MSTP Chapter 108

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Extra 5

Rong Ting didn’t have much time to feel sad.

As the crown prince, he was busy, and as the emperor, he was even busier. He was only thirteen this year, but fortunately, his Emperor Father, the Movie Emperor, had planned for this possibility. As early as when he was carrying out his fake death escape plan two years ago, Emperor Father had been slowly paving the way for him. Now, the power was in his hands, and he didn’t need to bend to another’s will like the previous young emperor. He had taken Emperor Father’s place half a year ago and had been in training for a long time, so when the country was handed over to him, there were no internal or external troubles. The breeze was sweet and the rains were abundant; although he was busy, he was excellent in his work.

He had promised Empress Mother to take good care of his eyes and did not read late at night under candlelight. Evening was approaching. He had completed reviewing memorials and finished his meal, so he wanted to take a walk to promote digestion.

The autumn nights had come early, but fortunately the weather was comfortable, and the people were well. His only complaint was that there was no one with whom to hold a conversation.

The only company at the peak was the bitter cold; sitting in the position of emperor and wanting to find a confidant was practically a fool’s dream.

He paced slowly, trying to relax his brain. Walk after dinner, live to ninety-nine. In the modern era, he used to often take walks with Empress Mother. Those times were truly rare, beautiful memories.

He wondered, have Emperor Father and Empress Mother reunited?

Thinking that Empress Mother would seek justice for him and toss Emperor Father about well, he couldn’t resist a snicker.

From his birth to now, thirteen years have passed. In these thirteen years, except for that half a year in the modern era, Emperor Father had always been alone. He had seen Emperor Father sitting blankly in Kunning Palace, and he had seen Emperor Father looking around the plum garden in a trance. Rong Ting thought, compared to his longing for Empress Mother, Emperor Father should miss her much more.

He wouldn’t get involved in the matters between his parents. Whether it was Emperor Father or Empress Mother, both had their difficulties. He could not feel their emotions as though they were his own, so he could only stand in the position of an outsider.

Just as Rong Ting was lost in thought, he passed by the Imperial Garden when he suddenly heard a burst of song.

The singing was melodious, but intermittent, perhaps because it was a distance away. It was no exaggeration to say that Rong Ting, who had spent half a year in the modern era, was unable to appreciate the songs and dances of this era, especially singing… After all, Empress Mother’s car played BabyBus1, children’s songs, and so on. He had also listened to many top hits. In ancient times, he was already at the forefront of fashion. So hearing this song coming from the palace in the evening, Rong Ting only felt goosebumps rising.

Once before, Grandfather had taken him on a trip to the Forbidden City. At that time, they had hired a local tour guide. Grandfather was very interested in strange incidents in the Forbidden City, so he asked the tour guide about them. He and the tour guide were of the same mind, and the two old men began to vividly discuss those rumors without a shred of consideration for the child next to them…

The number of people in the harem had decreased by a fair amount, and a group of palace maids and eunuchs had been released several days ago, so now the palace truly felt a bit empty. Rong Ting recalled what that tour guide had said, and his expression changed.

“Who is it!” Rong Ting was extremely contradictory. On the one hand, he believed that ghosts and gods absolutely did not exist in this world, but on the other hand, the ghost stories he had heard haunted his mind. He couldn’t be cowardly in front of the palace maids and eunuchs, so he could only speak sharply and let the guards investigate!

After a while, the guards brought over a palace maid.

She knelt down with her forehead touching the ground, looking delicate and weak2.

Rong Ting felt cold just looking at her. It was autumn, and although the weather was pleasant, the temperature was a bit low tonight. He wore thicker clothes, but this maid wasn’t wearing much…

He thought of Empress Mother.

At that time, it was winter, and Empress Mother always refused to wear thermal underwear. She always had a compelling reason–wearing thermal underwear would make her legs look thick. There were also many young women on the street with bare legs. Women always had strange ideas and seemed to think that it would look much better.

Could this palace maid also have such an idea?

Rong Ting sighed. It seemed that after turning ten, he had become a sweet pastry. This was not the first time he had encountered such incidents.

“Em, emperor…” The palace maid’s voice grew even softer when she spoke, as though he were the one who had been singing all night without rest, and she was the one who was frightened.

Rong Ting was speechless. “Is this palace your washroom?”

What he wanted to say was, is this palace your KTV? Singing each note so proudly.

The palace maid didn’t know what that meant, but she could hear the emperor’s displeasure, and her body trembled like a sieve.

“Forget it.” Rong Ting didn’t want to deal with a palace maid. He just said to the head eunuch, “Zhen does not like listening to people sing or watching people dance. It’s annoying to listen to and annoying to watch. This time is an exception; do not let there be another.”

The head eunuch nodded in acquiescence.

Presumably after today… there would be a rumor in Great Ye’s court that the emperor hated singing and dancing.

Then what did he like? Even though the head eunuch had stayed by His Majesty’s side for several years now, he couldn’t figure it out.

Rong Ting was the noblest bachelor in Great Ye and an important figure in court. Who out there dared to say that they did not have thoughts about the Empress title? It’s a pity that Empress Rende, His Majesty’s biological mother, has been deceased for many years, and now the harem had no mistress, so there was no justification for the ministers in court to stuff their daughters into the palace on the grounds of visiting the Empress Dowager. Since indirect means could not bring gains, no one bothered to try. It was up to the prime minister to discuss with Rong Ting about his lifelong events.

As an emperor, in addition to doing his job well, shouldn’t he also father an heir for Great Ye?

Rong Ting knew he couldn’t escape this hurdle, so one day he asked the prime minister to stay behind to drink tea. After a round of foreshadowing, Rong Ting took the initiative to speak, without waiting for the prime minister to sound him out. “Zhen knows your thoughts. It is simply that you all feel that there is no one in the harem, and you want zhen to select an empress and concubines. But do you know what a soulmate is?”

Helen laoshi had used his word.

The prime minister naturally didn’t know what he was talking about. He shook his head. “Your Majesty, forgive this minister for his poor knowledge.”

Rong Ting chuckled. “All of you wish for zhen to choose an empress. Though zhen does not know what backgrounds and talents the daughters of the aristocratic families have, zhen thinks they would not be too bad. There must be someone who could be the mother of the country. However, zhen may still be young, but my thoughts differ. Zhen is the emperor of Great Ye, but I am also a person, a living, breathing person. What zhen is looking for is not only an empress, but also a wife. Yesterday after dinner, zhen felt regretful while taking a walk, because there was nobody around zhen with whom to hold a conversation. To have no one who understands zhen and will speak with zhen about life, how lamentable!”

The prime minister was enlightened.

Although he didn’t completely understand the meaning of ‘soulmate,’ if he thought about it, it was a person who could communicate with him and match his rhythm and thoughts.


The prime minister couldn’t help but slander, you are more difficult to serve than your father. This empress must have a strong background, match you in talent and learning, and keep pace with you. Young people admire beautiful girls–if her appearance is not outstanding, I’m afraid you wouldn’t deign to look!

Fine, it seems the emperor had nobody he liked.

Although his heart bubbled with all sorts of complaints, the prime minister had no other option but to answer and say, “This old minister understands.”

In any case, there was a direction to work towards, right?

One night, Song Yuan had a dream. She dreamed that Rong Ting was crying over a stack of memorials piled as high as a small mountain, crying that he was sick and tired. She was startled awake by the dream in the middle of the night. She felt endless distress when she remembered that Gugu was only thirteen when he became emperor. Although she had been a very salted fish3 empress, she could see during her time in the harem that the emperor profession was comparable to a 9964–no, being a diligent emperor was much harder than a 996!

Frankly speaking, if Rong Heng hadn’t also been going back at that time, she would have been worried about Rong Ting returning to ancient times.

If she’d known that Rong Heng would come back so soon, she…

Well, alright, she couldn’t have done anything. It was just that her distress for her son prompted Song Yuan to imagine a pitiful story about Gugu’s life in ancient times, so she treated Rong Heng much more coldly.

For a married woman with a child, her son was definitely more important than her husband. She began searching frantically for extras of the original novel, wanting to know what Gugu’s life in the future was like but the author only wrote two extras. She was like a headless fly–she wanted to know about Gugu’s situation, but she had no way of finding out.

When Rong Heng came to look for her again, he could occasionally catch her rolling her eyes at him, and her tone of voice was sometimes aggressive.

This meant that they still hadn’t reconciled. If they were at the reconciliation stage, he thought, she definitely would not be polite to him…

“I saw a Michelin restaurant with good reviews. Want to go there tonight?”

“When I think about how Gugu might be suffering, I can’t eat.”

“Want to go shopping? Don’t you like shopping for skincare products?”

“When I think about how Gugu might be tired and sick, I don’t want to go.”


Finally, Rong Heng thought of a way. He had inadvertently discovered that she was looking for a certain novel’s extras. That evening, he quickly read through the novel and felt shock at what he’d seen. This book wrote of their experiences in ancient times. Fortunately, he had once transmigrated to modern times and back to ancient times. He quickly calmed down and came up with a brilliant plan: why not let Sun Haiping contact the original author and ask the author to make up a few extras about Rong Ting’s happy life after his enthronement?

As the old father, Rong Heng was not one bit worried about his son. He had personally taught his son. If Rong Ting hadn’t had the ability to secure the throne, he would not have passed the seat to him.

He believed that Rong Ting would do well.

Unfortunately, Song Yuan seemed to worry every day. What remained in her mind was her memory of Rong Ting when he was six years old; she had no idea what a thirteen year old Rong Ting looked like.

The original author had sold the copyrights, and the web drama had been a small hit for a while, so she really wasn’t short of money. Plus, how many authors were still thinking about adding extras to the novel after it was finished? Especially when this novel had been completed for several years by now. And so, the original author refused to write any extras, particularly the kind of extra with a beautiful plot where the male and female lead’s son was happy…

But what Rong Heng wanted done had to be done. Fortunately, the author also wanted proper meals, and nobody ever thought they had too much money in their pockets. After Sun Haiping put forward very lucrative conditions, the author chose to bow to the power of money and diligently began to write extras.

Of course, she was also very curious. Who was this stupidly rich little prince? The money given was so much that she couldn’t control her hand!

Party A’s little prince had many requirements—

“He can’t get married before the age of eighteen, and he can’t brew sauce5.”

“He can’t have a harem, and he can’t be lustful.”

“He can’t get sick.”

“He has to miss the female lead, but the writing has to be well-thought out. It can’t make people feel sad.”


[1] 宝宝巴士: BabyBus Nursery Rhymes

[2] 弱不禁风: too weak to stand up to the wind

[3] 咸鱼: meaning that she did nothing, was lazy, etc.

[4] Working 9 AM to 9 PM, 6 days a week

[5] 酱酱酿酿: literally means brewing sauce, but also a euphemism for 18+ “hot sauce”

[6] 行叭:

Cheese: pardon the radio silence, i am SLOWWWWWWWly making my way through these final few chapters

it’s been so long i forgot how i formatted my chapters…

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