MGCH Chapter 1046

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The Reborn Young Master’s Pampered Cousin (44)

The sounds of pounding hooves pierced the dark night.

Trampled lanterns lay everywhere throughout the city.

Finished with their plundering, the team of bandits quickly exited the city. Jostled on horseback, both Bai Weiwei and Qi Chimu had an ‘ate (….)’ expression on their faces.

At the foot of the bandits’ mountain was an inn1 for resting.

There was also a stable for the horses.

The bandits happily pooled together their money on the table and shouted for drinks.

The business was one of their own, and it immediately brought over good wine and good food.

The women were pushed into the room… along with Qi Chimu.

Amongst the sobbing women, Qi Chimu was particularly conspicuous.

The plan he had been concocting for such a long time caused him to suffer misfortune along with Bai Weiwei, all because he looked like a woman.

Right, what about Bai Weiwei?

Qi Chimu belatedly observed his surroundings.

He immediately went to search among the crying women and found Bai Weiwei leaning against the wall in the corner of the room, her head tilted towards the wall and her face pale.

Qi Chimu icily stared at her.

He discovered that she seemed to be in pain. She had never ridden a horse before, and on her first time she had been pressed onto horseback; the intense jostling could indeed be quite painful.

Qi Chimu heard the shouts and yells of the group of bandits outside, eating and drinking happily.

The frost between his brows grew even colder.

If he weren’t lacking in physical strength, he wouldn’t have been kidnapped like this.

When he thought of how that bandit had treated him as a woman, his face grew even darker.

The place where the bandit had touched him felt as though it was crawling with thousands of ants, and he couldn’t help but pat his clothes.

Qi Chimu shot another glance at Bai Weiwei.

He found that there was sweat on her forehead, and she looked even more uncomfortable than before.

Qi Chimu hesitated for a moment before standing up. He skirted the group of crying women and walked to her.

He stretched out a hand to touch her forehead.

Just has his hand touched her forehead–

–it was fiercely slapped away. Bai Weiwei snapped her eyes open, then found that it was Qi Chimu.

But she didn’t give a sigh of relief. Instead, she grew even more frightened.

“Qi Chimu, do you hate me that much?”

This sentence was brimming with incredulous anger.

As well as a few traces of fragile disbelief.

Qi Chimu drew his fingers back, his eyes suppressing some kind of intense emotion. For a long time, he only sneered.

“Hating you is too much work. Loathing you is enough.”

A grace of grief flashed through Bai Weiwei’s gaze, and her eyes immediately went red.

Tears seemed to be about to fall.

But she insisted on keeping them back, seeming to hold on to her last bit of dignity.

Qi Chimu’s breath stopped. He finally lowered his head, but his words still did not show her mercy.

“You’d better not cry. The more you cry, the more interested those bandits will be.”

This sentence seemed like a threat.

But Qi Chimu recalled her fragile crying expression, those clean and pure eyes, those crystalline tears that aroused one’s sadistic interests.

All men’s desires were the same.

If he was excited after seeing her crying, then other men…

Qi Chimu didn’t know why, when he thought this, his anger surged.

It seemed he didn’t want to let other people see Bai Weiwei’s crying appearance.

In particular because her crying appearance was so seductive.

No, not just her crying; all her expressions were seductive.

She clearly had an innocent and lovable round face, but she had a titillating temperament and a vicious heart.

How could a woman grow up to be like this.

When Bai Weiwei heard his words, she gritted her teeth, glaring at him fiercely.

She didn’t cry, but she was roused by hatred. “I won’t let you go. You’ve also been caught, and neither of us can run away. I said that I would drag you down to hell with me.”

1: 黑店: an inn (or any business, really) engaged in crimes, or one run by robbers or thieves.


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