MGCH Chapter 1008

Translator: Nigaria

The reborn young master’s pampered cousin (6)

Bai Weiwei was absent-minded as she paid a visit to her mother, who was also Bai family’s Madam. Furthermore, there were also all those older and younger brothers and sisters.

Bai Weiwei asked the system: “Where is Qi Chimu?”

System: “Dying.”

Bai Weiwei: “…”

System: “The weather is freezing. After pouring the cold water, it’s like being reborn again. His body was weak, and he fell straight down. Now it’s very likely that he will be burning up.”

Bai Weiwei’s eyes brightened.

Having a fever was good ah. She liked it the most when the target was feeling miserable. 

Once he was miserable, she could seize the opportunity for redemption and quickly gather favorability.

Bai Weiwei said in a hurry: Go go go, let’s hurry and go take care of him.”

System: “Collapse of character.”

Bai Weiwei’s footsteps stopped. This was certainly an issue.

After all, if her disposition suddenly had a great change, Qi Chimu would absolutely be on alert.

And the consequence of distrust was that, no matter how good she was to him, it would be very unlikely for the affection points to rise.

Bai Weiwei walked with a wooden expression, while all kinds of conspiracies and plots crossed her mind.

She had to find a justified reason to get close to Qi Chimu. 

It had snowed outside. 

The place where Qi Chimu lived was just as simple and crude as the firewood shack.  

He barely had time to change his clothes before falling down at once.

It had been the same in his last life. He had been many times at the edge between life and death. 

Therefore, it led to having a weak health and being ill later on.

And then that poison would easily take away his life. 

Thinking till here, he really hated the Bai family to the bones. 

Qi Chimu’s lips were pale and thin, his expression looked haggard, but his black eyes were bright and penetrating.

There was no fear or anxiety. 

Rather, they were calm.

At present, everything was in control of the Bai family’s hands. Even if he was qualified to take the imperial exam later, he still first needed to meet the third prince. 

And the most important reason to join the third prince was because his parents had left him with a hidden wealth. 

Qi Chimu’s last life was really too coincidental. He had just become aware that his parents were renowned rich merchants.

The Qi family was quite wealthy.

But then, the couple unexpectedly met with an accident, and he was sent to live in the Bai family. 

And the wealth of the Qi family fell into Bai family’s clutches as well.

Later, he found out that the Qi family had had more wealth than he thought.

The Bai family had only taken a small part of it. 

The place where all these riches were placed, in his last life he had already seen the map hidden in the hairpin.

In this lifetime, he needed to get ahold of that wealth again. 

For that, all he needed was the hairpin his mother had left him.

He remembered that hairpin – it was in Bai Weiwei’s hands.

Only with this money had he been able to join the third prince and help him seize the throne in his last life. 

Because now the third prince was still being suppressed by the crown prince. He was ambitious and intelligent, but he lacked talented people and money. 

Qi Chimu couldn’t sleep because of the fever and was thinking of many things.

And the more he thought about the Bai family, the more he hated it to the core.

Suddenly, an amused voice sounded outside.

“That little b*tch? I heard that jiejie punished him. He certainly made jiejie unhappy again.” 

It was Bai Weiwei’s younger shu brother.

Bai family’s Madam had only given birth to the twins Bai Chi and Bai Weiwei.

After Bai Chi died, Bai Weiwei gained the most respected and highest position in the Bai family as the only di daughter.

That group of younger brothers and sisters that flocked around her were all born from concubines, and they all tried to please Bai Weiwei.

And bullying him was the best possible way to please her.

Qi Chimu tightly clenched his fingers, his eyes showing a ruthless and oppressive expression.

The crumbling door was pushed open, and several slovenly youths came in.

A single glance showed Qi Chimu sickly lying down on top of the bed.

Abruptly, a leg stretched and kicked the bed board. “Still not coming to kneel when you see us? Seeing that you dare lie down in front of us, you sure have big guts.”


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