MGCH Chapter 1241

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The Vampire Prince’s Blood Slave (120)

Lewis didn’t expect that the deep hatred they had with the Blood Kin for so long could be overcome by a single girl’s hard efforts.

Negotiation was indeed the best way to save humanity. 

A researcher ran over and said, “Sir Lewis, we don’t have enough holy water here, we need to get more from headquarters.”

Lewis frowned, “How come there isn’t enough?”

The researcher sighed: “There was a shortage of raw materials, and we had to distribute more holy water to the slums this year.”

The holy water was developed by the Anti-Vampire Alliance’s medical team and had a certain effect when attacking vampires.

But it has a more important purpose: to heal a vampire’s venom.

Many humans did not know that vampires had venom other than their aphrodisiac venom.

In some special cases, vampires could also secrete other kinds of venom.

For example, in the First Embrace, the venom would be different.

Also, when injured, their venom becomes highly poisonous.

What’s more scary is that when vampires are cursed and have their bloodline damaged, their venom becomes outright horrifying.

The effect of holy water has some effect on mitigating a normal vampire’s venom.

So they go to the slums to distribute diluted holy water so that more poor humans could survive.

Of course, if it is highly poisonous, the diluted holy water is not very useful.

In the Anti-Vampire Alliance, some precious holy water stock solution will always be stored. Unlike the one circulated outside, this one has a good detoxification effect.

But it’s not easy to make, and once the holy water is in short supply.

Many wounded members also die.

Lewis rubbed his brows and said tiredly, “Everyone has been very tired recently because of the negotiation. I’ll reach out to headquarters tomorrow.” 

There have been fewer attacks from vampires recently.

So the number of injured members did not increase.

The only ones who depended on holy water for treatment were the seriously injured team members who were released by Arthur last time.

The researcher nodded and was about to leave.

Suddenly there was a terrible, high-pitched warning sound blaring in the air.

Vampire attack!

Lewis turned around in surprise, what happened?

Arthur clearly said that during the peace talks, he would suppress the actions of the Blood Kin and prevent them from attacking the Anti-Vampire Alliance.

This violent attack, this terrifying force that instantly destroyed all of the Anti-Vampire Alience’s defenses…

Humanity is facing a prince-level vampire.

There was no chance of winning.

Lewis picked up his weapon and ran out.

The door suddenly ripped off its hinges and smashed to the floor. Lewis saw countless blood blades approaching, his pupils tightened, and he rolled to the ground to avoid it.

In the settled dust, countless spots of light poured in.

A slender figure, looking like a god of death, walked in accompanying a terrible whiff of blood.

Lewis’s eyes were bloodshot, he gritted his teeth and roared, “Arthur, you betrayed our agreement!”

He had been running around for so many days to negotiate for peace, but was this all just Arthur’s joke?

Arthur appeared in front of Lewis in a blink of an eye.

His sharp nails pierced into Lewis’ shoulders, and a pair of blood-colored eyes pierced into him fiercely.

“Where is your holy water stored?”

Only the rebel army has a stock of true holy water.

That diluted holy water circulating outside was useless here.

Only then did Lewis see that in the arms of this furiously mad vampire lay the person he knew best.

Bai Weiwei.

Her face was terrifyingly pale, her eyes were half-closed, she looked half-dead, and she had long since lost that rosy complexion.

Was she poisoned?

Poisoned by a cursed vampire’s venom.

Lewis’ teeth trembled, “How could she be in this condition? Who attacked her?”

She was dying, and he knew all too well what people who were poisoned by vampires looked like.


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