MGCH Chapter 1261

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Reality (8)

Bai Weiwei: “This guy isn’t considered crazy?”

To be able to live like this, so high above the mortal plane1 and cold-hearted, was Ye Yuxuan not sick?

System: “Aren’t you administering treatment for him? For you, he’s changed from a nutjob to a normal man.”

It was natural for normal men to buy some trinkets and trivial things for the girls they like.

Not to mention fried chestnuts.

Even if Bai Weiwei glanced once at the roasted sweet potatoes, Ye Yuxuan would go over and buy them.

Bai Weiwei: “…I still think that he’s not normal.”

Did you not see him swipe a card?

Why are you using a card to buy fried chestnuts!

Sure enough, the vendor silently took back the fried chestnuts he was about to pass over.

“Sir, you can give me cash or scan the QR code.”

Ye Yuxuan glanced at the QR code for payments.

Although he knew what it was and obeyed the vendor’s directions, he wasn’t happy about it. He didn’t use cash very often, and he bought things even less frequently.


He silently turned on his phone and started downloading a mobile payment software.

The vendor silently watched him.

His clothes weren’t bad, but he couldn’t even pay twenty yuan for fried chestnuts.

Don’t pretend to be a boss when you are poor!

Bai Weiwei originally planned to help Ye Yuxuan out, but then she touched her pocket.

It was Ye Yuxuan’s coat pocket, and there was something inside.

She took it out and saw that it was a list of books.

She glanced at it and felt that the world had not only become an illusion, it had also collapsed.

Ye Yuxuan meticulously downloaded the software and calmly linked a bank card with a relatively small deposit of cash.

Then he scanned the QR code.

When the vendor saw that the money had been sent, he handed Ye Yuxuan the chestnuts.

It was eye-opening to see that there were people who still didn’t have a payment software in their mobile phones these days.

The vendor smiled and watched Ye Yuxuan lead Bai Weiwei away.

Then he picked up his mobile phone and saw the 20… 00… 2 million that he had just made being added to the account?

Bai Weiwei looked at the fried chestnuts in his hand.

She couldn’t help but ask, “Do you like eating these?”

Ye Yuxuan: “Don’t you like it? You were looking at it.”

Bai Weiwei just felt that the smell was fragrant, but she had no intention of eating any.

But he did buy them, so she forced herself to eat them.

They walked to a stone bench by the road and sat down, eating chestnuts while sitting side by side.

Ye Yuxuan peeled, and Bai Weiwei ate.

“Is this your first time going out shopping?”

Although his movements were neat and calm, he didn’t have the payment software commonly used by today’s youth installed on his mobile phone.

Ye Yuxuan replied indifferently: “No. It’s just the first time I’ve bought something so cheap.”

It was astonishingly cheap.

Bai Weiwei glanced at the fried chestnuts, she wasn’t an immortal who abstained from mortal food.

“These chestnuts are actually a bit expensive. They’re not cheap.”

Just a few chestnuts cost 20 yuan.

There were cheaper ones you could buy that gave more.

Ye Yuxuan nodded, “Mn, of course, what you eat is more expensive than what others eat.”

Twenty yuan was too little.

He was worried about her eating such cheap food.

So he simply raised the price.

And indeed, he felt much better. That was the amount he regularly spent.

Twenty yuan…

He thought this number was too absurd.

Immortal Who Doesn’t Eat Mortal Food · Ye · Casually Raises The Price ·  Yuxuan was very pleased by his move of raising the price.

After Bai Weiwei finished eating the chestnuts, she suddenly read over the book list with malicious intentions.

“《100,000 Why’s of Love》, 《Lessons on Cultivating Love, From Beginner To Advanced》, 《100 Quick Tricks on Flirting with Girls》, 《When I Found Love》…”

This was the book list taken out from Ye Yuxuan’s pocket.

Piper: Hello again, the good news is that this didn’t end up being another big hiatus on accident (thank you the 2 people who had to keep reminding me). It was finals, and I probably failed physics. Still got a final report to write due soon, but little birdy gave me a little reminder and I was like… ya, it’s been way longer than I hoped to get this out. Last chapter was 17 days ago, my goal is to have the next chapter out in less time than that. So as I work towards a consistent posting schedule again, I thank you for your patience!

1: 不食人间烟火: lit. not eating the food of common mortals; placing oneself above the common populace.


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