MGCH Chapter 1018

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The Reborn Young Master’s Pampered Cousin (16)

Qi Chimu had just escaped the clutches of death and was less resistant to Bai Weiwei’s approach.

The next time he opened eyes after receiving the whip lashes, he saw Bai Weiwei laying on the bedside, watching him anxiously.

The young girl was clearly already a maden, but her face still displayed the mellow tenderness of childhood.

Qi Chimu’s dark eyes that scrutinized her carried the utmost indifference.

Of course, this kind of scrutiny only flashed past.

Soon, his eyes were layered in a false appearance of gentleness.

Bai Weiwei held out a bowl of ginger soup, speaking in a hushed voice. “Drink some ba.”

Qi Chimu was not so stupid to ask, ‘why are you so good to me?’

He was still looking for an opportunity to obtain his mother’s hairpin from Bai Weiwei.

His last life, he had obtained the hairpin by complete accident.

There was no one who knew the secret of that hairpin.

So he couldn’t show any particular attention to that hairpin right now.

He accepted the ginger soup, saying softly, “I’ve troubled biao mei.”

Bai Weiwei gave a smile that was not a smile. “If you know I’m good to you, then remember to be grateful.”

Qi Chimu curled his lips, pressing down the touch of ridicule in his slight smile.

After drinking the ginger soup, Qi Chimu lay on the bed to rest.

Upon his rebirth, his living conditions had drastically improved.

Yet there wasn’t a trace of relaxation in his heart.

He looked toward the bedside, where Bai Weiwei sat.

Her snow-white wrist peeked out from her sleeves as she copied books with an ink brush.

There was an incense stove beside her. The orchid scent on her body, on top of the incense, was enough to suffocate him.

Qi Chimu felt that the cozy room was full of the fragrance.

He didn’t like it.

But for some reason, he squinted, turned his face to the side, and just sized up Bai Weiwei.

At times frowning, and at other times biting her lip, her expression always changing.

Each and every movement was casual and informal.

Indifferent to spilling the ink and making a mess of his books.

Why did such a person, who grew up on wealth and had a childish and vicious disposition, show him different attitudes in his two lives?

Before Qi Chimu realized it, his eyes practically followed after Bai Weiwei.

Without a trace a warmth, dark and gloomy, carrying a vigilant aggression.

Like a beast lurking in the dark, quietly observing its prey.

The system felt uncomfortable from Qi Chimu’s gaze. It said to Bai Weiwei, “It’s been a few days, but there’s no progress.”

Bai Weiwei was very patient. “It’s a year and a half anyways. We can take it slow.”

System: “Too slow, I’m worried we’ll be overpowered by dogs.”

Bai Weiwei: “…”

The system just couldn’t get over the dog, could it. Couldn’t go three sentences without mentioning dogs.

She stood up helplessly. “Fine ba, we’ll have a little accident of passion.”

Regarding the capture target this time, she really had no options. After all, thanks to the deranged side task, her path to pretending to be a holy saint white lotus rescuing the male lead was blocked.

Bai Weiwei picked up her ghost script, a hint of excitement on her face.

She got up and hurried over. “Biao ge, what do you think of my transcribing?”

Qi Chimu hadn’t yet responded when Bai Weiwei’s foot twisted, and her entire body fell forward.

Straight onto the bed, pressing him beneath her body.

Capture strategy number one, fall forward on flat ground.

Qi Chimu’s face immediately darkened, no longer able to hide the maliciousness in his eyes. He watched her balefully.

Bai Weiwei’s soft and boneless body embraced Qi Chimu.

Her body was soft, her warm breaths brushing along his jaw. The orchid scent wrapped around him, leaving him no way to escape.

Qi Chimu shuddered, and he let out a groan. “Bai Weiwei, get up.”


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