MGCH Chapter 1262

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Reality (9)

Ye Yuxuan watched her, looking very calm. He even fed her chestnuts.

There was no shame at all.

Bai Weiwei found it meaningless reading it out loud by herself. This man had thicker skin than her.

Ye Yuxuan explained, “I rarely come into contact with such things, so I went to buy some books.”

Like studying for a test.

Bai Weiwei nibbled on the chestnuts. In consideration of the chestnuts he gave her, she said, “These are useless. You have to have talent for flirting with girls, not gain knowledge through reading books.”

Ye Yuxuan’s finger suddenly touched her lips, lightly brushing away chestnut crumbs.

Then he nonchalantly placed his finger on his mouth.

Against his thin lips, the slender fingertips were stunningly white.

Then he glanced upwards, his gaze swirling with ice. “I may have average talent, so I can only learn over time.”

All of Bai Weiwei’s words were blocked.

What ‘learn over time?’ This guy was a walking flirt machine.

Bai Weiwei asked the system, “Is the robot Ye Yuxuan really in love with me?”

System: “It’s not exactly considered love? It’s just that he has feelings for you and started pursuing you. He still has some reservations about your feelings.”

The system didn’t lie. Ye Yuxuan still had many of his emotions sealed away.

Of course, those feelings… didn’t include love.

If it was just love, Ye Yuxuan would have already given up on everything.

Bai Weiwei trusted the words of her scum system, and she also reserved her attitude.

Then she silently ate the remaining chestnuts.

Ye Yuxuan saw that she had finished eating, so he took out a tissue from his trouser pocket and wiped her hands.

The ‘coarse and rough’ Weiwei was a little embarrassed.

She didn’t prepare anything and just let Ye Yuxuan do everything.

Ye Yuxuan didn’t feel that anything was inappropriate, and his attitude towards Bai Weiwei was very natural.

As though he’d known her for thousands of years.

All that intense affection had condensed into stone.

After crossing through the boundless wilderness and countless rivers of time, the moment he finally found her among the crowd, he suddenly felt–

Just like this, holding her hand, quietly letting her join him on a walk…

It was enough to make him… moved?

Ye Yuxuan was a little dazed. The emotions surging in his chest, were they from feeling moved?

It was clearly agonizing, and he struggled to the brink of death in his dreams.

But when he woke up and saw her–

He only felt a slight stir of emotions.

Bai Weiwei glanced at him doubtfully, “What’s wrong?”

Ye Yuxuan turned to look at her. After a long moment of silence, he suddenly smiled.

Then he held her hand again, “Walk around with me.”

As long as she walked with him, the pain accumulated over many, many dreams would diminish.

Bai Weiwei was taken by the hand again, and the two walked quietly beneath the street lamps.

Maybe because of the good atmosphere, she didn’t find it unbearable to walk around in such an awkward manner.

Maybe Ye Yuxuan was too handsome.

So when looking at his face, even if he doesn’t speak, she could bear it.

Bai Weiwei found a bunch of reasons.

She suddenly said to the system: “Tongtong, this Ye Yuxuan fellow is becoming more and more pleasing to the eye. What if I accidentally fall in love?”

For a man like Ye Yuxuan, there really wasn’t anyone who wouldn’t be moved by his charms. 

Of course, on the premise that he treated that person differently.

And it was clear, he treated her differently.

System: “Your current situation isn’t suitable for falling in love. You can only fall in love when you… have a lot of life value and can guarantee a lifetime of safety.”

1205 days of life value.

That was just over three years.

Bai Weiwei lowered her head helplessly, “Yeah, I’m really not suitable for dating anyone right now.”

Because the capture missions on the planes were all about love, if she and Ye Yuxuan really did start dating, she would feel like she was betraying him.

Bai Weiwei: “Let’s hurry up and enter the plane. I suddenly want to earn more life value quickly.”

The system nodded. “Yeah.”

Bai Weiwei felt a familiar sense of exhaustion, and she tugged at Ye Yuxuan’s cuff.

Ye Yuxuan turned around, just as her whole body fell directly into his arms.

She fell asleep again.

Ye Yuxuan hugged her. Suddenly, he couldn’t bear it, and he buried his face in her hair.

“I can’t forget you. I can’t forget, I don’t dare to forget.”

The shattered fragments from his dreams seemed to pour into his heart.

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  1. This story has its ups and downs but this… was a really beautiful chapter. Take heart, Piper! Even when things seem to be going badly, you can still take it one step at a time and always keep in mind that you’re not alone!

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