MGCH Chapter 1242

Translator: Piper

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The Vampire Prince’s Blood Slave (121)

Arthur didn’t answer, his nails pierced deeper, and he enunciated every word: “Don’t force me to kill all the humans. Hurry up and take out all the holy water you have here.”

What was the agreement worth?

What were human beings worth?

If she died, these things done to please her would have no meaning at all.

Arthur’s fingers were cold, but the girl in his arms was even colder.

Her body was always so warm, like a little sun.

But now it was freezing cold, leaning against him.

Lewis hardly hesitated, he got up immediately, “Follow me.”

Holy water was stored in a special warehouse.

After Arthur knew the place, he slammed open all the doors without thinking.

Lewis’ face was ugly, this was simply a violent demolition.

“The high-concentration holy water is all stored here.”

Arthur saw the row of glass bottles, “Where’s the bathroom?” 

The venom had entered her internal organs, and high-concentration holy water wouldn’t suffice being drunk directly, so she had to soak in it.

Lewis was very cooperative, and he pointed Arthur to his room.

Arthur took all the holy water.

Then pour it into the bathtub.

He took off Bai Weiwei’s clothes, and only halfway through did he react, raising his hand to fiercely blast Lewis out of the room behind him.

The killing intent on Arthur’s face was replaced by anxious pain.

His hands were shaking violently as he took off her clothes.

Then, the petite, fair-skinned woman was carefully placed into the holy water.

The holy water was quickly blackened.

Not enough…

The venom is too powerful.

The holy water needs to be replaced often.

Bai Weiwei’s face began to look abnormal. It was originally deathly pale, but now her pale face began to turn red.

Gorgeous, flamboyant, and charming.

She barely opened her eyes, just to see that the green bar value dropped again.

Seventy percent…

This side quest was simply too poisonous.

She moved her lips and said laboriously, “Don’t hurt others.”

No matter how many humans Arthur murdered, no amount of holy water could stop her from exploding right now.

It was too ugly of a way to die, she refused.

Arthur saw her face and knew that it was the venom that had invaded her heart.

He showed a murderous smile, “You had better not die, otherwise I will not only hurt others, but in this lifetime, I will become the biggest nightmare of mankind.”

He didn’t care about using threats.

As long as they worked.

As long as… she doesn’t leave him.

Under the man’s murderous expression, a frightened and humbled heart trembled.

Lewis heard something wrong outside the door, “How’s Weiwei?”

He had made an emergency call just now, and asked the headquarters to quickly transfer more holy water.

But the headquarters heard how it was used up here, and they refused to send more.

It was impossible to waste so much holy water for a single human being.

Arthur suddenly appeared outside the door, his eyes were scarlet, and his cold eyebrows were murderous.

“Where is the medical room?”

Lewis knew at once what he was going to try and do.

He grabbed Arthur’s arm tightly, “I won’t let you use the holy water in the infirmary, that’s for life-saving emergencies.”

Arthur raised his hand to grab his neck and lifted him up.

“Help? She dies, and your lives are worthless. Are a group of cheap and lowly bugs capable of talking to me about saving lives?”

To the prince, the lives of all human beings were not worth a single hair of Bai Weiwei’s.

Arthur saw Lewis’ unyielding appearance, and was so irritated that he wanted to strangle his neck.

A sharp pain suddenly burned through his palm.

Arthur let go.

And Lewis fell back quickly, a crystal cross appearing on his neck.


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