MGCH Chapter 1149

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The Vampire Prince’s Blood Slave (27)

Bai Weiwei didn’t speak, but her body tensed, and her fingers clenched uncontrollably, as though his instigation had succeeded.

Arthur picked up the candlestick on the table. The candle flame flickered.

He placed the candlestick in her hand. “Light her hair, and she will feel your pain.”

Humans were adept in anger and hatred.

Arthur was extremely pleased to see his little prey become excited over the prospect of a successful revenge.

He would spoil her, spoil her until she couldn’t leave him.

When her blood spoiled in half a year, he would kick her away.

At that time, she would definitely kneel, begging him not to leave.

That image truly excited him.

Suddenly, a scorching heat ruthlessly aimed for his face.

Arthur moved as swiftly as lightning. With a wave of his hand, he fiercely knocked away the candlestick thrusted in his face.

His always indifferent and elegant posture crumbled, and rage drove him to bare his fangs. The tranquility in his eyes shattered under his fury.

Bai Weiwei had unexpectedly pointed the candlestick at him.

Anger twisted his expression in an instant. He tore away the tablecloth, swiping everything to the ground.

Then he pressed her against the table, reaching up to squeeze her face. He looked down at her, his expression icy and cruel.

“I kindly gave you the opportunity to punish a count-rank Blood Kin, and you squander such benevolence1 to attack me?”

A mere human.

Such a lowly identity, how could she continuously rebel against him?

She even disdained his favor.

Although Bai Weiwei was in a wretched state as she was pressed down onto the table, a head of brown curls fanned out in disarray, she was as cold as frost, her gaze filled with disgust.

Arthur suddenly reached up, gently touching the corners of her eyes. Ice-cold fingertips pressed against her eyelids.

His expression froze over. “Don’t look at me like that. I’ll dig out your eyes.”

Although Bai Weiwei was trembling violently, she didn’t succumb to the threat, even giving a sneer. “You hadn’t lost your mind.”

Arthur lowered his eyes, falling silent.

Bai Weiwei’s voice grew fierce. “You were awake at that time. I asked you to stop and you didn’t. Despicable, shameless bastard, wanting to drag in an innocent person to lighten your crime.”

Arthur gave a faint sigh, looking somewhat helpless. “You knew. Indeed, I was awake.”

Bai Weiwei was taken aback, seeming to think he’d admitted it too straightforwardly.

Arthur’s thin lips hooked into a smile. “And so what?.”

He emphasized each word, unconcernedly shameless.

“So what? Even if I ripped you apart and ate you, I will not be guilty.”

In the face of vampires, humans were just prey waiting to be slaughtered, with no freedom to resist.

He allowed her to take revenge only because he wanted to see her fall into corruption, not because Blood Kin were guilty.

He spoke as he leaned over with a light chuckle. He unbuttoned her collar, revealing her white neck.

Then he gently and cruelly lowered his head and bit her neck. Warm blood made him narrow his eyes in pleasure.

Bai Weiwei felt that sooner or later she’d die of blood loss.

She fiercely grabbed his long hair with all her strength.

Although Arthur wasn’t hurt, he could feel the intensity of her extreme anger.

He moved away from her neck, preparing to threaten her into obedience.

But suddenly, she hugged him.

The warm body nearly melting in his arms brought his cold and lifeless body to a boil.

And the next second, her lips touched his neck.

Then, her teeth sank into his neck.

Desperately staking everything, using power that itched to take him down with her.

What a pity that this bit of strength was unable to leave a single mark on him.

Her moist lips and powerless teeth rubbed against him, causing Arthur’s body to tighten, trembling in pleasure.

He reached up and pressed her head down, encasing her completely in his arms.

“Harder. I’ll let you take your time biting.”

She was clearly trembling in fear, but she still tenaciously resisted him.

It was quite…cute.

【Ding! Male lead’s favorability: 5.】

1: 不识好歹: unable to tell good from bad.


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