MGCH Chapter 1020

Translator: Cheese

The Reborn Young Master’s Pampered Cousin (18)

Bai Weiwei sat on the bed, next to the quilt he had covered himself with.

It felt as though her body was filled with the scent he had left behind.

This sort of feeling left him feeling flustered and unfamiliar.

He was even more nervous than when he was taking the imperial examination or fighting the crown prince.

Bai Weiwei finally reacted. Her eyes flickered with panic, and her face turned pale.

She hurriedly reached up to grip her neckline, her eyes containing none of those false affections or warmth, only anger.

But this anger, along with the disheveled clothes and soft and cute stare, only managed to look pitiful.

Bai Weiwei gritted her teeth and got off the bed. She glared fiercely at Qi Chimu.

“How dare you tear my clothes, Qi Chimu.”

It was the first time that Qi Chimu was being yelled at by Bai Weiwei and didn’t feel anger, but instead guilt.

He took a few steps back, just about to explain himself.

But he found that Bai Weiwei wasn’t even listening to him and simply left.

Qi Chimu didn’t know whether he was relieved or flustered as he just watched her nervously hurry ahead.

As a result, just as she passed by him,

she stepped on the hem of her skirt,

and fell. Again.

Capture strategy number 4, fall–it’s the ultimate capture strategy.

System: “…”

Qi Chimu: “…”

Bai Weiwei fell straight into Qi Chimu’s arms.

Her face was blank, seemingly not knowing why she fell again.

Qi Chimu, who had felt it was too much of a coincidence, saw her expression, and the doubt in his heart disappeared.

He hugged her body. The assault of her soft, fragrant body, like a plump little dumpling, simply left him dazed.

How could someone fall so many times in such a short period of time?

Was the ground shaking?

The corners of Bai Weiwei’s eyes flushed red, finally becoming a furious grievance.

She pushed Qi Chimu away, as though she wanted to leave on her own.

Qi Chimu didn’t know what his brain was thinking. Afraid that she would fall at any moment, he promptly reached out and carried her in his arms.

This hold nearly sprained his waist.

His body was too weak, and on top of that, the whip lashes on his body were not shallow.

It was almost his turn to fall.

For his dignity as a man, Qi Chimu gritted his teeth and carried her as he went out.

When they arrived outside the doors, he put her down and said with a cold face, “It’s late. Biao mei should head back.”

After speaking, he straightened his back and entered the doors.

Then he immediately shut the door, dragged over a chair, and blocked the door.

For fear that Bai Weiwei would fall back inside again.

Then Qi Chimu held his waist, grinding his teeth. “Really heavy.”

When he’d picked her up, he’d realized that he was too weak and almost couldn’t carry her. It was too humiliating.

He went to bed with weak limbs. Just as he was about to rest,

when he closed his eyes, he discovered that the bed was full of the fragrance of orchids.

Qi Chimu was too exhausted to get up and could only let the orchid scent surround him.

He didn’t know why before his death, when he smelled this fragrance, all he thought of was that cup of tea.

And now, when he closed his eyes, it was the white stretch of skin below the collar.

As he thought and thought, he felt his body even grow a bit hot.

Qi Chimu’s expression changed. He was an adult who had experienced two lives. How could he not understand the changes in his body?

What was this?

Qi Chimu blankly felt the fire burning below his abdomen.

He had those kinds of feelings… for Bai Weiwei?

Qi Chimu hurriedly pulled off the quilt and covered his face, trying to calm himself down.

As a result, the quilt was filled with Bai Weiwei’s scent. The smothering scent made his entire body tremble.

Those erotic images from earlier came to mind once again.

For the first time, Qi Chimu hated his exceptional memory.

Cheese: imagine going through puberty twice! Twice the angst and twice the pain


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