MGCH Chapter 1234

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The Vampire Prince’s Blood Slave (113)

Did Greeve think that his words could make Bai Weiwei afraid?

Instead, the other’s gaze was terrifyingly calm, like watching a clown on a tightrope.

Was he not ferocious and frightening enough?

Greece thought that she wasn’t aware of his cruelty and immediately added, “This magic circle will continuously send your blood, soul, and memories, Arthur’s mark, and the rose wreath’s power to my sister.”

Bai Weiwei finally lifted her head.

Greece sneered, thinking she was afraid. “Do you know what that means? Everything that’s yours, including Arthur’s love for you, will become my sister’s. I supported Arthur to his position in order to marry my sister. After taking everything from you, he will definitely fall in love with her.”

Bai Weiwei finally let out a laugh. She really couldn’t hold it back.

Even if Arthur was a chuuni, how could his opponent be even more of one?

Greeve’s expression darkened. “What are you laughing at?”

Bai Weiwei cupped her chin in her hands. Her cat-like eyes suddenly revealed a tender warmth.

Like a sky of falling stars, or a flowing river.

Her smile was inconceivably beautiful, bearing a temperament that came from the depths of her soul.

Even a Blood Kin prince who had seen countless beauties and maidens like Greeve was stunned.

Never before had he seen such a vivid smile.

Then he heard the girl speak, each word conveyed with a smile. “What a big face. This old woman has worked so long and hard to make that bastard Arthur bend his knee and serve me.”

Greeve: “???”

Isn’t she a weak little flower? How did things suddenly go wrong?

Bai Weiwei leisurely looked up, her gaze piercingly cold.

“I’m unique and perfect, a beautiful girl whose smile could win the Guinness World Record for the World’s Most Beautiful Smile. Who do you think can replace me?”

System: “Hey, enough, enough. If you keep praising yourself, won’t you have to lower your bottom line?”

Bai Weiwei listened to the system’s suggestion and decided to lower her bottom line.

She slowly stood up, crossed her arms over her chest, and cast a critical look at Chanel lying in the crystal coffin.

“Your sister’s face is a 3, her body’s a 2.5. Her temperament is as low as the earth. Even if a fragment of my prosperous beauty was attached to her face, it wouldn’t be able to save her shriveled figure, mung bean eyes1, or rotten heart and mind.”

Greeve glanced doubtfully at his sister.

Was his sister that bad?

Bai Weiwei gave off a chilling atmosphere, and her words were sharp. “Let’s not talk about drawing out my soul, my blood, and my mark or anything; even if you cloned her into an exact copy of me, sorry, but my man won’t give her another look.”

Just as Greeve was about to speak–

Bai Weiwei lifted a hand. “No need to refute. This is the truth. I am me, a firework with no equal.”

The system silently clutched its head. It suddenly felt that it might actually be good to change its host.

It didn’t want to acknowledge that it was following such a low host.

It’s life was so hard ah.

Bai Weiwei coldly eyed Greeve. Arthur was the man she risked her life to capture.

This damn cannon fodder wanted to use a magic circle to snatch the fruits of her labor.

What did stealing Arthur’s love mean? It means that her life value would be gone.

What does no life value mean? It means that she will be a dead woman.

Even giving the system some life value to buy food to eat was flesh from her body.

Other than the system, anyone who robbed her of her life value was her enemy.

Greeve blankly listened to her cursing him and suddenly realized–the hell, why was he listening to her boast?

He came to save his sister.

Greece immediately activated the magic circle, snapping, “It doesn’t matter whether you’re a firework or a firecracker. I must wake my sister today.”

Far away, where the Holy Blood Conference was being held. Arthur abruptly opened his eyes in the midst of the blood baptism ritual.

Silver hair cascaded down his naked body.

A huge blood pool circle slowly circulated. Blood-colored light reflected against his snow-white, refined face, casting an evil charm.

He suddenly felt a pain in his chest, where a rose pattern faintly bloomed.

Was something happening… to Weiwei?

1: 绿豆眼般: super small eyes? Mung beans are super small, google the chinese term for some pictures, if you want too.

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