MGCH Chapter 1097

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The Reborn Young Master’s Pampered Cousin (95)

His eyes were awash with light, bringing out the heat within.

It was a simple sentence, but humble and sincerely moving.

Bai Weiwei stared at him in a daze. Her bare, white face suddenly took on a faint red. She seemed to be somewhat unable to handle his treatment and didn’t face him.

“What’s the use of you saying this? You’re definitely thinking in your heart how to bully me. I don’t believe it.”

But her tone was not one of aggressively attacking.

Instead, it held traces of unconscious shyness and trepidation.

Like a fluffy little bird, desperately wishing to bury its head and hide.

Qi Chimu saw this appearance of hers and felt his heart brighten. She didn’t lack feelings for him.

He pulled out a white foot towel and wiped her feet clean.

Then, with a tone that was still bland and containing a bit of warmth, “Sweet nothings are indeed too paltry. You and I still have a lifetime and many days to see people’s hearts. Or I can write you a guarantee1, and you can make any demand. If I ever fail you in the future, let me be plagued by illness and live alone and in hardship for a lifetime.”

Bai Weiwei stared at him with bewilderment.

As though thinking he had become a different person.

Qi Chimu didn’t feel in the least that his feelings had changed too quickly.

He had always controlled everything to be within his grasp. His feelings for her had been an unforeseen occurrence.

The weight of his affections had exceeded his expectations.

He was not the sort of person to run away. Once he confirmed he would take responsibility, he would firmly bite down on Bai Weiwei without letting go.

Then treat her well all their lives.

But Bai Weiwei still had a childish temper, an unclear distinction between good and evil, and a constantly wavering nature.

She must be frightened and suspicious due to his feelings.

Qi Chimu didn’t expect her to give a positive response.

As long as he did not let her climb the wall2, he could slowly teach her emotions in the future.

Her body trained by him, her emotions also educated by him.

Qi Chimu stroked her delicate feet, his gaze darkening. He secretly swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Such a good moment to confess, yet he still constrained his desire.

Lest she think he wasn’t sincere.

Suddenly, the soft sound of a response drifted into his ear.

“Okay ah.”

Qi Chimu jerked his head up, his gaze clear and intense.

Bai Weiwei lowered her head, gritting her teeth. “This is what you said. Give me a guarantee. If in the future you fail me, may you be plagued by illness, live alone and in hardship, and be fed to the dogs after death.”

Qi Chimu didn’t respond, only putting on her shoes and socks with careful and gentle movements.

Then he poured out the foot-washing water.

Bai Weiwei frowned, believing that the words he’d said just now were just a joke.

But then Qi Chimu came back, picked her up, and brought her over to the desk and placed her in the chair.

He personally spread open the paper and ground the ink.

“Say it ba. Make your demands. I will do everything I am capable of.”

Bai Weiwei looked at him with some doubt, but her face became redder and redder, and even her eyes grew moist.

She spoke, restraining the excitement and trembling in her voice.

“In the future you can only have one wife. Not allowed to take concubines, not allowed to keep women outside–no, not even looking.”

This request, nine out of ten men could not do.

But Qi Chimu calmly wrote it down, and also deliberately wrote in detail–

No matter which of the 7 grounds for divorce3, including being childless, she could not violate them.

“And you have to be good to me, very very good. You can’t deceive me, harm me, or bully me.”

Qi Chimu wrote that, too.

But he specifically emphasized, “The premise is that it is not to harm you.”

If the truth would hurt her.

Then he would rather deceive her.

Bai Weiwei didn’t think too much of it. She mumbled quietly, “How could it hurt me? Just write it.”

1: The word used here is 条子, which literally is a strip (of paper) or note/memo, but it can also mean an IOU, which is closest(?) in meaning to what Qi Chimu seems to be meaning here.

2: Again, the red apricot leaning over the wall, an idiom for an extramarital affair.

3: 七出哪条罪: based on context, probably the 7 grounds for divorce, reasons that a man could use to lawfully divorce his wife (source). One of them, mentioned here, is being childless.


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  1. I feel that this sentence is going to be fulfilled … “This is what you said. Give me a guarantee. If in the future you fail me, may you be plagued by illness, live alone and in hardship, and be fed to the dogs after death.”
    It looks like a description of the future XD

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