MGCH Chapter 1048

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The Reborn Young Master’s Pampered Cousin (46)

For him, studying, taking the imperial examination — they were only a means to his survival.

So when he joined hands with the third prince, he didn’t think of himself as a top scorer who deserved to enter the Hanlin Academy1. There was no conflict when he turned to the darkness and became the executioner of the opposing faction’s ministers.

Even if there were some who were wrongly accused, what of it?

He didn’t care at all. He only cared about whether he could live well, that was all.

Qi Chimu knew that it was almost time for him to run. If he ran out now, he had a great chance of succeeding.

He should have gone out without any hesitation.

But for some reason, he looked behind him. Just as he had expected, he saw Bai Weiwei huddled in the corner.

She tightly gripped her knees with her hands, blankly staring at him.

Qi Chimu expressionlessly pressed closer, step by step.

Bai Weiwei recoiled, seeming to instantly react.

The women who rushed out were all used by him as bait.

Such a cruel method, simply the most despicable and ruthless.

Qi Chimu came before Bai Weiwei, and a huge shadow loomed over her.

She bit her lip. Her pale, bloodless face was like a flower bud in the dark. The helplessness of her slender and frail body could arouse the dark, sadistic desires within him.

Bai Weiwei’s trembling pupils reflected his cold, evil expression.

She didn’t even dare to speak, only shrinking back desperately.

It seemed that he was more terrifying than those bandits.

Qi Chimu suddenly felt immense satisfaction. Towards her horror, he became happy.

Because this made him feel that he could easily keep her in his grasp.

Even her trembling appearance looked cute.

【Ding, male lead’s favorability: 20.】

Bai Weiwei shuddered even more violently. “Tongza, why does this guy feel particularly beastly2.”

The favorability shouldn’t be rising like this.

How could there be an increase in favorability in this kind of situation? It was a completely perverted response.

System: “The blackening value is full. It was accumulated over the last life, nothing we can do about it.”

A whole lifetime where nothing good happened.

And just when his life was finally improving a bit,

One cup from the original’s mother, along with the orchid fragrance, sent him off to die.

It was a situation that would make one blacken into a beast.

So Qi Chimu’s lack of moral integrity was nothing unexpected.

Qi Chimu crouched down, and pinched her delicate and fragile neck with ice-cold fingers.

He didn’t use any force, instead softly caressing her skin in a particularly ambiguous manner.

He whispered in a hoarse voice, “Follow me. Be good.”

This one ‘Be good’ had a lingering, sultry tone.

But his gaze was filled with murderous intent.

It was as though if she didn’t follow him, he would throttle her on the spot.

Qi Chimu did indeed have this thought. He thought, rather than letting her be ruined by bandits it would be better to strangle her to death.

In any case, there were bandits to mask his deeds.

This was his second good opportunity to let her die.

The two stood at a standstill for a while before Bai Weiwei nodded her head, as though resigning herself to fate.

Qi Chimu’s fingers stiffened, only for him to realize that he had let out a breath of relief.

When he responded, he felt that his reaction was quite ridiculous.

Just because of her nod, he felt delighted.

Time was short. He immediately grabbed her hand and rushed out.

They sprinted through the door. Outside was a lake of red.

Several of the women who had fled lay there dead, a bloody mess.

Blood flooded the ground.

The bandits had drunk too much and killed without mercy.

For a while, no one paid attention to Bai Weiwei and Qi Chimu, who had come out later.

1: 翰林: an academic and administrative institution formed of the most elite scholars. They performed secretarial and literary tasks for the court.

2: 鬼畜: seems to be a description for cruel things or behavior.


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