MGCH Chapter 1224

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The Vampire Prince’s Blood Slave (102)

The fruits looked even more attractive.

Eyeing the strawberry at her fingertips, Bai Weiwei reluctantly collapsed her character settings.

“I’m not full, I can still eat.”

She could eat three more plates.

But Arthur gave a cold snort and swept away the food tray, along with its contents.

The floor was a total mess.

The strawberries were squashed into jam.

Bai Weiwei: “…”

Then Arthur unfeelingly picked her up by the waist.

There was a problem with this posture–that is, his arms were too firm, and when they held her waist, they rested directly on her stomach. And just now, she had eaten too much.


Bai Weiwei was pressed into vomiting.

Arthur’s expression went slack. Then he was furious. She clearly couldn’t eat, yet she still risked her life to eat.

Did she want to ruin herself for those humans?

Bai Weiwei was thrown into the bathtub. Arthur stripped her with a dark expression, wiping her clean with rough movements.

She was completely unable to resist. Just like a kitten, restrained with one hand as she was bathed.

“Say, is the one you like that group of damn rebels, or is it me.”

She said she liked him.

But in such a stifling situation, he hadn’t been the least bit happy.

He had only wanted to strangle her.

But thinking about it now, at least she liked him.

It wasn’t a complete deception.

At least she didn’t use the Kiss of Death1 on him, leading to his crazed counterattack and her failure to escape.

Bai Weiwei’s head was pressed down. Arthur behaved like he was giving a cat or dog a bath and vigorously rubbed a handful of soap bubbles into her hair.

She was going to be rubbed bald.

She didn’t answer him.

Arthur used more strength. He sneered, “There’s one named Lewis. His scent is exactly the same as the one on you. Is he your wild man? Are you planning to give him a baby ah?”

Bai Weiwei finally lifted her head in anger. Her face was flushed from the heat, and her eyes were much clearer and more spirited.

“What ‘wild man,’ do you think everyone is as filthy-minded as you?”

Arthur threw away the soap bar in his hand.

“You were so afraid of death. Now you dare talk back to me? Did that man kiss you like this too?”

He gripped her thin shoulders and fiercely kissed her.

His sharp fangs grazed her lips.

She wanted to move away, but there was no space to retreat in the bathtub. She could only helplessly take his tyrannical kiss.

Arthur bit open the skin on her lips, and the tang of blood seeped out. He gave a shudder and immediately moved away.

He was afraid that he would lose control and put her in an even more dangerous situation.

In front of her, he was still as uncontrollable as a beast.

Bai Weiwei blankly touched her lips. Then she quietly lowered her head.

Her slender, snow-white body curled up in the clear water.

As innocent and weak as a child.

She didn’t cry, but her sorrow made Arthur’s eyes sting.

Those beastly desires in Arthur’s heart vanished. He brought over a large towel and pulled her into his arms.

Then he dressed her in pajamas and carefully blow-dried her hair.

He found such humble maid work to be enjoyable.

She didn’t struggle to leave his embrace, and he actually felt a trace of happiness.

Arthur placed her on the bed. He didn’t speak.

He just quietly held her.

The two of them lay awake, still and quiet.

Finally, Arthur couldn’t repress the discomfort in his heart. Never before had he been so submissive.

“Do you hate vampires that much?”

The word ‘vampire2’ spilled from his lips with unspeakable irony.

Bai Weiwei was silent.

1: The black fluid that was supposed to put Arthur in an eternal sleep, I think.

2: 吸血鬼: again, the word for vampires, but it also means leech or bloodsucker. It was mentioned before that this word is taboo/derogatory in this world.


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