MGCH Chapter 1236

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The Vampire Prince’s Blood Slave (115)

Bai Weiwei immediately tucked away the indifference on her face and dropped down onto the floor.

Her pale face bore a pained expression of forbearance as she lay pitifully curled up.

The system was deeply impressed by its host’s unshakeable professionalism in sticking to her character settings.

Just now, she’d still been spitting verbal attacks.

But as soon as the male lead arrived, she could change her face in 0.001 seconds.

The roof was torn apart. Sunlight poured through the crack as an enormous bat swooped in.

And on that bat’s back, his silver hair fluttering wildly, was that man. Sunlight fell on his cold, refined face, illuminating the killing intent seething in his red eyes.

He saw Bai Weiwei, curled up in the center of the magic circle.

The powerful and domineering blood lines extending from the magic circle were wrapped around her slender and fragile ankles as her blood began to be drained away.

The air was filled with the smell of her blood.

But that incomprehensibly sweet scent caused Arthur to completely lose control.

The blood he couldn’t bear to drink. The person he couldn’t bear to touch–

Was being treated this way.

At this moment, Arthur, who had never lost his composure even in the face of thousands of soldiers, looked like a terrible killing god. Even his expression was hideous.

He raised a hand. Icy, terrifying blades of blood struck down in an overwhelming deluge.

The magic circle began to shudder.

The vines draining Bai Weiwei were sliced and chopped by those blood blades.

Bai Weiwei felt the floor quake, and the vines around her feet vanished.

Just as she raised her gaze, a half-naked man stood in front with his back to her.

Silver hair fell from his broad shoulders, past his beautiful shoulder blades, down to his powerful waist.

Through the hazy curtain of hair, she could even see his tall and slender legs wrapped in trousers.

His voice came from above her head.

“It seems that I’ve slept too long, and you’ve forgotten just now little benevolence I have for this world. No matter, I’ll give you a reminder today.”

Arthur raised a hand, where a complicated magic circle began to form.

The pressure and force it emitted was horrifying.

Though Greeve was a prince rank, he suddenly felt that being the same rank had no use.

Because he was being suppressed.

This was the pressure of a superior bloodline.

The power erupting from Arthur’s body was completely pressing him into the ground.

He could only watch helplessly as his sister’s coffin began to be crushed.


Arthur held no expression on his face. He lowered his blood-red eyes, looking condescendingly down upon him.

“Judgment? There is only one person who can pass judgment on me. None of you are worthy.”

He lifted a hand and crushed Chanel’s slumbering body.

“Since you like this magic circle so much, I’ll gift you one.”

As he spoke, a complicated magic circle began to form beneath Greeve’s feet.

The magic circle Greeve had spent three days constructing took Arthur merely one look to instantly replicate.

The magic circle formed in an instant, but its power was even more terrifying.

It could even trap a prince-level Blood Kin.

Within the red light, Greeve’s blood and flesh began to erode.

Blood Kin had no souls. All their power came from their bloodline.

When the magic circle had completely drained the bloodline from Greeve’s body, all that was left was a shriveled shell.

Arthur watched on unfeelingly, his body blocking Bai Weiwei’s view.

He was unable to suppress the urge to brutally punish others.

But he still did not let her see such a terrifying scene.

With one wave of Arthur’s hand, he instantly crushed the prince-rank bloodline.


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