely Cheese! and I put another different one on Chapter 990 (it’s hyperlinked if you want to go back and listen) that would fit the end of the arc equally well. That one was recommended by a fellow reader, Castle, so thank you for your awesome recommendations XD and sorry for the confusion.


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