MGCH Chapter 1099

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The Reborn Young Master’s Pampered Cousin (97)

When it came to the craziness of the side task penalty mechanism, Bai Weiwei already lacked the strength to complain.

The system was still eating melon seeds on the side. “What’s wrong, not fierce? Cowgirl and 69?”

Bai Weiwei: “Go read your core values of socialism.”

Qi Chimu did as he said.

He was a filial1 good husband, with a considerate appearance, such that even Bai shi, as vicious and nitpicky as she was, later felt at ease.

Qi Chimu truly was obsessed with her daughter.

He did those things that men disdained doing, personally taking care of all his wife’s affairs.

Such a considerate appearance that, if not for his excellent learning, even with obtaining two top scores and entering the eyes of the Holy One long before being summoned for the palace examination, he would have been cursed by people for being spineless, throwing away his face as a man.

And so Bai shi completely gave up on monitoring Qi Chimu.

With Bai Weiwei, once Qi Chimu really became an official would he still not let the Bai family take as they pleased?

Bai Weiwei blushed as Qi Chimu kneaded her feet and put on her shoes.

“Qi Chimu, people say that you… you’re not like a man.”

In fact, Qi Chimu’s behavior was also abnormal in modern times.

Personally getting involved in and handling clothes and shoes, even jewelry and makeup.

At times, Bai Weiwei would hug the system and shiver.

“Qi Chimu seems to be a control freak. Love isn’t like this.”

His control over her was just short of building a bird cage, breaking her limbs, and making her into a doll to keep by his to dress up and manipulate.

If not for the brightly shining 98 favorability, she wouldn’t have dared to believe this joke of a love.

System: “Love is different for each person. Some people have been healthy since young, with a happy family and properly cultivated three outlooks on life. Naturally, loving someone deeply is to respect and cherish them. Even if you want a second marriage, they will let you go with a smile, suffering lifelong misery by themselves, just so you can be happy.”

Bai Weiwei: “Thinking about it this way, Qi Chimu’s body was crippled, his family was destroyed, his three outlooks are twisted, so his love is indeed… not too proper.”

System: “The male lead is the type who loves deeply, the ‘if you don’t go with me, we will die together’ type, also known as ‘I can’t live without you, I can’t die in peace unless you accompany me.’”

Bai Weiwei: After the analysis, I feel even colder.

After Qi Chimu finished dressing her, he spoke with a calm expression. “You’re so forgetful2. I recently came to the third prince’s side, so there are some people who want to assassinate me. I’m afraid that the people by your side are not reliable, so I’m doing the inspection myself.”

Bai Weiwei retorted hesitantly, “What does that have to do with you putting on my shoes and helping me dress?”

Qi Chimu: “Because other people may poison your shoes and clothes.”

Bai Weiwei: “…”

What a lofty justification.

Did he think she didn’t see the perverted and voracious smile in his eyes while he was putting on her shoes and pinching her feet?

Clearly a perverted control freak.

It was true that Qi Chimu had recently been seen as a thorn in one’s side by the crown prince and the favorite to win, the fifth prince, due to taking the third prince’s side.

Especially his plan that let the emperor once again allow the third prince to return to the center of power and help the third prince do a few things that benefited the country and its people, allowing the third prince’s prestige to rise like a boat in the rising tide3.

And as such, the opposing factions hated him to death.

Since his weak point was Bai Weiwei, other people would start with her.

Qi Chimu was clear in his heart.

Although he had the upper hand in this world and could make many accomplishments earlier in time he also had an additional weakness.

So he could only guard her more carefully.

The third prince was opening a plum blossom banquet and invited his confidants and their family to come together.

Recently, the old emperor was no longer in good health.

He knew that the old emperor could endure until the beginning of spring.

And so he and the third prince formulated in advance a plan to kill the crown prince and fifth prince.

1: 二十四孝: The Twenty-Four Exemplars of Filial Piety, a series of tales that demonstrated Confucian teachings of filial piety. So basically Qi Chimu is acting a perfect, filial son-in-law.

2: 丢三落四: forgetful or empty-headed.

3: 水涨船高: the tide rises, the boat floats/the boat rises with the tide; to develop according to the situation.


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