MGCH Chapter 1237

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The Vampire Prince’s Blood Slave (116)

The warehouse was empty.

All that remained was smashed wreckage.

The cold killing intent flowing within Arthur’s body began to subside.

He slowly turned around, brushing dust from his body. A cruel murderous aura graced his cold features.

Bai Weiwei blankly looked up at him.

Arthur silently observed her for a while. Suddenly, clenching his fingers, he dropped down on one knee.

He was like her most loyal knight, bowing down to his one and only princess.

The sunlight fell upon his lashes, casting a distinct contrast of light and shadow.

He spoke in a hoarse voice. “It’s all my fault, I didn’t protect you well.”

He shouldn’t have been careless and thought that all Blood Kin could be trusted.

When he protected Bai Weiwei, he had prepared sufficiently.

What Bai Weiwei didn’t know was that he had personally asked Moore to protect her.

Because of the three princes, once he entered the blood baptism ceremony, only Greeve could post a threat to Bai Weiwei’s safety.

And due to bloodline suppression, only Moore could restrain Greeve.

But he didn’t expect that from the very start, Moore had planned to let Bai Weiwei die.

And so, he allowed Greeve to get rid of Bai Weiwei.

This was his negligence.

It was the first time that His Highness the Prince, who never apologized for wrongdoing and would even destroy any evidence, had felt such terror, such guillt, such heartache.

Arthur glanced at the marks on her ankles. His lips trembled, and pity and guilt surfaced in his blood-red eyes.

His thin lips lightly parted. “The only one who can pass judgment on me is you, Weiwei.”

His tone could even be called submissive.

Bai Weiwei placed both hands on the ground and struggled to sit up. Her ankles had lost all sensation, causing her to move extremely slowly.

She had no expression, and her complexion was pale.

Suddenly, she stretched out her hands and wrapped them around his neck. She leaned her entire body against his.

Soft hair brushed against his body. She said in a soft voice, “We should go back.”

A simple sentence, but it softly penetrated his body.

The fear and rage from before was completely dissolved.

All that was left in his mind was her soft “we.”

 【Ding! Male lead’s favorability: 97.】

Arthur pressed her head against his chest. He dipped his head, brushing his lips across her earlobe.

“You go back first. I’ll be back to normal tomorrow.”

Before Bai Weiwei could ask any questions, Arthur had already picked her up and placed her on the bat.

He looked up at her, offering her a gentle smile.

Then he patted the bat’s head.

The bat unfolded its wings and took off, carrying Bai Weiwei on its back.

Bai Weiwei perceived that something was off about Arthur.

“What’s wrong with him?”

“He forcibly broke out from an ancient magic circle that surpassed his own strength, interrupting the baptism, and suffered a severe backlash. Now, his bloodline has suffered heavy damage.”

“What are the repercussions?”

The system’s tone was heavy. “For Blood Kin, they will die, unless they’re given a large amount of blood.”

It was true death. Blood Kin who suffered damage to their bloodline would shrivel and die.

Bai Weiwei frowned. She looked back at Arthur, whose figure was growing smaller and smaller.

His expression remained calm and gentle, displaying none of the pain of the backlash.

Bai Weiwei: “You know what? This fellow’s really in need of a beating. Every day, I’ve thought, once his favorability meter is filled, I’ll give him a few slaps to wake him up.”

System: “You can throw down a few now, his favorability meter’s almost full.”

As he was now, the male lead probably couldn’t scold or fight back.

Bai Weiwei: “But just now, he looked pretty cool.”

The system was shocked. The host actually praised another human being!


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