MGCH Chapter 1017

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The Reborn Young Master’s Pampered Cousin (15)

He pressed his lips together, not saying a word. The lightness in his heart due to his plan’s success grew heavy.

It was supposed to be revenge, and the revenge was a success.

Shouldn’t he be happy?

Bai shi saw that Qi Chimu was here and instantly grew furious.

“Did you bring Weiwei here? Someone some, bring the family law1.”

Bai Weiwei felt that it was time for her to come out and scoop up some favorability. She was just about to cry out ‘Don’t hit, it was all my doing, it has nothing to do with him.’

But the words didn’t even come out when the notification for the side task appeared.

【Please flog the male lead 20 times within a quarter of an hour. Otherwise, bark bark bark…】

Bark, you’re whole family’s a bark ah!

She protested to the system. “Isn’t it repeating the bullying of the previous life? There was nothing like this in the previous life, let alone hitting people?”

Although she’d bullied people with a rattan whip, this sort of situation hadn’t happened.

System: “Because things are developing differently, you may lose the opportunity to flog the male lead in the future. So the side task will change, but the bullying of the male lead will not.”

Bai Weiwei: This side task doesn’t let people exploit loopholes.

Qi Chimu was quickly dragged out to kneel in the snow.

The family law was a rattan whip. Tough and rigid, and smeared with tung oil.

With one fell of the whip, the skin would break open.

Bai shi ground her teeth. “Beat them. Ten lashes for the lowly seed of the Qi family, five lashes for that disappointment2.”

With bad health, ten lashes could take one’s life.

Bai shi wanted to use the family law to kill Qi Chimu.

Qi Chimu frowned. He didn’t expect this woman to be this vicious.

Bai Weiwei anxiously came forward. “Wait, Mother.”

Bai shi sneered. “Don’t beg for mercy for him.”

Bai Weiwei aggrievedly tugged her mother’s hand. “You don’t love me, Mother. This matter isn’t my fault. It’s all because biao ge let me go out, and then we ran into them. So ten lashes isn’t enough. Give him at least twenty lashes so I can vent my anger.”

Qi Chimu raised his head, the iciness in his eyes as he looked at Bai Weiwei practically turning into knives.

But Bai Weiwei didn’t have a shred of consideration for him.

Bai shi promptly nodded. “Twenty lashes it is.”

Bai Weiwie: “I’ll do it myself.”

Saying this, she took the rattan whip, came behind Qi Chimu, and swung it down.

Qi Chimu hated bleeding. But when the whip fell upon him, it was light and painless.

He frowned. The second lash fell once again.

It didn’t hurt.

When the frightening whipping technique reached his body, there was only a speck of strength.

It was deliberately constrained, without the slightest feeling of being punished.

Qi Chimu hesitated for a moment before turning around.

He saw Bai Weiwei’s face grow taut. Then, she gave him a wink and muttered in a low voice.

“Make a sound ah.”

If this guy didn’t cry out in pain, the cat would soon be out of the bag.

Qi Chimu gave her a blank stare before turning back around, pondering something unknown.

Bai Weiwei grew anxious, and she unconsciously added strength to the whip.

Sure enough, when the whip came down, Qi Chimu let out a groan of pain.

Bai Weiwei immediately reduced her strength.

Qi Chimu’s expression grew complicated. With this kind of lashing, let alone twenty whips, even a hundred whips wouldn’t be able to break the flesh.

She was helping him?

Qi Chimu couldn’t explain his mood.

Even if he knew that Bai Weiwei’s change or character was fishy, this was the first time during a bullying that someone lightened the blow of the whip in order to protect him.

Even this bit of kindness made him feel a bit of guilt towards her.

【Ding, male lead: -35.】

After the whipping, Qi Chimu lay on the ground. Although he wasn’t badly injured, he still had to play the part.

Bai shi contentedly led Bai Weiwei away.

This allowed Qi Chimu to lie down.

Bai Zhiming was also carried away.

After a while, he heard the sound of Bai Weiwei’s voice. “Hurry up, has the doctor been invited?”

Qi Chimu sucked in a breath. Then–not even he knew why–he relaxed.

Only then did he realize the reason why he had continued to lay down despite clearly being able to get up.

He was waiting for her?

Qi Chimu’s vision was a blur. He was taken away, and soon the doctor came to treat him.

He dizzily raised his gaze and saw Bai Weiwei standing beside him.

“You can’t die, understand?”

Why would she care about his life and death?

Qi Chimu wondered, puzzled, but he had an unrealistic thought.

Was this, what it felt like to have someone worry for you?

【Ding, male lead: -30.】

1: 家法: a stick used for punishing children and servants.

2: Referring to Bai Zhiming here.


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