MGCH Chapter 1233

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The Vampire Prince’s Blood Slave (111)

Bai Weiwei felt like she was caught in a big scheme. It couldn’t be that after the capture mission, she’d be next, right?

She suddenly suspected everything, even the system.

The system, seeming to know the thoughts going on in her mind, immediately burst into tears. “You have no conscience! I’ve done so much. Knowing you’re poor, I can’t bear to take the system rewards and even use them on you. I protect you and reward you, and I carry your soul to the worlds every day. Do you know how fat you are? I’m so tired my arms are breaking, and you actually suspect me? You evil person, I want a divorce.”

Bai Weiwei seized the main point. “System rewards?”

System: “We systems also have labor laws and a minimum wage. Your life value in every world should be split in half with me, but I’ve been giving my share to you.”

Mainly, it was because 30 days was really too little. If it really took it, the host would probably have kicked the bucket.

Bai Weiwei had an unbearable expression. “Then… can I fire you and change to a better system? I can pay a salary.”

Now that she had life value, she could pay a fifteen-day wage.

The system’s heart was smashed to pieces.

It vomited out a mouthful of old blood. “You scumbag, if you dare abandon me, I’ll become a ghost in the middle of the night and hang myself in front of your bed. Every day, I’ll stick out my long tongue to lick your face.”

Bai Weiwei felt chills imagining the scene.

Today was another day of “mutual love and affection” between system and host.

Bai Weiwei couldn’t ask about whether there were any conspiracies.

She was just about to re-examine the doubts in her heart when a violent wind suddenly blew from outside the window.

She looked up and saw black wings squeezing through the window.

The face of a man who seemed both familiar and unfamiliar suddenly appeared in front of her. He bared his teeth.

“Is it you who harmed my sister and put her to eternal sleep?”

Bai Weiwei suddenly remembered–wasn’t this Chanel’s older brother, one of the three princes?

What was he called again…

Cannon Fodder Number 2?

Before she could step back and shout for help, the other party had already grabbed her and leaped out the window. He violently broke through all the magic defenses and successfully kidnapped her.

“Arthur must not know. My side has already supported him. Now, he’s successfully won the votes needed to become leader.”

Cannon Fodder Number 2 sneered.

He was a prince. He could suppress the guards and servants in Arthur’s castle, rendering all the Blood Kin guarding Bai Weiwei unable to respond, and snatch Bai Weiwei.

He flew to a ruined warehouse and shoved Bai Weiwei into a huge, bloody magic circle.

Bai Weiwei tried to stand, but several blood-colored chains appeared within the circle and instantly locked around her hands and feet, imprisoning her in the center of the array.

This Cannon Fodder Number 2 was called Greeve… grieve1?

What the hell kind of name was this? Could you be any lazier with his name?

Greeve leered at Bai Weiwei. “Now, Arthur is in the blood baptism ritual and can’t come out until tomorrow afternoon. It’s no use even if you scream yourself hoarse.”

He thrust out a palm, and a crystal coffin was brought out.

Chanel lay quietly within the coffin.

Greeve said coldly, “I heard that you and Arthur have become husband and wife. Your body has been bound by the magic of the primordial ancestor and bears Arthur’s mark. I’m going to take everything you have to save my sister.”

Bai Weiwei sat within the array with an indifferent expression.

For passerby other than the capture target, she really couldn’t be bothered to make any expression.

She was afraid of inexplicably hooking in a passerby cannon fodder. Dealing with them was so tiring ah.

As a result, she had a wooden face even when facing the villain.

1: Name is 桑辛 (sāng xīn), which sounds similar to 伤心 (shāng xīn), which means to grieve, or to be broken-hearted. Had to deviate from the raws for this to work in eng idk if it worked or not though.

Piper: Sorry for the late chapters, we’ve caught up on our stockpile for this arc, so Cheese and staff had to do some last second binge translating, and I’m helping right now build up some future chapters. But make sure to extra thank Cheese for working so hard!

also I think I brought up the Greeve thing before, was his named not mentioned back then…. Ummm, whelp we kept it as Greeve, I guess, I’ll go back and double check there were no instances of Sang Xin though.


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