MGCH Chapter 1050

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The Reborn Young Master’s Pampered Cousin (48)

The bandit’s eyes were filled with a red light. He felt that Qi Chimu’s face was like delicate flowers and refined jade, practically the world’s number-one beauty.

He held the knife in his hand and pressed it against Qi Chimu’s body. A bearded, bear-like face leaned into kiss Qi Chimu.

Qi Chimu didn’t feel much emotional turbulence even in the face of death.

As a result, this was the first time he came to experience what people called ‘the prickling of one’s scalp.’

Disgust, shame, goosebumps, and fury all burst forth.

He spat, word by word, “If you dare to touch me, I’ll have your family’s three generations perish.”

He was someone who followed through on his words. Digging up graves and corpses, slaughtering children–

He could do it all.

But his seething, murderous gaze, in the eyes of the bandit, seemed like coquetry that gave off pink bubbles.

“Don’t be scared of Daddy defiling you, Daddy will marry you in as his eighteenth concubine.”

Qi Chimu’s cold and stiff expression broke apart.

What the hell was an eighteenth concubine?

He suddenly gave a cold laugh. “You can try.”

The bandit leaned in recklessly, wanting to have a taste, but his instinctive desire to live made him suddenly retreat.

He was an old hand in this team of bandits–he was the leader who organized this raid on the city.

Although Qi Chimu moved swiftly, he was not from a family that practiced martial arts. Before the hairpin in his hand could reach the bandit’s neck, it was fiercely snapped apart.

A shock ran up Qi Chimu’s hand, and he knew he had encountered a tough enemy.

His expression changed, but his movements were not slow. He immediately rolled away, attempting to escape.

But the bandit had already chased after him and kicked him in the abdomen. The pain made Qi Chimu lose his ability to move.

Even if the bandit had been befuddled for a moment, his instinct to kill still appeared at the boundary of life and death.

The knife in his hand swung down towards Qi Chimu without any hesitation.


A large rock struck the back of his head.

The bandit staggered back several steps. He spun around, his head covered in blood and a hideous expression on his face, and saw Bai Weiwei watching him with some fear.

The large bear face was bloody as he fixed his terrifying gaze on Bai Weiwei. He let out a great roar.

Then he rushed towards Bai Weiwei, the knife raised up.

Bai Weiwei: Most people would be smashed by this and get amnesia. This bear is too resistant to smashing ba.

She turned to flee, but her skirt was too long, and it was stepped on by the large bear.

Bai Weiwei tumbled, injuring her knee.

She sucked in a breath. She looked up and saw the knife gleaming with a cold light as it slashed at her head.


A large rock struck the back of the bear’s head once again.

The big bear blankly turned his head and met Qi Chimu’s ruthless gaze. He held a stone in his hand.

Qi Chimu saw that he hadn’t yet fallen and smashed down once more.

The big bear bandit dropped with a loud bang.

Bai Weiwei was in a sorry state, her long skirt torn and her eyes flushed red. Her delicate, thin body curled up on the ground.

She looked so pitiful.

Qi Chimu turned his head to look at her. Pursing his lips and gritting his teeth, he raised the stone up and fiercely smashed it down on the bandit’s body.

This movement was so cruel and brutal that it made one’s hair stand on end as they watched.

Blood splashed his face, and in the darkness, his ferocious expression held the exquisiteness of an evil monster.

Once the bandit was completely brought to an end, he expressionlessly wiped his face with his sleeve.

Bai Weiwei watched him, trembling.

Qi Chimu slowly walked over, like a wild beast stalking its prey.

Bai Weiwei burst into tears. “You, are you going to kill me?”

This savage and cruel face made him look just like a killer addicted to murder ah.

Qi Chimu didn’t say a word. Both of his hands were covered in blood, and the blood stains on his face had not been wiped clean.


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