MGCH Chapter 1047

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The Reborn Young Master’s Pampered Cousin (45)

Qi Chimu couldn’t help saying, “Not letting me go in life, wanting to be together in death. Those who don’t know might think that you have deep affection for me.”

Bai Weiwei’s pale face immediately flushed red in shame and anger. “You shut your mouth. Who would like you? Even if you guessed one hundred lantern riddles correctly, the way you make people disgusted is the same.”

When Qi Chimu recalled how she had been standing in the crowd, staring at him blankly, while he answered the lantern riddles.

It wasn’t that he was narcissistic.

That gaze was indeed warm and adoring.

Qi Chimu gave her a profound look and found that the tips of her ears were red.

Suddenly, he tore his gaze away, unhappy with himself for investing too much energy on Bai Weiwei.

Qi Chimu approached the door and listened to the movement outside. He lightly tapped on the door panel with his fingers.

Then he silently calculated in his heart and recalled all the things he had seen just before being locked in here.

Qi Chimu sneered. He turned around and went to Bai Weiwei’s side.

Bai Weiwei watched him vigilantly, her black eyes glittering. She was like a stubborn little animal, itching to unsheath her claws and scratch him.

Qi Chimu said softly, “I need to borrow something.”

Bai Weiwei looked at him in distrust. “Not lending.”

But Qi Chimu suddenly pulled her into his arms. One hand snaked under her arm, wrapping around her waist, and pressed her soft body into his arms.

It was an act of confinement.

Then he gently pulled a hairpin from her hair before letting her go.

Bai Weiwei looked at him in both shock and fury.

As though she was going to cry.

Qi Chimu’s heart softened unknowingly. “Stay close to me later. I’ll save your life.”

It was clearly his plan to let her die.

But in the end, he made such a ridiculous promise.

Bai Weiwei snorted, unconvinced. “You not letting me die is good enough. I won’t follow you even if I die.”

Qi Chimu’s rare act of goodwill was ruthlessly shot down.

His eyes were piercing cold. “Do as you like.”

Finished speaking, he approached the door, which was bolted with a large lock. When he pushed the door open, he could see the lock through the gap.

He had not panicked in the slightest, other than that incident when the bandit took him for a woman and pulled him onto his horse.

The rest of the time, his mind was filled with cool-headed plans on how to escape.

Fear was the last thing he needed.

Qi Chimu tentatively inserted the hairpin into the keyhole.

After fiddling for a while, the lock opened.

Then he reached out and gently grabbed the lock, preventing it from falling to the floor and alerting the bandits outside.

After opening the door,

he looked towards the room of crying women, his gaze frighteningly cold.

Then he took a few steps back and pushed the door open so hard it let out a thud.

Then he shouted, “Hurry and escape! The bandits will kill you!”

This shout seemed to trigger everyone’s nerves.

Those weak and submissive1, upon hearing Qi Chimu’s words, looked at the open door, and all of them rushed out at once.

Qi Chimu didn’t leave, but instead waited for a while.

Then he heard the screams of those fleeing women outside the door.

Their piercing shrieks were accompanied by the smell of blood.

The bandits had lost their minds in drunkenness. Seeing this group of women flee, they may not necessarily recapture them.

Instead, it would be more convenient to kill.

Because this group of bandits had no shortage of women.

After snatching and using them, it didn’t matter whether they sold or tossed them, or even killed them.

And while the bandits were chasing after the fleeing women, they wouldn’t bother to come check this room.

Qi Chimu was terrifyingly hard-hearted.

What poetry and etiquette? Justice and honor2 could be learned in a dog’s belly.

1: 主见: one’s own view; having definite opinions.

2: 礼义廉耻: the four social bonds; sense of propriety, justice, integrity, and honor.

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