MGCH Chapter 1228

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The Vampire Prince’s Blood Slave (106)

It was a threat.

A blatant threat.

Bai Weiwei’s fingers quivered.

Arthur smiled and softly kissed her fingertips. A cold glint flashed in his eyes.

“So you won’t die, right, Weiwei?”

This sentence was light and ruthless, leaving her no way out.

Bai Weiwei felt the strength he used to grip her fingers grow stronger. There was even a slight, almost imperceptible tremor.

She also held his hand, hesitation surfacing in her eyes.

“Give me some time to think about it.”

Arthur looked disappointed.

Bai Weiwei laughed softly. “This is a life-long event. Of course I have to hesitate. Otherwise, if I’m too hurried, wouldn’t it make you feel like I’m sticking to you?”

Arthur grumbled quietly, “But I want you to. Come over here and stick to me.”

From beginning to end, wasn’t he the one who stuck to her like dog skin plaster?

Bai Weiwei: “Can I still go to school?”

Arthur: “… Can.”

This one word was spoken with extreme reluctance.

It wasn’t easy for the mood to lighten up to this degree. Arthur was unwilling to let her leave or to shatter this fragile relationship.

Bai Weiwei: “Can I see Lewis?”

Arthur: “I’m not even dead yet, and you want to have an affair?”

Bai Weiwei: “I want to discuss the hundred-year plan with him.”

Arthur snorted. “You can discuss it with me. He’ll be rotting away in a hundred years, what’s there to discuss with him.”

Bai Weiwei: “But…”

Arthur coldy interrupted, “No buts, you can’t see him. What are the other requests you have? I’m very busy.”

Bai Weiwei said calmly, “Can I marry you?”

Arthur’s expression froze. He stared at her blankly.

This look of his was much cuter.

Not so fiendish.

Bai Weiwei continued, “After all, if we’re going to be together forever in the future, what should I call you? Just your name? Or call you Grandpa…”

Arthur bared his fangs, his voice cracking in anger. “What damn grandpa, who’s your grandpa?!”

Bai Weiwei tilted her head, looking indescribably cute. “Then gege, or how about…”

She suddenly pecked his lips, her voice containing a smile. “Husband?”

Arthur felt his body boil and scream.

He suddenly embraced her and pressed her into his arms. Huge black wings unfurled from behind him.

He smashed open the window and took flight.

Bai Weiwei, held in his arms, was brought to a white cemetery.

This was the Holy Tomb of the Blood Kin.

Arthur landed gracefully and retracted his wings. Then, holding Bai Weiwei’s hand, he led her to a solemn and cold tombstone.

“This is the resting place of the Blood Kins’ primordial ancestor.”

Blood Kin didn’t die.

But when they lived too long and lost the will to live, they would fall into a deep sleep.

But eternal slumber wasn’t considered death.

The Blood Kin who truly succumbed to death and entered the Holy Tomb was the one who had slept for a thousand years, then suddenly created offspring with their bloodline through the procreation spell circle.

Once the offspring was born, the Blood Kin died.

Arthur carried the bloodline of the primordial ancestor, and he was the only one; there would never be another in the future.

This was also the reason why he held such an aloof position in the empire.

Due to his bloodline being the oldest, in theory, as long as he was old enough, and his strength was sufficient, the power of his bloodline could suppress all Blood Kin.

Arthur suddenly bent down and picked a blood-red rose growing by the primordial ancestor’s tombstone. Its stem was covered in thorns.

Bai Weiwei watched him pick the roses one by one.

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