MGCH Chapter 1022

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The Reborn Young Master’s Pampered Cousin (20)

The two slowly stepped onto the ice, walking and walking.

Qi Chimu suddenly pulled Bai Weiwei’s hand. “This way, the ice over there is thin.”

Bai Weiwei nodded. Suddenly, she asked seemingly casually, “Biao ge, do you remember what happened when you were a child?”

Qi Chimu briefly fell silent. “I don’t remember much.”

Bai Weiwei immediately looked at him agitatedly, seeming a bit nervous. Then you, do you remember what your parents gave you?”

Qi Chimu’s heart sank even as he spoke without a change in tone or expression, “What they gave me? That’s, I can’t remember some of it.”

Bai Weiwei’s gaze was furtive. “It was, it was some sort of map ah, or some other paper.”


Qi Chimu’s pupils constricted.

She knew. She knew his parents had left behind a huge inheritance for him.

This wealth must be kept secret.

Qi Chimu knew very well that he would have a clear path in the future.

It was all because the third prince rose to the throne, supporting and trusting him.

He and the third prince had a monarch-subject relationship, and they were also close friends who shared the same ideals.

In this life, he was full of ambition, and his philosophies on governance were unusual, many of them unorthodox.

But the person who could allow him to achieve those goals was not the crown prince, nor the current emperor.

Only the prince he had chosen could understand him.

And that wealth was the funds for the beginnings of his plans, as well as a crucial part of the toppling of the crown prince and the third prince’s rise to the throne.

Therefore, this wealth could not be discovered by anyone.

Only then would they be able to take everyone by storm.

Qi Chimu lifted his gaze and watched her racking her brains, as though looking for a topic of conversation.

His eyes were deep and cold, like blades of ice, full of killing intent.

Then he thought–this entire time, she had been kind to him because she had discovered his wealth.

She only approached him to fawn on him.

Qi Chimu thought of this, and all the kindness and warmth he had received this whole time,

all of it was eroded bit by bit by the chill.

The anger hit without warning. He panted, suppressing the burning rage in his chest.

He strove to make his voice gentle. “You said a blueprint? There seemed to be something like that. Let me think.”

Bai Weiwei’s eyes lit up. “Really? Really? Think quickly ah.”

The fire in Qi Chimu’s chest was not scorching hot, but rather freezing cold.

The chill seeped into his bones,

making his entire body tremble.

As someone who had lived two lives, he actually expected gentleness from a viper.

How incredibly stupid.

He had clearly known at the start that this woman standing before him had a black heart, yet he still craved that bit of companionship she brought.

The corners of Qi Chimu’s lips barely curled up into an icy smile.

Biao mei, the reason you were so good to me during this time, was it all because you wanted my blueprint?”

Guilt flickered through Bai Weiwei’s eyes. “That’s not it. What are you thinking? I was just mentioning it, that’s all.”

What more did Qi Chimu not understand?

He lowered his gaze, his tone light and gentle. “There actually is such a blueprint, but I don’t know what it’s for. If you want it, I’ll go find it for you.”

He paused, his voice concealing boundless malice.

“After all, you are my favorite biao mei.”

Bai Weiwei didn’t hear any of the venom in his words. Her eyes were bright, her expression delighted.

“You’re so kind. In the future I will treat you well and not bully you.”

Qi Chimu’s tone was light. “There won’t be a future.”

Saying this, the ice under his feet cracked.

He had led her to a place where the ice was thin. Then, with a single stomp of his foot, the ice cracked apart.

Bai Weiwei was momentarily stunned, a flash of panic on her face.

Then she looked up, only to find Qi Chimu was already standing where the ice was thick.

The beneath her feet splintered, and her entire body plunged straight down.

Ice water washed over her head, pulling her down.

Qi Chimu watched expressionlessly, his eyes incomparably grim.

He had never forgotten the shame and humiliation the Bai family had inflicted on him.

Bai Weiwei was one of his targets of revenge.

Consider it over with this death.

Qi Chimu sneered. Just as he was about to turn and walk away, an ice-cold hand grabbed a corner of his robe.

He frowned and immediately looked back.

He saw Bai Weiwei struggling, her entire body trembling, looking at him pitifully with a ghastly pale face.

Her eyes, wet with ice water, looked even more penetrating. She said in pitiful fear, “Biao ge, save me.”

Her voice was so weak that those who heard it would find it unbearable.

Qi Chimu stared at her, unmoved. Suddenly, he revealed a smile. He bent down, and pried her fingers away one by one.

“Okay, gege will save you now.”

Saying this, he forcefully pulled her fingers off and pushed her away.

Bai Weiwei was shoved into the water.

Qi Chimu stood up, watching her body slowly sink in the icy waters.

After standing there for a moment, he forced himself to turn around. His footsteps were somewhat unstable as he walked forward.

They deserved to die.

Everyone in the Bai family deserved to die.

So if she died, he wouldn’t find it a pity.


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