MGCH Chapter 1049

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The Reborn Young Master’s Pampered Cousin (47)

Qi Chimu was extremely calm. He already had a rough map of the inn in his mind.

He firmly gripped Bai Weiwei’s wrist, as though afraid she would be separated from him, and quickly headed into the next room.

Bai Weiwei’s complexion was pallid as she stared at him blankly.

“What do you want to do?”

Shouldn’t they be running away right now?

Qi Chimu’s features were stern, his expression cold and cruel.

“Since they dared to grab me, how could I not send them a little gift.”

Some lamp oil had been placed in this room.

And the inn was made from wood. With just a look, he could tell that this wood was highly flammable.

Even with the falling snow, the wood’s dryness was very good.

As long as one room caught fire, essentially the entire inn would not be safe.

Bai Weiwei’s body stiffened.

She had already been pushed out the window.

There was a thick layer of snow outside the window, and she fell without any pain.

She immediately stood up and looked at Qi Chimu through the window–

–and saw him methodically opening all the jars of lamp oil and sprinkling them throughout the entire room.

The bandits outside were still chasing and slaughtering the women.

Yet he seemed unaffected, like he had everything ready to go.

This level of mental fortitude was too terrifying.

Qi Chimu leaped out the window, an oil lamp still in hand.

He shot Bai Weiwei a faint glance, then, without a word, pulled her behind him.

Then he threw the oil lamp into the room without any hesitation.

The fire instantly came to life, becoming an unquenchable flame that burned fiercely.

Qi Chimu saw that the fire was burning and immediately took her hand and ran out.

His next destination was the stables.

They must have a horse to run far.

They arrived at the stables and saw the horses.

Qi Chimu released the reins and tried to pick up Bai Weiwei, but the horse was too tall.

He couldn’t lift her that high.

This physical strength… the scene became extremely embarrassing.

A corner of Qi Chimu’s calm expression cracked. He sneered, “Get on by yourself.”

Bai Weiwei could only awkwardly climb onto the horse.

Qi Chimu followed after her, then with a flick of the reins, the horse galloped away.

From letting others act as the bait for the bandits, to lighting the inn on fire, to finding a horse and fleeing.

It was an intricately linked plan.

The meticulousness was astonishing.

A cold heart, a clever mind, and the ability to do what needed to be done.

These were the ingredients for great things.

It was just a bit worse than her.

The system heard Bai Weiwei muttering these words to herself.

For a moment, it couldn’t eat.

The host’s face was too big, enough to cover its instant noodle bucket1.

Qi Chimu’s actions were big, and some bandits saw him running away.

Some people immediately caught up.

Qi Chimu’s horse-riding skills were not as good as the bandits’. He could only get off the mountain road.

After riding for a long time, Qi Chimu utilized the dangerous terrain to throw off the people chasing them.

Finally, only one bandit was left in hot pursuit.

Bai Weiwei hugged him, her head dizzy. Due to the horse’s sharp turn, her fingers unexpectedly loosened. Her body was about to fall.

Falling off the horse at this speed was undoubtedly fatal.

Qi Chimu, startled, immediately slowed down.

This decision didn’t process in his brain at all. Clearly, it was logical for him to ignore her.

As soon as he slowed down, the bandit caught up.

The bandit stretched out a knife and cut their horse’s leg.

Bai Weiwei and Qi Chimu tumbled to the ground.

Bai Weiwei rolled into the grass.

Finally, she managed to struggle back up, only to see Qi Chimu being pressed down by the bandit.

The bandit was originally going to kill him, but for some reason, his movements slowed, and his gaze grew vacant.

Qi Chimu: “…”

Bai Weiwei looked at his ‘I’m f*cked’ expression.

She finally came to the realization that the Delicate Flower, Precious Jade sticker was too powerful.

1: Another way of saying that Bai Weiwei is being extremely shameless, as usual.


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