MGCH Chapter 1006

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The Reborn Young Master’s Pampered Cousin4)

The system reminded her with good intentions, “Fed to 10 dogs when feelings were at -10, at -45 should be doing this and that with 45 dogs taking turns, right? So you need to be gentle in order not to die in the ugliest way .”

Bai Weiwei: “If I am soft and gentle too obviously, Qi Chimu, this reborn guy, will immediately think that, if I haven’t been possessed by a ghost, then I must have also experienced rebirth. ”

After experiencing something like this, it was easy to think that others have experienced the same type of thing.

A reborn man would also suspect other people of having experienced rebirth, just like him.

Therefore, if she had a big change in temperament at the beginning, and she treated Qi Chimu gently.

It could be guessed that Qi Chimu would be able to immediately guess the source of that change.

Bai Weiwei said calmly: “It’s okay. I won’t do anything else like leaving him to starve, pushing him into the water and letting people whip him ah. I’ll find a suitable opportunity to change my attitude and my liking will go up1.” 

In any case, every mission’s target was always hostile towards her.

She was very calm, not surprised at all.

No but, why can’t she cross to a plane where the mission’s target loves her enough to die?

Couldn’t she change the settings so every mission’s target wouldn’t be hostile to her?

Suddenly, a coarse finger gently stroked above Bai Weisei’s eyebrow.

She raised her eyes, and saw Qi Chimu bending over. His movements were gentle as he drew her eyebrows.

When he finished painting her eyebrows, his hands felt ice-cold, and he didn’t exert any force as he began to apply face powder.

The movements were fluent, like he had done them many times.

Bai Weiwei wanted to be picky, but the make-up was seemingly perfect and there was nothing to be picky about.

Qi Chimu was close to her. The familiar orchid fragrance on her body floated to his nose.

This smell, it was the smell of death.

He died because of this fragrance.

Qi Chimu’s eyes were cold, but he easily covered it up.

Finally, in the center of her eyebrows, he drew a peach blossom, which was colorful, magnificent and gorgeous.

Bai Weiwei took the bronze mirror. She suddenly pursed her lips and showed a bright and charming smile.

Suddenly, the peach blossom between her eyebrows seemed real.

Her beautiful face was bright and charming enough to attract one’s soul. She looked at it with reserve, and said with a bit of pride: “Although the make-up looks coarse, it still doesn’t decrease my beauty.”

Qi Chimu’s eyes were as cold as the deepest part of a forest, but her unexpected smile warmed them up a bit.

Even if she had a snake or a scorpion’s heart, she still was so beautiful she moved people’s emotions.

Qi Chimu’s heart flashed with a trace of doubt. In his last life, was Bai Weiwei so beautiful?

It was undoubtedly the same appearance, but his impression of Bai Weiwei was that of a disgusting appearance. Even that pair of eyes had had the same shape as a dead fish’s, not in the least stunning.

He restrained the light in his pupils, indifferently taking a quick glance at her, just to be met with the dainty peach blossom in her forehead.

Again, he could not help but move his gaze away.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at -40.】

Bai Weiwei smiled and said to the system: “As long as I change my attitude a little bit, I’m sure my favorability will slowly go up. The original host was stupid. Bullying people to death, she could only await revenge.”

System: “Yes ah, before rebirth, the original host let the male lead dress her, then suddenly got angry and slapped him on the face, making him kneel outside and pouring cold water on him.”

Bai Weiwei: “I certainly won’t do this, I don’t want to court death that much.”

Just as she finished speaking…

    【Ding! The side task is unlocked. My dearest host, have you yearned for the green plum and hobby horse2…】

Bai Weiwei: “Stop with your bullshit, quickly say what you need to say and when you’re done, get f*cking lost!”

1: Nigaria: ha ha ha innocent Bai Wei Wei so many planes already and you don’t know about how the system works? Smh, anyway you’ll  discover how wrong you were soon enough)

2: 青梅竹马: lit. Green plum and hobby horse. I’m sure anyone who reads Side chara transmigration will have an impression of this one hehe. It means childhood sweethearts or refers to innocent children’s games…

Piper: Opps, I made a mistake! Somehow I missed a chapter day, honestly no clue how that happened, this has basically become second instinct for me to update nightly. Super sorry, I fixed it and now you have a sudden double update XD


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