MGCH Chapter 1056

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The Reborn Young Master’s Pampered Cousin (54)

Qi Chimu suddenly said in a soft voice, “Kill me ba.”

Bai shi, stunned, turned to look at him.

Qi Chimu turned his head towards Bai Weiwei, the deep affection in his eyes unable to be hidden.

He put on a sorrowful and tender expression. “Kill me ba, I wanted to kill Weiwei. I hated that she bullied me. That time in the icy waters, I didn’t want to save her. I wanted to kill her.”


No one believed it. Who would jump into freezing water to save a person if they wanted to kill that person?

Wasn’t this overdoing it?

No matter how vicious her heart was, when Bai shi recalled how Qi Chimu had done his utmost to save Bai Weiwei, she softened.

But why would he place the blame on himself?

When Bai shi saw the unconcealed emotions in Qi Chimu’s eyes, her mind was struck by lightning.

Could it be that Qi Chimu, towards her daughter…

Qi Chimu gazed at Bai Weiwei with deep longing, unable to hide his infatuation.

“I hate her. Last night, I deliberately allowed her to be taken away by bandits, so kill me ba.”

‘I hate her’ was spoken not much differently from ‘I love her.’

Was Bai shi such an easy person to fool?

Yes, she was very easy to fool.

She immediately fell into Qi Chimu’s trap.

“Then how did you appear in the bandit’s hideout and rescue her? Didn’t you hate Weiwei?”

He clearly liked her daughter.

Bai shi was confident she didn’t mistake the emotions in his eyes.

As she thought, Qi Chimu’s expression changed. “I was also captured.”

Bai shi scoffed. “Everyone knows that that group of bandits hasn’t snatched a man in over a decade of trouble. Could it be that you look like a woman?”

Qi Chimu felt as though he’d been stabbed.

He actually didn’t understand either, why those bandits would take him with them.

Bai shi: “Furthermore, you said you wanted to kill my daughter, but you desperately tried to save her. Your statement is full of loopholes.”

Bai Weiwei and the system, having nothing more to do with each other, watched Drama Queen Qi’s one-man show.

Qi Chimu grew anxious. “I plotted to kill her, you must believe me! Kill me! Without me, she is still the pure Weiwei.”

Wasn’t this sentence the same as saying ‘There are no three hundred taels of silver here’1?

When Bai Weiwei heard these words, even she thought she’d been sullied by the bandits and wanted to kill Qi Chimu to silence him.

And Qi Chimu, because he loved her,

would rather let himself die so she could keep her chastity.

What a f*cking moving and dog-blood melodrama.

But this sort of deep sentiment moved Bai shi.

Allowing her to think of another way to keep Bai Weiwei’s chastity.

It should be true that Bai Weiwei had been sullied by bandits. Moreover, because she had been captured by bandits, it was impossible for her to be married out2.

Even killing Qi Chimu was useless.

But if Bai Weiwei was wed to Qi Chimu…

No. Bai shi thought of her son who had died tragically.

Her only son. Hatred surged forth in her heart.

She should still kill Qi Chimu ba.

Just as Bai shi was about to call for people to kill Qi Chimu–

–Bai Weiwei suddenly let out a hiss. “It hurts.”

Bai shi frowned. “What’s the matter?”

Bai Weiwei gritted her teeth. “I hurt my foot last night.”

Saying this, she couldn’t help but lift her skirt.

Qi Chimu immediately seized the opportunity. His complexion changed drastically. “Don’t let people see your knees.”

Bai Weiwei’s movements paused. She blankly lifted her head to look at him.

She wanted to lift the skirt to remind Bai shi that she still had a strip of cloth tied around her knee.

Resulting in Qi Chimu helping her say it out loud.

Now there was no one who could help but look down at her knee.

Bai shi felt that something was wrong. “Sit down.”

Bai Weiwei immediately plopped down with an expression of not knowing where she had gone wrong.

There were only maidservants present, so there was no need to avoid arousing suspicion.

As for Qi Chimu, he was as good as dead.

1: Based on a story of how a villager Zhang San buried 300 taels of silver, but because he was afraid of others finding his money, he wrote “There are no 300 taels of silver here.” Another villager Wang Er saw him and stole the money. In its place, he wrote a note “Wang Er from next door did not steal.”

2: The word for getting married here is specifically for a woman to be married off.


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