MGCH Chapter 1235

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The Vampire Prince’s Blood Slave (114)

The enormous spell circle began to activate.

The system immediately activated the life-keeping prop.

“This magic circle is a threat to your life and will strip even your soul. This is not permitted under the scope of the system’s responsibilities. The life-keeping prop can ensure that nothing happens within the next ten minutes.”

Because the magic power came from a special world, the utility of the life-keeping prop changed from one day to ten minutes.

The system was unusually serious. “Weiwei, don’t underestimate this magic circle. Soul magic will damage your soul. Your soul has no protections in place, so a magic attack on the soul might draw it out.”

Just like the miserable situation last time, in the cultivation world1.

Her soul was nearly trapped in that world by the male lead.

Bai Weiwei could feel that she was extremely uncomfortable inside the array.

She muttered to herself, “Can’t you systems protect the host’s soul? Isn’t this the basic minimum?”

If she was the system making her host do a task, the first thing she would protect was the host’s soul.

Because the skin and flesh can be changed, but once the soul was gone, the host was also done for.

Though she didn’t know what benefits the system had in collecting the capture target’s love and forcing her to withdraw after gaining 100 favorability points, if the host failed halfway, and their soul was lost, it must be a money-losing business.

She, a businesswoman, knows this.

It’s impossible for the system to not know.

The system fell silent. It didn’t dare to make a sound.

Bai Weiwei was just complaining. After all, life was earned, and complaining had never been her style.

She observed the array with a frown as the scarlet array lines began to emit a blood-colored light.

It looked terrifying.

Greeve stood coldly outside the spell circle, watching her.

“Don’t think that Arthur will come save you. He is now receiving the Blood Kins’ oldest, most powerful binding spell, the final test to become leader.”

The malice in the corners of his lips grew more obvious.

“He won’t be able to leave the array until tomorrow afternoon. No Blood Kin can break free from that blood array’s shackles. So just obediently become my sister’s nourishment.”

Bai Weiwei watched as those terrifying blood-red lines began to spread to her feet.

But thanks to the life-keeping prop, they couldn’t enter her body even after a long time.

She checked her life value and decided to tell the system to buy a life-saving prop.

She was usually stingy, but at the critical moment to save her life, she should be willing to spend what’s necessary.

“Scum system, does your supermarket have anything to help me get rid of this thing?”

The system rummaged through. “There are, but they’re too expensive. Otherwise, I can buy you a Brainless Halo? The one you used on your senior sect brother in the cultivation world?”

Once the villain’s IQ dropped, she would have a greater chance of surviving.

Bai Weiwei struggled to remember. Cultivation world? It’s been too long, and because of the system, her memory was even more blurred.

She couldn’t remember the cannon fodder from that world at all.

The Brainless Halo didn’t sound reliable.

She suddenly felt a sharp pain in her ankle.

The crimson blood lines turned into sharp vines that twisted around her feet.

It was a soul-rending sort of pain.

Her gaze trembled. Just as she was about to agree to the system’s suggestion, her pupils suddenly shrank, seeming to sense something.

At the same time, the system announced, “The male lead’s here.”

A terrible screech came from the warehouse roof.

The terrifying sound of the tin roof being sliced through by a sharp weapon sent a chill down one’s back, disturbing one’s mind.

1: For those who don’t remember, this is the cultivation world with the blackened disciple (Arc 5, chapters 424-502). The ML, Ning Yishu, nearly trapped Bai Weiwei’s soul in the world through the use of a soul-binding array.


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