MSTP Chapter 85

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Translator: Cheese

Was Rong Heng drinking?

Rong Ting was unwilling to expose his Emperor Father, especially when Empress Mother was still present.

So he could only silently let out a sigh and close the refrigerator door, acting as though he hadn’t seen it.

It’s said that drinking resolves a thousand sorrows. What was Emperor Father’s sorrow?

Song Yuan looked at the medical record hanging at the foot of Rong Heng’s bed. Although she couldn’t understand most of the doctor’s words, she could still understand the words “fever” and “cold.” She felt much more relieved. It seemed that Rong Heng really did have just an ordinary cold and fever, but because he’d been heavily injured before, the doctor was probably worried that his illness would get worse, so he placed him in the hospital for observation. This made sense.

She also agreed with his decision to be hospitalized. After all, he was a person from ancient times, where a simple cold and fever could cost you your life if it wasn’t handled properly. He was right to be cautious.

“How did you get a cold all of a sudden?” Song Yuan asked him.

Rong Heng’s voice was hoarse, and he looked extremely thin in his hospital gown, but the smile on his face was still gentle. “Maybe it’s because I didn’t sleep well the last two days. Or it may be because it’s cold. I know my body. I’ll probably get better in two days. It’s fine, there’s no need to worry.”

En.” Song Yuan sat in front of the hospital bed. She’d always been keeping her grandpa company before, and she was very experienced now. She asked, “Can you eat apples? I bought some.”

Rong Heng nodded, delighting in her current gentleness. “Then I’ll have to trouble you.”

Song Yuan turned her head to Rong Ting, who was sitting on the sofa, watching videos on his iPad. “Gugu, do you want apples?”

“Yes, but I don’t want the skin.”


Song Yuan couldn’t help but praise Sun Qiming’s attentiveness. Even the fruit knife was prepared.

She sat in the chair, peeling apples with a fruit knife.

She hadn’t known how to peel apples at first, but she learned during this period of time due to Rong Ting’s dislike of eating the skin.

Rong Heng watched her with a tender gaze. Such a moment had only appeared in his dreams during those five years. Now, he could sit together with her–how could he be willing to remain a passerby in her life?

His gaze was so strong that Song Yuan couldn’t not feel it. She couldn’t help but sigh. If she didn’t know that he wasn’t the kind of person who would harm his own body, she really would have really suspected that he had deliberately let himself catch a cold…

When it was time for lunch, Sun Qiming bought food for Song Yuan and Rong Ting from a nearby, well-known restaurant. It had three dishes, one soup, and dessert. Rong Ting marveled in his heart; Father Emperor’s driver was truly extremely meticulous and thoughtful.

Rong Heng ate the hospital meal. This hospital’s food wasn’t bad, either. Though there was less oil and salt, it looked healthy and nutritious.

Sun Qiming left the ward, smiling. He recalled that time his wife had teased him, saying he was looking more and more like a head eunuch…

Eh, who said he wasn’t?

Song Yuan was quite embarrassed. Clearly they were the ones who came to visit the patient, but it ended up with the driver thoroughly arranging everything. He even prepared their lunch…

Rong Ting ate with relish. After drinking a bowl of soup and a bowl of rice, his little tummy was filled until it was round.

Song Yuan looked up at Rong Heng. He wasn’t the kind of person who appreciated good food, and he was unhurried when eating. It was difficult to tell his preferences just based on his expression.

After eating lunch, Song Yuan was relieved to know that his illness wasn’t serious and said in a soft voice, “If you’re sick then you should rest well. Rong Ting is still young, and it isn’t suitable for him to stay in the hospital too long, so we’ll go back and leave you be. If you need anything, you can give me a call.”

Rong Heng knew that it was already an unexpected gain for her to be able to keep her for this long.

It was just that now, he was gradually unable to see through her. He couldn’t see whether she felt any distress for him.

Regardless of whether or not she felt heartache, it was worth it, to be together with her like this.

The smell of disinfectant in this hospital wasn’t so unbearable.

Song Yuan took Rong Ting and left the ward. It was the doctors and nurses’ lunch break right now, so there was nobody in the corridors or the elevator.

The entire way, Rong Ting had a look of ‘wanting to know but hesitating to ask.’

He wanted to ask why Emperor Father was sick in the hospital and still wanted to drink. He also wanted to ask whether Emperor Father was lying again, but he didn’t dare.

As for Song Yuan, she noticed his expression wasn’t right while they were in the elevator. When they were sitting in the car, she didn’t immediately turn on the engine. Instead, she turned her head and asked, “Gugu, is there something you want to say to me?”

Rong Ting clenched his teeth. He reasoned, he was Emperor Father’s son, after all; it would not be good for him to persuade Emperor Father. But if it were Empress Mother, Emperor Father would definitely listen. So he confessed. “Empress Mother, when I was staying with Emperor Father last night, I was very thirsty and saw that there was a little refrigerator in the hotel room. I wanted to look inside to see if there was any Yakult, but when I opened it, I saw, inside…” he paused, then continued with some difficulty, “it was full of wine. I also saw it in the ward just now.”

Song Yuan was shocked when she heard this. She knew that Rong Heng didn’t like drinking very much. Had his temperament changed so much in the past five years that he now enjoyed drinking?

“What did you say? The ward also has some?” she grasped the key point and asked solemnly.

Rong Ting nodded seriously. “Yes, there is also wine in the small refrigerator in the ward. Isn’t Emperor Father still hospitalized? Why is he still drinking? Empress Mother, do you think Emperor Father does not have a fever, but instead a hole in his stomach from drinking, just like that uncle in the elevator?”

Song Yuan immediately shot down this speculation. “It couldn’t be. I read the medical record written by the doctor, and he really is in the hospital for the fever. If it was gastric perforation, he wouldn’t be able to get out of bed today, and he wouldn’t be so relaxed.”

Was Rong Heng drinking?

But was that possible? From what she remembered, he wasn’t that kind of person.

Song Yuan was shocked and puzzled. “Are you sure it was wine?”

Rong Ting, feeling that his credibility was being called into question, immediately came clean and shook out all his little secrets. “Of course I’m sure! Grandfather was drinking it when we were in the hot springs and said it was sake. What I saw was almost the same as what Emperor Father was drinking! And Emperor Father also gave me some to try. It didn’t taste good at all!”

Song Yuan’s eyes narrowed. “What did you say? You drank it too?”

Rong Ting secretly shouted “not good!”… he’d said it without thinking.

“Empress Mother, I was just too curious. In the past, when other people wrote poems, they talked about how good wine was. There were also ministers who claimed to love wine. I was just curious about what wine tastes like. Yesterday, when I saw Emperor Father drink it, I just… Empress Mother, don’t worry, I won’t drink it anymore. Now that I know what it tastes like, I won’t be curious anymore.”

Song Yuan was truly angry.

She knew that ancient people were different from modern people. Ancient people didn’t know how harmful alcohol was for children. But how could Rong Heng give Rong Ting alcohol to drink?

In the past, there had been news articles online that someone had fed white wine to a baby, and as a result, caused irreversible damage to the baby.

Her chest was heaving. The more she thought, the angrier she became. She simply turned off the car, picked up Rong Ting, and carried him to the elevators without saying a word.

Rong Ting had always been sharp. Having sensed that his Empress Mother was seething in anger, how could he care to say anything more? He could only tuck in his neck like a little quail.

Empress Mother’s angry appearance was so terrifying!

Song Yuan’s temper had always been good; since she was young, everyone always said she had a good temper. But that didn’t mean she had no bottom line or temper.

Rong Ting thought, it seems wine really isn’t a good thing. Empress Mother is so angry.

As they exited the elevator, Rong Ting, fearing his Empress Mother would quarrel with Emperor Father, tugged on her clothes. He whispered, “Empress Mother, could you not quarrel with Emperor Father? Emperor Father is still sick.”

Song Yuan was angry enough to kill, but she still knew to keep her emotions under control. She nodded. “Don’t worry, I won’t quarrel, I’ll reason with him. I have something to talk about with him. You sit here and wait for me, okay?”

It seemed that Empress Mother wasn’t going to let him see.

Rong Ting nodded extremely obediently and sensibly, indicating I’ll be sitting here obediently, I won’t go anywhere~

Empress Mother was too scary!

Song Yuan knocked on the door this time. When she heard him answer, she opened the door and walked in aggressively, as though ready to fight in an instant. Her entire body was brimming with anger.

Rong Heng was preparing to rest when she gave him a great shock.

“What is it?” he cautiously probed.

Did she find out his condition wasn’t serious enough to be hospitalized and come to censure him? But that wasn’t like her… Then what had happened?

Song Yuan ignored him, her mind occupied by the fact that he had given Rong Ting alcohol. She yanked open the fridge door as though she held a grudge against it, and when she looked, there were, indeed, several green glass bottles inside.


If she remembered right, this should be sparkling water? Her past colleague at the desk next to her liked drinking this brand of sparkling water. She’d seen it often, so she was no stranger to it.

She took out a bottle. Even though she couldn’t unscrew the bottle cap of mineral water sometimes, it was different this time. She easily unscrewed the cap and drew it closer. It was only after she couldn’t smell any alcohol that her expression slowly relaxed. She asked politely, “I’m thirsty, can I drink one?”

Rong Heng, confused and a little afraid of how she’d looked just now, nodded hurriedly. “Of course you can.”

Song Yuan took a sip and confirmed that it was sparkling water. All the previous anger was swept away. Her expression gentle, she said mildly, “Thank you. Then I’ll be leaving. You should rest early; don’t wear yourself out.”

Cheese: the duality of man (mom). reminds me of when you’re getting yelled at by your mom, but then the phone rings, and her tone instantly changes. rong heng doesn’t know that he just dodged a FAT bullet there.

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