MGCH Chapter 1249

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The Vampire Prince’s Blood Slave (127)

In fact, the mission strategy reaching this point was enough.

She could leave without any worries.

That’s what Bai Weiwei thought.

But when this big man was practically curled up in her arms, and his tall body was so fragile and pitiful as he clung to her, Bai Weiwei couldn’t help sighing.

“This is cheating. So miserable, I don’t know how to keep abusing him.”

He turned into a little puppy in just seconds.

He was clearly like a rabid dog in the beginning. How could he make himself look so cute and pitiful?

The system shivered. “You haven’t abused him enough? How else do you want to abuse him?”

It felt that the male lead was already plenty miserable.

Bai Weiwei thought deeply. “Ah, I was thinking, when I reach 100 favorability, we’ll have a splendid barbecue party. Let him lie down outside the door under anesthesia and watch me commit suicide. I have all the reasons for it. I, a human, suddenly become a vampire who only drinks blood. I fall into depression and commit suicide.”

System: “WTF, not only does he have to watch you die, but the reason for your death also falls on his head. You devil.”

Bai Weiwei: “He abused himself.”


Recalling the male lead in the beginning, he really did abuse himself.

Feeling that Arthur was still shaking, hugging her and rubbing against her, Bai Weiwei instantly turned into a worldy (chatty?) old aunt, “Forget it, I won’t be abusive anymore. Let’s prepare to leave smoothly.”

The system nodded. “How will we leave smoothly?”

She was now in Arthur’s arms.

Who was Arthur? The number one in combat abilities in the entire Blood Kin empire.

A bloodline inheritance with all-around explosive stats.

A super powerful creature who could break through the baptism formation without dying and successfully advance to become leader.

As for Bai Weiwei, her limbs were weak, and she was also a waste Blood Kin.

During the most important period for newborns, the intake of blood was insufficient, dooming her to a lifelong frailty (among Blood Kin standards).

While she was being held by Arthur with one hand, let alone burn herself to death, the system surmised that being able to run one meter away without being caught by Arthur would be considered an astonishing explosion of power.


It (she, they) decisively set fire to its suicide plan.

Doesn’t exist.

Bai Weiwei and the system both fell silent.

Can she not die well?

Bai Weiwei racked her brains and finally thought of a way.

She frowned, stroking her throat.

She felt uncomfortable.

Arthur knew at a glance that she was thirsty and pulled open his collar to reveal a slender and fair neck. Faint blue veins appeared under his thin skin, revealing a hint of seductive sexiness.

Blood Kin are able to feed their own kind.

But Blood Kin generally wouldn’t do it, because it is an act of submission and a very dangerous move.

With an abundance of humans and sufficient food sources, many Blood Kin have abandoned the behavior of feeding on the same kind.

Because of the habit of Blood Kin, Bai Weiwei felt a sense of hunger and thirst towards Arthur, whose bloodline was pure and powerful.

She twitched the corners of her mouth, expressing disgust for the impulse to pounce.

Then she suppressed her vampire instincts, turned her head, and complained, “I’m not used to doing this. Just pour me a glass of blood, don’t let me see people.”

Arthur quickly picked up the cup next to him. There was still some leftover blood.

Bai Weiwei immediately frowned, seeming a little disgusted.

“It’s cold.”

This pickiness, so brainless.

The blood has left the human body, how could it not be cold?

But Arthur was even more brainless and released her. “I’ll get you some hot blood, wait a bit.”


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