MGCH Chapter 1010

Translator: Nigaria

The Reborn Young Master’s Pampered Cousin(8)

Yet he still kept his eyes open, and under the long, thick eyelashes, his eyes were ruthless and filled with blood lust.

Being looked at by this man, one’s back would immediately turn cold. 

Looking at Bai Weiwei, he blinked, and the blood lust in his eyes faded away. 

Then he said in a slow voice, “Why has biao mei come? Is it to see why I am not dead yet? Did you also want to come feed me a bit of the wolf-tiger medicine, to let me have a smooth trip1?” 

His words were gentle and slow.

There wasn’t a trace of fierceness, yet they were completely cold.

Bai Weiwei took out her handkerchief, covered her nose with it, and looked around, picky.

“What is this ah, how can you live in such a messy place?”

Right after, her expression changed as if she had made a blunder.

She hurriedly went to Qi Chimu’s side, a little bell on her waist ringing at every step.

Qi Chimu looked at her coldly. After his rebirth, he knew he had to silently endure in order to succeed in the end.

Maybe it was because his body was in an awful state, and his mind was not clear, but seeing Bai Weiwei, old hatred added to new hatred.

He even lost his cool-headed mind and lost his intention to act as if he was fawning over her.

Bai Weiwei forced a smile. Her face was pale, with plump, bright red lips, glossy with moisture.

Even her forced smile was extremely beautiful. 

Qi Chimu was even more alert. 

He stubbornly supported himself as he watched her.

He didn’t know what vicious thoughts she might have.

But he saw her extend a white, soft finger, and hold her handkerchief as she approached him, then gently wipe the sweat on his forehead. 

Her movements were gentle, and with her movements, the girl’s orchid fragrance wafted to his nose.

Qi Chimu didn’t dare to move even more, doubt flashing by in his eyes.

Bai Weiwei didn’t wait for him to say anything. She had already turned around and asked the maid outside to call for the doctor.

Qi Chimu glanced at her. 

Bai Wei Wei’s smile remained the same. Seeing his appearance, she pretended to say, “You’re so sick, seeing you like this makes my heart ache.”

Qi Chimu: “…”

Afterwards, Bai Wei Wei didn’t care about Qi Chimu’s thoughts.

She let people come in at once and lift Qi Chimu to his bed.

Then, Bai Weiwei turned around and her expression changed.

“How can one live in such a messy place, even more without a charcoal stove? Do you want people to freeze to death?”

The maids stood up at once. 

Bai Weiwei snorted coldly. She couldn’t help but use the handkerchief to cover her nose. But then she thought of something and quickly moved the handkerchief away.

The action was filled with disgust. 

Qi Chimu was lying on the bed. When he saw this movement, he felt relieved.

That handkerchief was used to wipe his forehead.  If she didn’t feel disgusted, then she had to be a ghost.

After experiencing rebirth, Qi Chimu started to revere supernatural things.

What was Bai Weiwei’s purpose?

That stupid appearance was the same as before, but she specially came here to be good to him?

The place was already tidy by the time the doctor arrived.

Qi Chimu had already been tossed about to such a miserable state. After downing one bowl of medicine, his body became sluggish. 

Then he closed his eyes, unable to keep awake. 

Bai Weiwei saw that he was asleep and had everyone leave.

Then she began to wipe his sweat and change the cold compress.

Her movements were clumsy, grumbling as she wiped, “You cannot die, you hear me?”

Qi Chimu was muddleheaded, but he could always feel Bai Weiwei at his side.

She wiped his sweat?

Qi Chimu’s suspicion became stronger and stronger. 

In this world, Bai Weiwei was the person who wanted him to die the most. 

How could she be taking care of him?

His thoughts were blurry, and he frowned in pain. 

His body felt as though doused in fire and ice.

A hand gently touched his face.

The temperature of the fingers was so soft and warm.

As the rim of his eyes was frail and hot, unable to bear with it, he yearned for that warmth that didn’t belong to him more than ever.

1: smooth path to the underworld.

Nigaria’s corner: really, there’s so much description and thought process in between dialogue that I get lost and forget what they were even saying while I translate. Like, Qi Chi Mu asks her something and she doesn’t answer till 20 lines later (which is a considerably long time after for me)… Hehe I started with this arc on October 2019,  I wonder when will it finally come to light x)

Piper: Well I guess late Aug 2021, but you did skip a lot of arcs to start on this one XD Also I noticed that MGCH was weekly rank 65! Like that is a new low, congratulations everyone! You are all awesome!


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